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Hi Ellen

If you still have a lot of chest congestion, I'd probably wait to resume exercise until it clears up a little more. Trying to push yourself while you're still recovering can delay the recovery process even further. Even if you aren't able to run the entire 10K, you should still be able to finish even if you have to do some walking. Just listen to your body and try not to push it too quickly.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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4/19/14 12:01 P

I have had a nasty chest cold for almost a week now and have not been able to work out/go running like I usually do. I have a 10K in a week that I would still like to participate in but I feel like I need to do some kind of cardiovascular exercise to help keep me conditioned for the upcoming race. I was thinking of trying out the elliptical and seeing how that goes, does anyone have other recommendations? Fortunately I am on the road to getting better but I still have a lot of chest congestion and anything that causes heavy breathing will likely turn into a coughing fit. :(

-- Ellen --

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