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4/25/14 7:37 P

Never heard of hormone pellets.

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4/25/14 6:59 P

That's so awesome. I researched for months before I actually did it an honestly almost all I could find were similar stories and positive comments. I had my 3rd round done on Monday. I sort of stretched this last dose a little longer than I should have because all of the old symptoms were returning. I made it from the first week of November to now. I'm already feeling my self calm down and am able to focus better again. Getting old stinks but hey at least we live in an age where there is medical advances and help.

4/25/14 10:09 A

Thanks for responding! I had my implants first done on March 11th. I went back for my 4-week blood work and it showed my levels had improved tremendously -- the doctor was very pleased. He did implant an additional pellet (I think it was Estradiol) but I am feeling great! Like you indicated, I am sleeping through the night (first time in like 25 years or more), wake up refreshed and ready for the day. I have lost 5 pounds the first month, which for me was amazing in itself! I still have quite a bit to go, but I'm encouraged by how great I feel. I actually have the energy to exercise now. I will be 49 in a few months and like you, I am just ready to have my life back again.

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4/24/14 9:36 P

Hey 'm a little late to the party but, by now you probably have had your first implants and should be feeling better. I've had them for the past year and they have been life changing for me. I'm 50 and while they aren't a miracle drug for weight loss I can tell you that I sleep at night again and wake up rested. My skin no longer feels like sandpaper, and my knees don't crackle when I bend them. The hot flashes are gone, and other drivers are once again safe on the road :) After 3 years of not having periods I started having regular periods again and the hair grown that had all but died off on my legs has returned. I know it sounds crazy to be glad to have these things back in my life but I feel overall as good if not better than I did when I was 30 so for me it really has been like a fountain of youth. I have them done at my gynecologists office. He delivered my son over 20 years ago and is the head of obstetrics at the Presbyterian Hospital his office is in. He is highly respected and considered to be one of the leaders in anti-aging studies for both men and women. He does not even prescribe synthetic drugs any longer.

I hope your experience with them has been as positive as mine has.

3/12/14 11:52 A

Yes, the procedure is being done by my OB/GYN. He has been treating me for going on 10 years for weight gain and other female issues.

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3/12/14 10:47 A

Considering the fact that most synthetic HRT is derived from equine urine - I'll stick with my bioidenticals which are a prescription and my hormone levels are closely monitored!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,194
3/12/14 7:48 A

According to, NO studies have shown bio-identical hormones to be safer, so it should be assumed that the risk is the same. (their words, except I emphasized the "no")

I've had breast cancer, and know several women who have, as well. Hoping hormones will help you lose weight isn't worth the risk. If your hormone levels are low (as tested by your doctor), then you'd need to discuss whether something needs to be done, and the pros and cons of the various treatments.

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3/12/14 12:48 A

I am on bio-identical hormones which is administered through a patch that I change every 3 days. At 56 even though I am overweight, the weight is dispersed evenly over my body with a bit extra on my hips and thighs. I still have a nice waist line, no extra accumulation so often seen after menopause. I am working hard to lose the extra weight and for the past 2 1/2 years I have exercised daily to build my muscle mass and increase my fitness level. I am committed to being a life long athlete. My doctor has said once I stop the hormones I can expect to see my mid section begin to thicken. This is why I am determined to being slim and fit for the rest of my life.

ANARIE Posts: 13,160
3/12/14 12:48 A

Is this being done by an MD who knows your family history? I'm asking because a lot of "bioidentical hormone" treatments are scams. It sounds as if you've been led to believe that it's good for weight loss, which is often part of the scam. Hormone replacement can be helpful for some women, but it needs to come from an MD (preferably someone with specialties in endocrinology AND cardiology,) not from a chiropractor or a weight loss clinic.

I get a little nervous when I hear someone saying, "It's natural, so it's safe." If the doctor said, "there are still some risks, but this form seems to be less risky than others," that's normal. If the chiropractor said, "Oh, don't worry; it's natural!", then I would definitely double-check (or triple-check) with a doctor who is not selling it to you.

3/11/14 8:20 P

I have a family history of breast cancer too, but these hormones are not synthetic - they are natural so they are expected to be safer than normal HRT.

LOLA_LALA Posts: 659
3/11/14 7:05 P

No hormone pills, and certainly no hormone pellets - family history of breast cancer.

3/11/14 5:32 P

They insert a small pellet under the skin of your (back) hip and it allows the hormones to evenly dose out 24/7 instead of using a cream which spikes hormones when you first apply and then wears off during the day. The pellets are compounded to be the correct dosage for each patient, instead of a prescription pill that covers one and all.

I have been battling this problem for years, and have had every test imaginable. I am ready for something to work. Praying this is it.

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3/11/14 5:09 P

Never heard of this procedure. After a total hysterectomy in 2007, I use bioidentical HRT that works great for me. I really haven't had much problem losing weight - if I have, it's my own fault for bending my elbow too much to shove food in my mouth! I'll be anxious to hear how this works for you.

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3/11/14 4:37 P

emoticon I am getting ready to have my first insertion on Thursday and I was curious if anyone else has used this therapy, and if so, is it working for you in terms of weight loss?

My labs came back with all three (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) extremely low, even after 3 months of the cream. So, I decided to give the pellets a try.

Anyone have experiences with these?

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