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5/10/13 2:43 A

I found something I liked doing. In my case walking.

Try to fine your fave and carry on

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5/9/13 11:57 P

No problem! I had a limited-term position last year that required a lot of travel for meetings and fundraising events, so I know it's really tough to try and get in a workout early in the morning or late at night after you've been working all day. Sounds like you're doing it right, though!

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5/9/13 8:15 P

Thanks for the feedback. I actually do have time for a walk even if for 10 minutes during my day. My DVD collection is definitely full of variety, I have a couple of Coach Nocole's, Zumba for Xbox, Turbo Jam, etc. I think variety is the thing do me too. I appreciate you, thanks again!

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5/9/13 7:53 P

Hey! I also have several workout DVDs, with some ranging from a progressive 12-week plan to others just being a simple 15-minute ab workout. I find it easier to fit in exercise and be consistent when I switch things up (maybe one day I take out a DVD that focuses on abs, while another one is a dance workout). Especially if you do some sort of alternative workouts (dance, Zumba, etc.) it may not feel like such a chore to workout, and before you know it, you'll have been moving for 30-45 minutes.

Since you're in the field a lot for sales, do you ever have time to squeeze in a quick workout during the day? Even a walk, if you don't have time to shower/get cleaned up between the workout and another sale? If you travel a lot and stay overnight, look at going for a run or walk a chance to explore whatever area you're in for that day/part of the week. (Again, something to visualize so it distracts you from the fact that you're working out.) Hope this helps!

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5/9/13 7:28 P


I own several DVD programs that are gathering dust. How did you find the motivation to make the time in your schedules to work out?

I work in sales in the field and so far have not been consistent with either AM or PM workouts and then I just stop.

Any feedback/tips are appreciated!

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