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10/8/13 8:03 A

You need to be working with a gastro-enterologist and a Registered Dietitian.
Your situation is complex and requires more investigation.
This site, our members and our experts are not able to provide the type of assessment that you need.

However, I am familiar with bezoars and low fiber diets. I send this link to provide some help, some answers, but also to show why you need more follow up from a specialist.

Notice in the article that "diet cola" can be used. There are other numerous helpful suggestions as well. But you need to find out more about your bezoar to determine the correct treatment plan.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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10/8/13 2:47 A

My late husband had very bad Crohn's with some strictures, and often got admitted to hospital with blockages - sometimes 2 or 3 blockages at the one time. He was on a low residue diet for a long time. He could still eat a lot of healthy foods. Instead of wholegrain he had white and I occasionally made him a bread pudding without the usual dried fruit. He had peeled mashed potato. He was allowed cooked peaches, and stewed apple. He was allowed white rice, so I sometimes made him a rice pudding. He could eat any meat so long as it was very tender. I found mince (ground beef/chicken/turkey/pork) excellent. I mention this because a lot of people don't chew their food properly and it goes down the hatch in chunks, still. He was allowed Swiss Chard, so long as I cut the white stalk off and it was cooked till tender, not still with a slight crunch. I was allowed to make him soups with the veges (minus onion/cabbage) SO LONG as it was pureed up, (which I always do anyway because I found years ago it was more filling.) The idea was that there wasn't anything stringy/chunky that was undigested to block.

Where it comes to your soda addiction, just gradually wean yourself off it again. I find that a little bit in a glass of water is enough to satisfy.

Because you have had a Gastric Bypass I would suggest that you ask your Dr for a referral to a Registered Dietitian to help you devise an eating plan which will help you.

You say " I feel like I can't be healthy following that diet." Well, *I* will say, you may NOT stay healthy if you don't;, when needed.


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10/8/13 1:40 A

That sounds horrible! I have no insight, but my doctors blamed my gallstones on a change in diet too. Most gallstones are brown and happen to people who eat a lot of junk...mine were bright green...too much lettuce?

It seems really odd that they could scope the bezoar but not remove it. It also seems odd that this is not related to your gastric bypass...

I think that you need a second medical opinion, and maybe a visit to a nutritionist for some more reasonable options. If I were you, I would go to the nearest medical school and seek out the best gastroenterologist that I could find.

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10/8/13 12:53 A

This is my first post here and I am just full of questions! Here's a little history on me...I have always overeaten, always been overweight and struggled with working out. Earlier this year/end of last year, I finally felt like I had my eating under control. NO sodas, hardly any processed foods, almost all my grains were whole grains (and I was eating maybe 20% of my calories from grains), plenty of salads/fresh produce, plenty of meat. I was feeling good about this and my hunger even seemed to be suppressed! I lost nearly 30 lbs, drank tons of water and was about to start working out. Then I started noticing some weird stomach stuff...weird pains and nausea, my stomach gurgling like crazy even when I wasn't hungry. One night I ate a single bite of tomato soup with a bite of cheesy whole-grain GF bread. BAM, I was in horrible pain! Long story short, 8+ hours in the ER later (where they were insistent that I had VERTIGO that was making me unable to hold anything down) and an endoscopy later...they tell me it's a 5cm bezoar. GROSS. The doctor told me that I would continue to get them if I kept eating the way I was eating. I said, "You mean HEALTHILY??" and he said YES, whatever diet I was eating.

They put me on a low-fiber, low-residue diet and it SUCKS. It completely derailed my healthy eating habits and majorly affected my life. I cannot survive on that diet! I have gained 30 lbs since this incident (I think it was March) and am terrified I will get another bezoar! Also, I had gastric bypass 10 years ago but the doctor said it wasn't related to that. Bezoars are rare but are usually seen in Asian populations where people eat a lot of persimmons!

Anyway, does anyone have any experience with bezoars or a low-fiber/residue diet? I feel like I can't be healthy following that diet. I also had to drink Coke (YES, doctor ordered!! I looked it up because I couldn't believe it) during my month of liquids to get the bezoar to dissolve. After all my hard work weaning myself off soda, I'm now addicted again. UGH.

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