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7/8/14 1:29 A

You have a lot of advice, the first and best advice is go to your doctor to get a good blood workup. Make sure it is nothing serious. then think very hard about your diet. You do need a mix of carbs, protein and fats at EACH meal. The % of these depends on what you do. For instance runners... need more carbs, body builders need more proteins. There are many ways to get protein besides meats. I love eggs, but the people around me don't like me if I eat too many.... (TMI). Peas are a good source most people forget about.
BUT look at where and who you get your food from. Chemicals are in everything now days. Go to your local farmer markets, but again know if they use chemicals.
Stay away from POWER DRINKS.... these will kill!! Soft drinks will destroy your bones from the inside out. Diet soft drinks are the worst. THEY will make you GAIN weight.
The more you learn about the foods you are eating now will help you in the future.
It is all about PORTION control.

ANARIE Posts: 13,174
7/8/14 1:12 A

I don't know, but do you feel fine if you eat meat? Then eat meat. I tend to lean toward the theory that on days when you eat vegetarian, you might just be shorting yourself on total calories. Talking to your doctor is not a bad idea, to rule out things like pernicious anemia, but it would be very unlikely for any form of anemia to be the issue if we're talking about a situation where you feel bad on days you don't eat meat and fine on days you do. Neither iron-deficiency anemia nor pernicious anemia develops that fast.

As long as you feel well when you do eat meat, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It could even be psychosomatic-- I knew a Chinese woman who got horrendously sick if she didn't eat white rice. Now, there is NO nutritional reason for that; there's nothing in white rice that you can't get from a hundred other common foods. But come to find out, in her dialect, the phrase for "Hello, how are you?" translates literally as "Have you had rice today?" She realized that if she hadn't had rice, she didn't feel as if she had eaten anything. Maybe your mind is translating "food" as "meat."

But if the solution is easy, go for it. If meat makes you feel better (and there's no reason for you not to eat it, like gout or extreme high cholesterol or something), then get yourself some lean beef or some pork loin chops or something, and have at it. You don't have to be vegetarian to be healthy, as long as you eat plenty of vegetables with your meat.

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7/7/14 7:17 P

good point Renata, no one thought to ask if the OP was just eating very low calorie. Probably because he eats meat, which many think of as high calorie.

Eggs, and most servings of meat ( 3-4 ) ozs, actually do not have a lot of calories. I'm 181 lbs, and need at least 2000 calories a day. I end up having to use nuts, and oils to boost my calories because fruit, veggies, eggs, and meat don't really add up that quickly compared to a bean burrito for example.

It could be simple caloric deprivation, or even dehydration if the OP switched to water.

So the OP needs to make sure they eat enough, drink enough, and get some bloodwork done at the doctors

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7/7/14 1:20 P

I would ask my doc for a CBC and gen chem panel. Heme iron (from meats) is better absorbed than non-heme forms so perhaps you are not absorbing enough iron without meat. Anemia can def make a person shaky and weak.

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7/7/14 11:55 A

"The eggs being a problem mystifies me if this is the case, but meat is 0 carb, so won't spike your blood sugar that much. Are you eating anything WITH your eggs? "

Eggs make me shaky eventually when eaten alone; I don't think it's a sugar spike in that case so much as eggs alone having far fewer calories than many people may think -- sooner or later they "wear off", if you've only eaten 1-3, and can leave your blood sugar low regardless if you've eaten any carbohydrate at all. That's one reason I think it's possible the OP's issue could be simple lack of calories.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/7/14 11:51 A

And that answers his question how? So now, organic for him is an even better way to help with him feeling shaky?

Listen, I get it. You eat 51% raw vegan. That's fantastic. The problem is, is that that pat answer will not be applicable to a lot of the questions here.

I love lentils. If someone posted here a question about what kind of oils are best to cook with, I wouldn't start posting about the benefits of lentils. lol, organic lentils or not.

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7/7/14 11:21 A

true, just one solution answer is not available, but in todays world of processed food there is a lack of natural resource of vitamins and other elements, so raw food do help directly or indirectly.
Furthermore organic is preferred because conventional farming is with its common fertilizers is adding just a few elements to the soil lacking all the other elements. This lack of elements is then treated with chemicals (herbicides and pesticides).

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/7/14 9:46 A

I second going to a doctor for a checkup, make sure everything is ok. I often do not eat meat for days at a time, and have never felt "shaky".

Please do not listen the person claiming that if you eat 51% (??) of your diet from raw veggies, all will be well. That is irresponsible advice, at best.

If there is no medical reason for this, meat :)

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/7/14 8:56 A

Part of the problem is that meat has no carbohydrate, so if you are diabetic, it doesn't spike your blood sugar. The other sources of protein ( milk, beans ), are only 25 % protein, and spike your blood sugar because they have a lot of carbs. Milk especially is just a cup of liquid sugar.

Pepsi has 27 grams of sugar per cup, milk has 11-12 depending on brand.

Still, it depends on total carbs, so if you are eating doughnuts, pop, and other sweets, plus milk and beans, they can spike your blood sugar. Thirst will be another symptom of diabetes.

I would suggest getting your Hemoglobin A1c tested. Your regular doctor can test this, and find out if you are diabetic or not. If so, then follow what they tell you to do.

