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9/2/14 2:57 P

When my boys were younger we joined a gym with a pool and child-care. The kids didn't really like the childcare, but the bribe was always "Stay here for an hour and then we'll go swimming". I cut my workouts a little short and then played in the pool with them to make up the difference. Added bonus was that the boys got some time with a non-parent watching them which really helped with their socialization skills before school started. My youngest was dropped at the gym childcare at least 3 times a week from about two months old on.

We've stopped doing it as often because of other commitments and they often ask why we don't swim as much. So you might see if that works.. even if you can only leave the baby for an hour you can get in a 30 minute run and then swim with your older one for 30 minutes. It's better than nothing.

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8/26/14 10:49 A

I have 3 children. My 2 oldest are 11 and 13. My youngest is 17 months. I take her walking in the stroller with me. We walk for 3-3.5 miles.

QUEEN_CEE Posts: 3,489
8/19/14 12:20 P

You can work out at home with some DVDs and light weights. Also, get your Hubby to help you for a little while you take some ME time!

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8/18/14 9:01 A

I have my Mom, Husband or my MIL watch the baby for an hour so that I can escape to the gym. It's my time to get away and I enjoy the 30-60 minutes of alone time. Plus it gives them an hour of bonding time with the baby! It's a win-win for everyone.

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CENOLA Posts: 330
8/17/14 3:29 P

i walk with the stroller in the morning or afternoon for 2 miles.

8/15/14 5:23 P

I have 4 kids, currently they are 10,8,6, and 2. I have used them as my graduated weight set, my resistance bands, etc. since they were tiny. They think it's a riot to do "piggyback squats," as they call them, or to hang off my arms and let me try to pull away. They are also a great cheer team : )

I also love to run, and I don't use my treadmill at home because I'm worried someone will jump on with me or get their finger stuck under the belt or something. I tried a baby gate around it but still couldn't get into the rhythm. When the stair steps were younger I used to be able to get two of them into my double stroller and make a couple laps around the park for me and then a playdate at the park for them. Everybody gets something out of the deal.

Good luck!

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8/15/14 9:52 A

When my second son was born, the oldest was able to play by himself for 45 minutes in his room. The baby I popped in the bouncy seat where he could see me and ran on the treadmill, or used a DVD. I made sure to make lots of silly faces and talk to him through the workout.

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8/14/14 7:00 A

get your 5 year old involved in some yoga or Pilates DVD's - they may enjoy it doing it with you

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,760
8/11/14 2:08 P

Try some DVD workouts at home, it will save the time you take to drive to gym and the cost of the membership. Do you have basement space to put your treadmill?

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
8/11/14 12:57 P

I have only one, but she is willing to play while I exercise. It isn't always awesome, but she will do it. For me, I also walk and walk and push my kid in the stroller.

My daily workout? I get up about 5 and do my workout at home in my basement. I'm often tired but it ALWAYS helps me feel energized and I really like that. Plus, I feel accomplished once it is done. My workout videos are fabulous. There are some great ones that are 20-30 minutes and good work. Let me know if you need suggestions!

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/9/14 7:41 P

Thank you. & Yes.. sleep is hit and miss now a day.. Some days I get a lot.. some days not so much. Once the baby gets a little older, though.. hopefully I'll be able to get on a better routine.

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8/9/14 3:27 P

Just wanted to say go get em - it sounds like you are pretty motivated and that is really important. In losing weight after kids, I have found that sleep is really important, so don't short yourself there. The only other thing is just doing what you can. I have a gym membership I rarely use because our schedule doesn't allow for it at the moment. I'm bummed because I love swimming, and get great results when I can bike to the gym, then follow up with a run and swim, then bike back home. It's effective and encouraging. But what I have been doing now is daily workout videos. It isn't my favorite and it isn't as amazingly effective as other things I prefer, but it is way better than doing nothing which I spent about 2 years doing and I can tell you the results on that approach ain't too hot:)

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/8/14 5:21 P

Thank you all for your input.. & I'm not using my children as an excuse not to exercise.. that is simply why I took the time to post on this message board for advice on how to go about exercising while being with them all the time. I could easily just have given up and decided it wasn't possible and flop my lazy butt on the couch and watch cartoons all day.

