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5/11/13 2:28 P

Can your doc give you a physical therapy referral?
My situation is totally different, but I am recovering from knee surgery. My physical therapist has been very helpful in helping me figure out things I CAN do.
Also, PT may help with your pain and recovery.
Hang in there, and do your best to make healthy nutrition choices while you are going through this!!!

STEPHL315 Posts: 20
5/11/13 1:20 P

I have done spinning in the past and I like it because it gets my heart rate going. It was just certain positions that would irritate my back. I guess I will have to be careful with that.

I just find it hard to continue with my weight loss if I'm doing nothing more than walking.

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5/8/13 8:44 P

I'm dealing with a similar issue. I had been working out 3-6 times a week since the beginning of January. Two weeks ago my back started hurting and my doctor said no exercise but I can walk if I'm not in pain. It hurts me now just walking around the house. I went to the mall on Monday and just walking a bit there really hurt my back. I know I need to rest it so it will get better but I'm anxious on getting started again.

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5/8/13 7:28 P

Getting your heart rate up is pretty much the definition of exercise intensity. I don't want to second guess your doctor, but it is possible that he wasn't meaning intensity in this sense of the word. He may have been meaning just exercise that is easier on your body (especially your back).

Next time you talk to your doctor, ask him exactly what he meant, and perhaps what sort of exercises you can and can't do safely. The impact of running is an obvious no-no, and it sounds like the twisting and the like involved in Zumba is also causing you problems? A couple of possibilities you could ask him about:

* Adding some hills to your walking route will increase the heart rate (and the calories burned) of your walking, without changing the motion (and your back seems OK with walking at the moment?)
* The stationary bike/spinning might be another option that allows vigorous exercise without too much back movement.


STEPHL315 Posts: 20
5/8/13 6:46 P

Hi Everyone!

So since January I was able to lose over 10 pounds. I was exercising and eating well everyday. However, an old back injury has come back. My doctor told me I have a pretty bad disc herniation, but that I can still exercise but nothing too intense. This sucks for me because I was running and doing zumba (which I cannot do at all anymore). Basically, all I can do without hurting is walking at the moment. I'm pretty upset about this because I was on a role and now I'm stuck and have gained a few pounds back. I don't know which kinds of exercises are "less intense" but will still actually get my heart rate up.

So if anyone has any suggestions I would be really grateful! I'm starting to lose my motivation!

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