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9/25/12 4:06 P

I second the notion that you should see your doctor before exercising. If she gives you the go ahead to exercise, ask her for a referral to a physical therapist who can give you, and teach you how to do, exercises that will strengthen your back without injuring it.

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
9/25/12 2:53 P

Tori - I assume you've been cleared by your doc to exercise? If not, get his/her OK first. You certainly don't want to aggravate it and cause more pain or a longer recovery time. If you're not OK'd to exercise, put the laser focus on your diet while you wait. They say great abs are made in the kitchen anyway.

I second (or third) the notion of planks, even if you have to start out on your knees and elbows and only hold for a few seconds. Keep in mind that your "abs" shouldn't be your only focus......your entire core (front and back, shoulders to rear end) should be strong to help prevent back problems and other injuries. Try some pulldowns, romanian deadlifts, and bent over rows. These will work your lats, back and core in general. Throw in some balance exercises and you'll be well on your way.

LOVESTOWALK49 Posts: 705
9/25/12 9:45 A

All exercise works your abdominal muscles. Taking deep breathes. Pull in your muscles when you're at work or home. Squeeze those muscles when walking, dancing or biking.

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9/25/12 9:08 A

planks will probably be easier on your back and a more effective exercise than crunches at strengthening the abs, but fat loss comes from proper nutrition and all over fat loss through full body strength training and cardio.

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9/25/12 9:03 A

Well what would you suggest then? I'm new to all of this. I just know I'm wanting to feel that burn in my abs that I use to get when I was able to get down there and actually do the crunches and really workout the way I wanted to.

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9/25/12 9:00 A

You can't spot reduce fat, so doing ab exercises to try to improve the stomach area is impossible.

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9/25/12 8:52 A

What are some exercises that will work my abs without hurting my lower back even worse. I really need to work on my stomach area and with me having scoliosis it's difficult for me to do the crunches anymore. Any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks.

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