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You know, weight is more affected by nutrition than it is by exercise. I would be more inclined to watch your portions and chose wisely, ensuring that you are getting a good amount of lean protein to aid healing.

There are loads of exercises that you can do, still. As mentioned earlier, check out the chair exercises. You can get quite a good work-out with some of them. Why don't you ask your Physiotherapist to SHOW you some that are suitable for you? I'm surprised she didn't!


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2/1/14 12:45 A

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Another suggestion: check out the exercise demos for back exercises on Spark or another source aimed at low back pain. Many Back exercises to decrease low back pain focus on strengthening Core Muscle groups and you are lying down to do them....
Remember that your most effective way to tackle the weight gain though is to really watch your eating! Did you ever adjust your calories to reflect the decreased exercise? If you were very active before, you can probably cut down some there.... While you're healing though, be sure to watch the Nutritional balance and get enough protein & healthy fats. Your body needs that!!
Good Luck---hope your knee heals well, and you are soon back to more activity.

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Try Spark's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center

There are a number of workout ideas and videos towards the bottom of the page.


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1/31/14 9:32 P

So I had knee surgery and am not allowed to do anything too strenuous on my knee. It's in a Zimmer brace so I can't bend it yet. I asked my physio therapist and she said theirs no reason I can't do core exercises as long as it doesn't hurt my knee. Anyone know any exercise routines I can do laying down that involves not bending my knee? Since I hurt my knee in December I've gained an extra FOURTEEN pounds
Thanks for any help!

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