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1/17/13 3:05 P

Hey, I too love my Zumba days. I have been making my own Immunne Shots: I take Lemon juice, honey, shred some Ginger, and bit of water, mix well in a liquid form, put in 2 ounce containers. I have been drinking them everyday with my brekfast. And have not gotten this crazy flu...

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1/17/13 2:50 P

Its not contagious, I don't think its even really cold related. I am thinking it may be allergy related since we have had a ton of pollen build up here. I feel normal other than the cough, I felt run down yesterday and decided to rest but I feel fine today except for the cough. I have been hand washing like crazy just to be safe but I do not want to miss another day and I LOVE my zumba days. :)

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1/17/13 1:43 P

As long as you practice good manners (cover your cough with your elbow/a handkerchief, wash your hands, stay in the back so you can exit quickly if a bad fit hits you) I see no reason not to go. As long as you're no longer contagious, it's fine.

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1/17/13 1:42 P

I have a cough right now, but no fever as well. I have been exercising, but keeping it a bit lighter. It actually seems find when I am exercising, as Zorbs mentioned. I am keeping it light just because I do not want to stress my body too much while it is fighting a virus. Some exercise does make me feel a bit better though and it good for my stress levels.

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1/17/13 1:19 P

whatever kind of cough/congestion/runny nose I have always disappears when doing cardio.

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1/17/13 1:08 P

First, are you contaigious? If you are, don't go to class. Second, how do you feel? I hate missing workouts, but I went light on Monday and skipped Tuesday and Wednesday because I just felt like crap. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill this morning, 5 walking, 5 running, 5 walking, instead of my usual 12 minute mile, just to test it out. I did my ST first, which I usually don't as well. I felt decent, so I did an HIIT routine, and that went well, but after that I didn't do anymore, so as not to push it. If your lung feel clear and you feel like you can exercise, I don't see why you can't go to class, again, barring being contagious.

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1/17/13 12:41 P

I am getting over a cold and I have no fever but a mild cough that comes and goes. I REALLY want to go to my Zumba class tonight. Would it be okay to do cardio with a little cough?

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