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SAYHI2EVA Posts: 71
2/13/10 3:40 P

For me, stomach fat is the last to go. It helps to build core muscle so your muscles pull your belly in and you look thinner. Diet is definitely going to help. Just keep doing what you're doing cause it sounds like you're doing all the right things.

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2/13/10 12:32 P

You need a good balance of diet, resistance training and cardio exercise. With the diet making the biggest difference in fat reduction and the other two being supporting elements in good health.

2/13/10 12:24 P

My belly is the last to lose too! My pants will be baggy on my thighs & hips but tight on my stomach. It's just how I'm built.

My plan since I am in a healthy weight range is to keep watching my diet and exercise. Even though my weight has been relatively stable for 6 months I can tell a difference in my belly from the exercise. I'm assuming it's a long haul kinda deal, that I'll wake up a year from now and go hmmm my belly is smaller, when did that happen :)

MEENG85 Posts: 1,449
2/13/10 12:06 A

There are some really good Yoga exercises that target the core. If your core muscles are weak it can show up in posture which makes your stomach look larger. Back exercises are also good for the stomach area. You may want to send a post to one of the coaches.

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
2/12/10 11:42 P

If you within a healthy weight range that stomach area may be excess skin.. I have had three plastic surgeons explain not all women escape easy in this department. Sure exercise helps the under laying muscles under the skin- but skin can be so stretched the elastic qualities die..
Plastic surgery is a final option- but it requires some serious changes to life style.. The doctor can remove this jelly like skin- but you have to be able to keep your weight stable.. Jo jo weight loss can damage the new skin area he/she creates.. It is essential a person can hold their weight stable for very long periods of time..
Get the last of your weight off- and ask a plastic surgeon to look at your tummy.. It is a great operation but you have to be clear over some important things.
1. there is 7 lb weight gain post operation- a good surgeon warns this at interviews for the operation.
2. you have to eat sensible in the hospital efter the operation there is no dieting rule efter such a huge operation and a 3 month "no heavy lifting ban" due to hernia risks.. Getting down and depressed doesn't help you- you have to keep a very cold head with your maintenance and make up for lost time when home again..
3. you have to wear a hernia belt during this period of time and keep your weight stable with nutrition and walking alone.. I could do more than the doctor told me- so they didn't lie to me either.. I had to get someone to stay at my home to help me out of bed, because the no useage of stomach muscels hurts if you forget.. A bout of pain could throw me out for hours..
4. smoking has to be given up if your a smoker- coughing will ensure your incision line is connected directly to your tear ducts.. (I had to give up eating grainy foods as clearing my throat- hurt like a mother #ยค#!) So I understand this rule- it is mental cruelty to the smoker and have this operation..
If you make it through the procedure- it is a wonderful operation- however not one I want repeated-it ain't cool shaving your belly button lol.. The doctor moves mother nature and can't stop all processes like hair..

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2/12/10 9:48 P

I have read on many message boards...not just this one. That many people lose the belly fat last! No this is not a myth...I have heard of it many times. Having said that...stay motivated with what you are doing. You are getting closer to your goal weight...and I think you will find that belly fat will start to leave. And toning your stomach muscles with crunches will help greatly after you lose the fat. emoticon

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ELISADEL Posts: 662
2/12/10 9:11 P

Well... it's possible that your body really isn't going to be willing to give up the amount of stomach fat that you believe that it should. Women with flat stomachs (even among those who work out a lot) are more the exception than the rule, because the body deliberately tries to keep a certain amount of extra fat in that area to provide protection to the reproductive organs.

Really all you can do is continue with your program, get to a weight that you feel good about, and see what your stomach is like then. Exercising and eating right tends to cause hormonal changes in the body that makes it less likely to store really excessive amounts of fat in the stomach area, but if you reach a rather normal level and you're still not happy with it I'm not sure if you'll really have any options shy of plastic surgery.

MTIGER1 Posts: 50
2/12/10 9:03 P

I am exercising and eating right. Last year I lost 30 pounds. Now I am down to my last 12-13. I am a size 8 and want to be a 6. I can tell my body is changing due to exercise, but I still have a lot of fat on my stomach. I feel like there's no way I could lose enough weight to still be healthy and lose the fat. I know you can't spot-train, but does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Has anyone found a solution to this problem?

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