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7/4/13 6:08 P

emoticon emoticon

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
7/4/13 10:54 A

I agree .... All the party and snacking, late nights and little activity can hinder results. But we will get back in full swing.

This morning I made it to the gym and did 20 minutes of stairs followed by 25 minutes of strength training for back and triceps and finished strong with 15 minutes on the bike. I am committed to tracking my food to eliminate all the extra calories I am not even aware I am eating.

I am finding that I have put on some more muscle as well, but shedding the fat is harder to do, so with clean eating I am hoping to lean out as well. Being 5"1 is hard I find because even a couple of extra lbs can make me look soft, especially when the extra weight is fat. But I will get there. I am not giving up.

50YEARSAWIFE Posts: 4,731
7/4/13 8:12 A

When I have a slight gain, I tell myself not to give up and remember how far I have come. Today will be especially hard what with holiday parties and food, food, food!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
7/4/13 7:53 A

Hi pretty lady!! Of course I remember you. I would follow you as well for inspiration and dedication. I eat clean but definitely go over calories or like you over do it on the sweets. What they say abs are made in the kitchen and my are quite soft at the moment.
I am sorry I did not read your post earlier. But if your checking back on SP I would love someone to help me feel more accountable. I think we would make a great SP partners in that department :)


SWEET*TRINA Posts: 401
6/15/13 2:53 A

Hi Nancy!!! :D

I hope you remember me :) I've recently updated my SP page so I am back here for inspiration, motivation and food tracking. Like you, I am very consistent with training. Lift 2x/week with heavy weights, 1x/week body pump then 3-5x/week cardio. I struggle with food. Either I eat clean but go over with calories or eat clean but end up eating something sweet within the day (a piece of chocolate or cereal). emoticon I look bigger now because of the muscles I have built and the fat that haven't melted yet! Hence, I look bulky...YUCK emoticon

My goal this Summer or this 2013 is to LEAN OUT! I will go by look and my jean size. I want to fit great on my Size 4/6 jeans. 20-25 lbs of pure fat is the goal by the end of 2013. My arsenal for this is measuring my food and maintaining a good marco daily. It's tedious...but I know I will get used to this.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and to many...KEEP ROCKING!!! emoticon emoticon

IYANKAWINDCM SparkPoints: (5,274)
Fitness Minutes: (1,706)
Posts: 30
5/22/13 4:13 P

I love Proverbs 3:5,6 it gives me so much strength...keep up the good work!!

BIERMA Posts: 836
5/21/13 6:41 P

I feel like my weight loss is a marathon! Yes, my eye is on the prize...reducing my meds, wearing smaller clothes, looking smaller, more flexible, proud of my appearance as it shouts
moderation and control.

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
5/21/13 10:17 A

Had a great workout this morning and now back to tracking m y food, so this week should be a great week. Now to make sure I leave all my change at home so I do not hot the vending machine on campus. LOL

I have to admit I have been doing great and I should have such a leaner physique if only I could control the food cravings and eating within my macros range. Hoping that tracking my food will help with that and get my blood sugar levels right.

I can do it

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
5/20/13 8:20 A

2 months later and I am no further along with my fitness goals. No on to blame but myself so with 60 days left to my next birthday it is time to get on track and practice consistency. Not looking for perfection, just consistency.Most of my lack of consistency is my diet. If I could be eliminate or minimize refine sugar my energy would be far more consistent -- better workouts and a much better mood. I would see some great results. So that is my focus -- no refine sugar for a quick pick me upper. Have to find another substitute -- like maybe an apple :)

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/19/13 6:42 A

I had good intentions of coming on yesterday and posting about my great back workout but didn't quite make it. And I had good intentions of starting my food journal but that has not happened either. Got to get some healthier habits back on track. TODAY!!

Got a few things on my list to do -- the gym is one of them. Legs circuit, quads emphasized and maybe some lower back. Going to hit it hard and focus on lowering my percentage of body fat as well as shrinking those hips :)

Summer is just around the corner. Less than 100 days!

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/16/13 11:21 A

Back to the gym this morning and I started off ith 20 minutes of stairs followed bu a leg circuit with an emphasis on my hamstrings. Finished off with a moderate intensity on the bike for 20 minutes. Now just enjoying a protein shake with frozen strawberries.

Eating is on track and food journaling a must if I am going to be successful :)

So far a great start to the weekend

NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/15/13 12:09 P

STR458 -- well put and thanks for sharing :)

I did a great chest, shoulder and ab workout yesterday with 25 minutes of cardio. Day 3 workout so I felt a little sluggish but I stuck with it and finished it. Today is definitely a down day. Just focusing on clean eating today and will get back to a great workout tomorrow.

STR458 SparkPoints: (17,358)
Fitness Minutes: (4,076)
Posts: 2,336
3/14/13 9:10 A

journey is the prize- the changes taking hold becomes my new normal
all the water and big produce filled meals and whole grain selection at the grocery store, exercising because "that's what I do" - its the journey I'm tuning in & on to

I'm replying in context of what the prize is for me in my eyes- Nancy thanks for giving an opportunity to write it down one more time


NANCYB. Posts: 6,284
3/14/13 7:59 A

So lately I have been doing well with maintain, but in all honesty I have been going through the motions. My eating has been good at best and my energy has not so great, so I figured, I know I can not exercise a bad diet and I could put less time in the gym if I just ate better.

So here we go -- I did measurements and the one area I really want to work on it my hips/butt. At 34", I wanna see a change. At least an inch loss is my goal. One goal at a time right. The scale at 103.2 is great but I'll take a gain if that means slimming down my lower half. So I am holding myself accountable to record everything I eat that does not fit my clean eating plan.

So processed sugar has got to go. I know I'm heading into a tail spin when at 4pm I'm craving something sweet. I'll have to trade any sugar for natural sugar even if that mean an apple or I will reach for some type of berry.

Stay tuned --- I am on a mission to shrink my hips :)

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