I really appreciate all the advice. :)

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8/8/14 5:04 P

Walks are great to do and if you push your 4mo in a stroller while your son rides a bike or joins you, it'll be great to get in a few times a week. It may not seem like much, but it's better than nothing. You seem to have a great idea of the type of exercises you can do at home (jumping jacks, etc.) but there's always room to grow!

I'm sure with 2 children there's no extra room for workout equipment so your best bet may be to do at home workouts that don't require equipment. I did t25 (a beachbody program) this past spring and it was amazing! My brother has done insanity and combat which are by beachbody too and they also did a great job getting him into shape. They're workout plans are meant for all fitness levels and there are a ton to choose from, so you can see what may work best for you-

I always read about people doing insanity, t25, or 21day fix on here, so there is always room to get feedback or start a thread to help motivate you emoticon

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8/8/14 10:34 A

I'm a mother of twins--so I know just how BUSY life can be! As soon as I was able after my babies were born, I got back to my exercise routine--walking every day when my mom would come over to help me.

Later, when they were older & school age, I got in the routine of exercising first thing every morning. Drop the kids at school, come home & go for a walk or hop on my treadmill.

That is still my routine! If you exercise first thing every day it just becomes part of your normal daily routine...a normal daily habit.

Using kids or a busy lifestyle as an excuse for not exercising is just that--AN EXCUSE! We all have the same 24 hours in a just have to CHOOSE how you're going to use them!

KASTRA Posts: 369
8/8/14 9:51 A

Moms do what is needed to put the kiddos at top priority, keep the house running (whether that include improving educations to provide better income, working to provide that income, time with significant other, etc.) Somewhere in there, we just have to make time for ourselves, so it requires scheduling creativity. In our house, when life suddenly started to include all the hectic extras - I also take online flex-schedule classes (one at a time - can't manage more than that with everything else and expect decent grades or a grasp on sanity to remain afterwards) - I got a schedule sorted out for us by:

1) Sitting down and making a list of all the things that absolutely had to be done and had defined timetables on when, along with how long each of those things took. Ex. work, getting ready each day, commuting, meal times, etc.
2) Made a list of the things that needed to be done but were flexible as far as when they could be done and how long each took. Ex. kiddo class time, my class time, exercise, cleaning, etc.
3) Another list of the things I'd like to squeeze in, but if it wouldn't fit, oh well. Ex. gardening, fun outings with friends, naps, watching TV, etc.
3) Picked up a cheap week planner and wrote in all the items from the first list where they had to be. Then in the remaining time slots - there are surprisingly quite a few no matter how busy we feel - wrote in the items from list #2. The items on list #3 aren't written in, but get squeezed in when time presents itself.

That became life's schedule. Doesn't mean you'll always stick to it - in fact, I'd say every single day, something happens to throw the schedule out of whack - but when crazy stuff comes up, having something to refer back to as a goal to get the day back on track gets as much done as possible with much less time wasted panicking about what to do next. It helped me see that, no matter how busy and overwhelmed I might feel sometimes, there's still time in the day to handle those chaotic surprises so I panicked less.

There is time to exercise, no matter how busy we feel. The only difference is, the busier the schedule gets, the more creative and determined we have to make ourselves. It just depends on whether it goes on list 2 or 3 in our priorities (unless someone exercises for a living, it wouldn't be a list 1 item since it's something that is important but doesn't have a specific time when it absolutely must be done). Once that time window is carved out, the rest is simple logistics and preference of what sort of exercise to do in that time window.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,619
8/8/14 7:40 A

I know it's hard but honestly people won't notice (REALLY!!!!) or they will admire that you are taking some time for you. And it's just an idea. emoticon

Oh, also, you may want to check if your college has a gym. It may have a reduced membership fee for students or already be included in your tuition bill. Also, your college may offer physical education classes like yoga, various types of aerobics, conditioning, strength, etc. I had a lot of fun taking gym classes in college.

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8/8/14 12:52 A

Online Now  • ))
I too am a busy mom, I have 4 kids and a hubby that works at night, and I work during the day. My best advise to you is either pop in a few home exercise movies (Jillian Micheals makes great ones) or utilize your time and Bike to school. I bike to work. During the school year. the Big kids and I load up the bikes, I ride with them to school and I pull a bike trailer for our baby behind my bike. After biking the big kids to school (1/2 mile from home), I then bike 3 miles to drop the baby off at daycare, then from there 5 miles to work. After work, pick up the baby from day care and pick up the big kids from school and come home. I get my daily workout in and save on gas in the process.

