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3/8/12 2:23 P

I read Jillian Michael's twitter pretty regularly and seeing your post reminded me of a tweet I saw from her recently. Can't guarantee anything but I thought it was worth a shot sharing with you...

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3/8/12 1:16 P

In addition to the scale I measure my waist, hips, thighs and arms with a tape measure. This week on my weigh in and measure day I had "gained" 1.6 pounds (probably water because it's gone today) BUT I had lost 1/2" on my waist and everything else stayed the same.

Keep working - you'll get there. And keep in mind the number on the scale can naturally fluctuate a couple pounds due to water, etc.


CYNNANE Posts: 567
3/8/12 12:55 P

I'm assuming you want to lose "weight" to look thinner for that special day. If you are losing inches you are achieving your goal. Instead of focusing on the scale, try on your dress each week (or a certain pair of jeans). Judge your success by "how" you look, not what the scale says. You are most likely gaining muscle especially if you are new to strength training.

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3/8/12 12:37 P

You have lost 1 inch! That is great! Why would you lose your motivation? The excess weight could be just water retained by your now overly active muscles. It will go away. Keep it up, and be patient!

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3/8/12 10:51 A

If you are sure you are doing it "right" (eating the right calories for your level of activity) then I want to ask you to be a bit more patient. Three weeks = not a long time.

I've been tracking my food for almost two months now, and kept my fitness schedule almost perfecly, but my weight has remained more or less the same. I weigh in once a week (at the same time of day), but sometimes I "cheat" and check once or twice more, and I notice that I weigh in quite differently so be sure you are weighing yourself only once a week and at approximately the same time (and that you haven't eaten too differently just before the weigh in, because an empty stomach and a full one does not weigh the same).

I measure myself too, and I notice a lot more change there, so I am happy, but I didn't notice ANYTHING until about four or five weeks into my new habits.

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3/8/12 10:39 A


What is your current weight and height ? The reason you might not be able to lose that 5-8 pounds is because you're already at a healthy weight for your height. I know many women feel they have hips wider than the Grand Canyon. I know we despise our inner thighs and want to get rid of them. BUT, the closer a person is to a healthy weight for their height, the harder it is to lose any excess.

While an overweight person could safely lose 1-2 pounds per week, someone at a healthy weight isn't going to lose that much. Ask any of our members trying to lose that last five pounds. they'll tell you, it's sloooooooow going.

So, don't beat yourself up because the scale isn't moving as fast as you'd like. The last few always take the longest. You might not lose them by the wedding and that doesn't mean you're a failure. If you're trying to tighten up your body, then concentrate on strength training to add lean muscle. Adding lean muscle will help tighten you up, losing weight won't do that.

Now, you can't freak out if you see the scale go up. that's perfectly normal. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle. is that a fat gain ? Nope, it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. If you increased the amount of exercise you've been doing, that's another reason you'd "gain" weight and not because you're packing on muscle.

When you work your muscles intensely, the muscle fibers soak up water like a sponge. this is what they are supposed to do. Your muscles will release any excess water they don't need once they've adapted to the new routine.

In short, you really need to be patient. I know you want the weight off by your wedding, but depending on your current weight and height, that might not happen. and starving yourself won't speed up your loss either. Starving yourself will just make you look gaunt and ill. If you want to go into your wedding with the glow of good health, you have to eat and take care of your body.

So, take a deep breathe, what you're experiencing really is perfectly normal. You just have to be patient with your body. Continue to strength train and with time, you will see results. they may not be instantaneous, but you will have results if you are consistent.

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3/8/12 10:11 A

Sometimes eating less and exercising more doesn't get it.You have to maintain the right amount of calories and carbs as you exercise.Make sure you are feeding your body.You have to eat to lose.Most people cut calories way back. That only hurts you in the long run.Log your calorie in take.Make sure you eat to fuel your body. emoticon

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3/8/12 8:33 A

Salt too may be the culprit. Take a look at that and see if you are in range or under it.

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3/8/12 8:15 A

Are you still tracking your food? It's very difficult to eyeball portions and how much you're actually eating, and very easy to go over your calorie range if you're not weighing or measuring.

Nutrition is the key to our weight; I know it's a pain to have track your food, but it really does work, and will teach you how to eat properly in the long run.

I stopping tracking for a few weeks back in january, after 4 months of tracking faithfully... and immediately started gaining, because I was eating too much. You can still gain weight by eating too much, even if you're eating better than you used to. A calorie's a calorie, and if you eat too many healthy foods, you can still gain weight!

Track everything that goes into your mouth... oftentimes it's the little things that we think aren't a big deal (that packet of mayo, a bit of ketchup) that can sabotage us!

Also, have you adjusted your calorie range to accommodate your exercise? I know it seems counterintuitive, but when you burn too *many* calories by over exercising and under eating, you can gain weight or stop losing weight, and sabotage your efforts.

If you haven't been working out long, gaining a bit of weight at first is also very normal for that. The adage "muscle weighs more than fat" is inaccurate (a lb of fat weighs the same as a lb of muscle: 1 lb.) what is usually meant by it is that muscle takes up less ROOM than fat. When you start working out, too, you can get fluid buildup. Remember to always weigh at the same time, under the same conditions, no more than once per week, and remember that your weight is a vital sign, not a static number. It's not a good sign of your progress, because it can change so much, even in a given day!

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3/8/12 6:48 A

Yeah, i guess patience is the answer. I read that this is normal and its because we are converting fat to muscle and muscle weighs more. But in the past this has never happened to me and i lost weight much easier. Of course I never did any weight training before, just cardio. I do like that my abs are starting to come out a bit, but still!!!!

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3/8/12 6:38 A

Yes dear. Same situation. I am losing my motivation. I don't feel like eating anything. I end up eating very less. Taking walks for 30-45 mts. BUT no change on the scale. I thing we are loosing inches and we will see weight loss eventually. We have to be patient. Its way too difficult.

Let's pray and do workouts together.

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3/8/12 6:22 A

for almost three weeks now Ive been eating less and healthier. For the first week and a half i did the food tracker and was staying pretty much in the calorie range. A bit more on days I worked out. Ive kept up with the eating healthier and less habit. No sweets, no butter, smaller meals. Anyway, I only have about 5-8 pounds to lose for my wedding. So, Ive also started working out 3 or 4 times a week. I also started twice a week with a trainer, doing weight and strength training and then once or twice a week doing cardio, about 40 minutes between running and eliptical. SO, one would think i would lose weight right?!?!?! NO! Ive gained 2.8 pounds!!! I am totally losing motivation now. I did measure my waist and i lost 1 inch, but still. Has anyone else experiences this? Does anyone know why this could happen? Could this really just be muscle? Thanks!

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