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10/21/13 6:55 P

I agree with the concensus that diet is more important than exercise. I did a lot of exercise as an experiment on myself 2 years ago. I remember being on a treadmill on July 4th, beet red from running instead of out at the parties. After 3 months I had not lost anything. I didn't go hog wild eating but I didn't watch my calories carefully either.

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10/21/13 5:31 P

Congratulations for getting in your workout every day! For some people, that is harder than getting calories in check. You are halfway there!

I find tracking BEFORE I eat really helps me stay in check. It is time consuming at first but, after you get going, most people eat similar things over and over so you can just copy meals to a new day from the last time you had it.

If I were you, I would look at the highest calorie/fat items you are eating and just try to cut back 1-2 of those each day until you are in a range that will result in weight and inches lost. It is worth the effort because as you become more fit and healthy you will feel better and better!

10/20/13 4:21 P

Have you tried tracking all your food for the day in the morning before you have eaten anything? That way, you can often incorporate some not so good foods later in the day by eating lower calorie food in the morning, or if your evening meal is lighter you can eat more in the morning. Making yourself too hungry by undereating in the day will cause a higher intake of calories overall. Taking in some protein after a workout will probably make a big difference too - something like peanut butter on crackers. Protein is great for making you feel full for longer and this might stop you eating too much for your evening meal.

I think I made the same mistakes as you when I first started out too and it took me a long time to realise that you can't out exercise a bad diet. I don't even want to think about how many wasted exercise hours I spent, only to binge on high calorie foods because I was so hungry. You will probably find you can afford to bring the exercise down a peg or two if it means you eat less because you're not making yourself so hungry.

You'll find your ideal eating and exercise range eventually but it's really hard!

Good luck with it.

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10/19/13 12:02 A

The most of weight loss actually comes from your nutrition, so it would be helpful for your weight loss efforts if you did your best to stay within your calorie range. If you are going over your range, then you are likely working against your efforts. Is it possible that you are being too strict with your eating in general? It sounds like you are starting out your day doing great and sticking to your plan, but something happens later in the day. Take a look at what is happening there, whether it's due to being to strict with your eating or maybe you are working out too much/too hard in comparison to your general intake.

This is about making changes that you can sustain for life, so make sure that what you are doing is reasonable and something you can do for the rest of your life. If you are exercising hard every day, you may want to ask yourself if that is something you can see yourself doing forever. Often times it isn't and it's easy to quickly get burned out, and we don't want you to do that. We want you to succeed and find what works best for you that you will be able to continue doing.

I would also recommend reviewing these articles for fueling your body before and after workouts (it is possible that you may need to change some of what you are eating either before and/or after your workouts):

What to Eat Before You Work Out:

What to Eat After You Work Out:

You can do this!

Coach Denise

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10/18/13 11:16 P

I feel bad about eating a lot but I continue to exercise hard for 40-50 minutes per day of cardio. I eat well and portion out meals for breakfast and lunch but then around dinner I usually eat badly. My calories today for example are about 2,600 calories. They've been around that the past few days. Am I doing any good by this? Its like wake up, exercise hard, eat healthy 2 meals, then eat something bad for dinner. I have not skipped a day of exercise since I started trying to lose weight. I've tried drinking more water and eat a lot of veggies daily but I still feel real hungry and eat more at dinner.

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