The problem with your symptoms, if you are diabetic, is not the type of protein, but that you are getting lots of carbs along with the protein, if you eat milk and beans. The eggs being a problem mystifies me if this is the case, but meat is 0 carb, so won't spike your blood sugar that much. Are you eating anything WITH your eggs?

If you find that you are diabetic, then how you combine your foods will be the solution, and they have diabetes training for that. You may have to drop sweets, so you can eat beans for example.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,201
7/7/14 8:54 A

Raw non-cooked vegetables do not have all the vitamins (nor minerals) you need. There is a big difference between "reducing your risk" for cancer etc-- and "prevention". Losing weight, by whatever means, can reduce one's risk of certain cancers, but not prevent them altogether or prevent all cancers or reduce the risk for all cancers. A healthy, well-balanced diet can reduce one's risk, but not prevent altogether. The 51% thing is the one of those fad-type books, not necessarily supported by scientific evidence that has been published in a quality journal and peer-reviewed. I think it's really important to read those types of books with a critical eye and look for the actual scientific basis for the claims made.

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7/7/14 8:45 A

I think the issue is not so much leaving out meat in your diet, or consuming more or less fat, the issue is to consume raw non cooked vegatibles, this has all the vitimins you need. There is a theory that states that your food should exist at least 51% of natural non cooked preferably organic food and the rest is not an issue. Vitamins are your natural medicine for so many things such as energy, long term cancer prevention, etc etc

7/7/14 8:37 A

I think everyone is different.

My husband has never been a big meat eater and right now is eating vegan and he has lost weight, has lots of energy and feels amazing.

I on the other hand do very well on a diet with meat and egg source protein in it. I am a healthy weight, have lots of energy and feel amazing.

I make meals with tons of vegetables and the kids and I eat some meat with it and DH eats beans or tempeh with his. I eat 3 meals a day and he grazes all day and eats meals.

I am not diabetic or even pre diabetic but I used to get the shakes from low blood sugar fairly often before I started eating more fat in my diet. I cut way back on starchy grain carbohydrates and increased my vegetable carbohydrates and fats which solved that problem.

But you have to find what works for you.

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7/7/14 8:08 A

Getting the shakes does sound like blood sugar, so definitely see the doctor to make sure it's nothing worse than mild insulin resistance/hypoglycemia.

At a guess, when you cut out meat, you were cutting out too much protein and fat in comparison to the carbohydrates you were adding. You may also have unintentionally reduced calories too much (and/or retained a time between meals that was unsuitable for how much you were eating at a time.) If you don't deliberately add fat, you have to eat a surprisingly large volume of something like beans and rice to equal the same calories as a piece of meat. The meat is denser both by mass and by energy content.

Edit: I never get the shakes myself on my "usual" vegetarian diet (I do not always eat vegetarian, but often do for up to months at a time excepting rare occasions), but I do if I let my mother-in-law put my plate together. Her preference is for dishes that are way less dense in lentils than the way my husband or I prepare them, and then on top of that she puts too little of those and too much rice on a plate. She gets away with it herself since she eats a ton of yogurt with all her meals, but since I do not, the nutrient proportions are just all out of whack.

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7/7/14 7:49 A

Shaky? Increased fatigue or exhaustion is a classic symptom of diabetes...The body has to depend on muscular proteins and fats to nourish itself then...other signs of diabetes is dehydration, thirst, frequent urination, blurred or poor vision, tingling and numbness in hands feet or like ants are crawling under your skin and yes take that seriously.

Weakness or loss of strength can also be another sign...

Get yourself over to a good Endocrinologist for a complete blood workup including an A1C which will give your sugar levels for the last three months. They will test your thyroid as well, among other tests.

So why weak if no meat protein....The body has to depend on muscular proteins and fats to nourish itself ....try an avocado, olive oil, black olives, salmon, tuna, sardines, dark leafy greens, chia seeds, walnuts, flax seeds...these are all healthy fats.

Also Flank steak, eye of round, and top sirloin are extra lean with less than 4 grams of saturated fat per serving. Just stick with a 4 ounce portion...protein can keep you full longer and burn more calories during digestion.
Pork offers plenty of protein without too much fat, if you know what type to buy. Look for tenderloin, top loin, rib chops, sirloin steak, or shoulder blade steaks.

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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
7/7/14 2:50 A

Ditto about the Dr. Especially if you feel shaky at times....

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7/7/14 1:06 A

I went to have a peek at your Nutrition Tracker to see if there were any clues, but unfortunately, you don't share it. If you open it so that we can have a quick peek, you might get better feed-back rather than just generalizations.

Apart from that, it may be that an appointment with a Dr is in order to ensure that your bloods are o.k. re iron, etc.


7/7/14 12:46 A

I've heard all the health and moral arguments for becoming a vegetarian or any other diet choices that eliminates meat. But I've got to tell you, if I do not eat meat protein, I feel like hell. And I'm not talking about protein in general. Beans, and milk products, and nuts? My body isn't great at digesting any of those and even when I eat them as a substitute, I get very low energy. Eggs, too.

Some people seem to have greater energy without animal meat. I have less energy and sometimes very mild shakes without it. It almost feel like something is going on with my blood sugar. I'm not expecting a diagnosis but does anyone have any feedback on what the root of all this might be? Thanks!

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