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2/28/13 1:03 P

While determining how many calories each individual should eat for successful and healthy weight loss isn’t exactly rocket science, it can be pretty darn confusing. So for those who want a deeper understanding, “Calorie Calculations 101” explains the formulas, mathematics, and general nuts and bolts.

It is important to eat within your range to help you reach your weight loss goals as you have set them up. Your body is designed to protect itself from starvation during times of greatly-reduced food availability. So when you eat too little, your body thinks it's starving. To compensate, your metabolism will slow down considerably, making it very difficult (or impossible) for you to lose weight. In this state, your body will preferentially burn everything but your stored body fat. This link will explain more.

It could be that you would do better eating small meals more frequently for a little while making adjustments. It is also beneficial to aim for the lower end of your range a few days and the top end on other days instead of sticking with one specific level that causes the body to adjust and could stall your progress. This article provides some things to consider before you delve into the world of mini meals.

Hope that information helps.

Coach Tanya

2/28/13 12:40 P

Spark people suggest my calories at 1610-1900. Is that based on if I do exercise, is that why there is a 300 cal difference. Please advise me? Thx

Also, I have been eating about 1200 cal. For the past 4 weeks. I weigh 300lbs. I think my body has gotten use to it b/c now I am trying to eat the cal listed above suggested by spark people and I feel like I am stuffing myself, literally I am so full, I feel stuffed. I have lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks while eating the 1200 calories. This week I lost nothing. Should I continue to stuff myself or is it ok to eat 1200 cal even though I weigh so much? Thank u for your answers

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