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I agree with MLAN613, you definitely should ask your doctor what exercises would and wouldn't be okay with your hip/knee issues. They may well recommend some physical
therapy before you start exercising.

Exercise can definitely help a person become more fit, but it can also cause or aggravate existing injuries and conditions as well.

For now, what did your doctor say you could do ? Did they tell you it was okay to take a walk ? If so, start with a daily walk. Walking is terrific cardiovascular exercise. If you can only walk for 10 minutes before your hip starts bothering you, that's all you walk. You can break your workouts up into shorter segments and still get all the benefits. walking for 10 minutes three times a day still adds up to a 30 minute walk.

Pending doctor approval, you might try swimming or water aerobics. Being in the water will help take stress off your joints. Many injured athletes do pool work when they are recovering. Pending doctor approval, you might try chair aerobics. If you have problems standing because of your hip, sit in a chair and do a chair workout. Coach Nicole has a couple posted in the fitness section.

For strength training, pending doctor approval, you could use resistance bands. Resistance bands are a great way to increase your strength. You can find them at any Target, Walmart, Sears or even TJ Maxx for cheap.

There are things you could do, but it really depends what your doctor says. They know more about the state of your hip than we do.

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Have you spoken with your doctor and gotten clearance for exercise? You may also want to work with a physical therapist to get exercises that specifically may help your limitations.

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I was just reading an article on reving up my metabolism, which is badly needed. As we all know both cardio and strength training are necessary to do that. I need recommendations for each type of exercise for someone with one really bad hip and one tender hip; one really bad knee and one tender knee; and one bad shoulder and one tender shoulder. Any suggestions would be most appreicated! Hope everyone has a good weekend! B-

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