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/7/14 10:13 P

Those are some awesome pins on your pinterest page. My only fear is.. I'm not quite sure I am brave enough to just start working out on playground equipment while other people are there..

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/7/14 10:09 P

Woah Kastra.. Your schedule makes mine seem completely cleared up. I think until school starts, I'm going to just do as much as I can at home.. (School starts in two weeks).. Then I'm going to put my game face on.. get a membership at the gym across from my college.. and really start doing the best I can. I really appreciate everyone's input. :)

KASTRA Posts: 369
8/7/14 10:04 P

Like you, I've got a wildly busy schedule (work full-time and am out of the house 7AM-6PM, then we homeschool my son evenings and weekends in addition to normal running-of-the-house tasks) and it took some schedule juggling to make a spot for running - well, walking now but am easing into it. It's absolutely impossible on weeknights, but weekends are another story. During the week, my only exercise time is after the kiddo goes to bed. Grocery shopping is done Friday on the way home just to be sure I don't need to make room for that also on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday mornings are cleaning and more kiddo lesson time, but after lunch...that's my time. A lot of the time, I take the kiddo with me but he's older. It's not ideal - it would be nicer if I could do it more often, but we do what we have to. On weeknights, I use videos. Progress on picking up pace and endurance is slower than if I could get another day a week in, but progress is progress!

With yours being younger, on your husband's days off, let him know you need to claim some time and he'll be on kiddo duty. If you're a student, does your school have a track? There's likely a fitness center also that you can use.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,619
8/7/14 9:00 P

Wow! You seem really busy! One idea I had was playground workouts. It may be a little hard now with a 4 month old but I imagine he/she may hang in a stroller while the older one plays if you make it to the park in your "ample" spare time. emoticon

I actually created a Pinterest board with ideas. I can't guarantee they are all great as I have a tendency to search and then pin anything that looks remotely possible but it may help give you some ideas for some quick cardio and/or strength while your children play.

Here's the link. I hope it works.>

MLAN613 Posts: 18,619
8/7/14 9:00 P

Wow! You seem really busy! One idea I had was playground workouts. It may be a little hard now with a 4 month old but I imagine he/she may hang in a stroller while the older one plays if you make it to the park in your "ample" spare time. emoticon

I actually created a Pinterest board with ideas. I can't guarantee they are all great as I have a tendency to search and then pin anything that looks remotely possible but it may help give you some ideas for some quick cardio and/or strength while your children play.

Here's the link. I hope it works.>

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/7/14 4:58 P

Yes, my son does start school next week, but I am also a full time student.. So between the hours of 7am-2 I am also at school. I do think the best solution is probably to join the Ymca which is right next to my school & set my alarm a little early.. (Ugh) I have never had a great sleeping pattern.. Since I was little I've been such a night owl. Since I'm already working on changing my nutrition and exercise level, I might as well add in getting up a little earlier. Until I start school, though, I think I will just try to use my dancing games on the Xbox as my cardio. Thank you all for the suggestions. :)

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8/7/14 4:50 P

a 5 y/o probably won't sit in a stroller, but he can ride a bike and the baby can go in the stroller. What are you doing during the day? like between noon-3 pm? usually kids are sleeping, your husband can watch the kids while you go run. Or hire a sitter a few days a week. Join a gym with daycare. Also at 5, isn't your kid at school? My son is 4 and starts school full time in a month.

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8/7/14 4:45 P

Can you pop the kids in a stroller and push them on a run? I've seen many women do that.

NEWNISHA Posts: 72
8/7/14 4:06 P

I am a mother of a five year old boy named Marley and a four month old named Camdyn. I am finally trying to get back to exercising, but it is hard because my husband and I only have one car. He takes the car to work from 3pm-midnight & I no longer have room in my sons room for our treadmill. I am finding it hard to get any running in. I've been focusing on jumping jacks, stretching, squats, crunches, lunges, and well those sorts of exercises.. but I really felt that running was what helped most in the past. I've never stuck with exercising for very long. The longest I did stick with it, I got pregnant and just became lazy. Any advice would be great. :) emoticon

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