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12/29/13 12:18 P

Thank you....I am still in a cast...week 6. My next dr appt. is Jan 9. I looked at my x-ray to see the severity of the break. Its pretty bad!! Now I understand why the dr said NO exercise using my legs at all. Its still painful. But I'm sooooo over the cast thing.
Hope you heal quickly!! Have a great new year!


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12/27/13 9:47 P

Tina, I'm in the same boat right now. I've tried 2 of the SP chair videos found on the limited mobility section linked below: 20-Minute Seated Resistance Band Workout, and the 11-Minute Seated Cardio Workout. Both are surprisingly good workouts --even though they weren't long and I didn't get sweaty like I'm used to at Jazzercise, they did get my heart going and make me feel better mentally.

I also Googled 'seated exercises' and found some moves I need to try from a variety of websites, including these:

6 Seated Moves That Work Your Whole Body

Workout at Work - Low Impact Total Body Chair Workout Routine

Chair Cardio: How to Get A Workout when Injured Or Seated at the Office

Thigh Exercises You Can do At Your Desk/While Seating Developed by Figure 4 and Barre Method Instructors

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12/11/13 1:21 A

Try Spark's Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center for a whole range of seated workout ideas.

On a side note, sweating is more a reflection of environmental conditions (clothing, temperature, humidity, etc) than of workout effectiveness. Go by your heart rate, not sweating.


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12/10/13 9:23 P

I have always been that exerciser that feels like if I'm not sweating like crazy I'm not really getting a good work out. But now that I'm still recovering from a broken foot, I'm doing even the worst thing possible....nothing. Its not like I'm in all that much pain, but I really miss my daily sweating from the elliptical and circuit training. I am due to get another x-ray and re-casted on Friday so I will definitely ask if I can do anything. Lazy? ohhhh nooo. Just need to get on track not back on track. Any suggestions?

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