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I myself suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I however have found exercise to be a big help in making those conditions subside. I obviously don't know what you are doing for exercise, but I would suggest 1. Seeing your doctor, 2. Seeing a therapist, 3. Don't push yourself too hard when exercising, and last but not least maybe try implementing some breathing techniques into your daily routine to help your body relax.

I use square breathing a lot, which is.. breath in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, exhale 4 counts, and hold 4 counts. I modify it a bit and do not hold after the exhale because I feel like I'm suffocating and it makes my heart race then. There are many other types of relaxation/anxiety management techniques that can work as stress relievers for people who don't have anxiety. I use them to bring my heart rate down, and relax.

Good Luck and hope you get it figured out soon!

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When you start to feel a panic attack coming on, then concentrate on your breathing. Generally it is the anxiety which causes you to breathe incorrectly which starts the ball rolling and things escalate from there. Do you know WHY you become anxious when exercising alone? If you can keep a diary of what you were doing and your thoughts, then you will be half way to solving this problem. Remember, tho', that if you give in to an anxiety attack it will only feed it and gradually escalate. I know what they are like. A few times I have gone to go for a walk around my village by myself. As soon as I got past our boundary, I felt my pulse quicken, my heart started to pound, my breathing became 'kind-of' laboured, and I started to get a tight chest. I started to feel drained around my mouth and my lips got a wee bit tingly. I knew what was happening and was NOT going to give in to it. I told myself that it was ridiculous, that it was a walk I have done many times, and no harm was going to come to me if I continued. I DID continue, BUT I did take a wee bit quicker route. The panic attack continued but at a much lessor degree, until I got home again. This sort of condition responds very well to Therapy - particularly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It encourages the brain to rationalize things properly. I strongly suggest that you ask your Dr for a referral to a Therapist who practices this form of Therapy - not all do!

Good luck,

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Have you had problems with panic attacks before ? If so, perhaps you might want to run this by your doctor and see what they think. If you find that you only have panic attacks when you workout alone, then maybe you could find a workout buddy. Maybe a co-worker might want to take a walk at lunch with you. Have you ever taken classes at the gym ? If you feel more comfortable exercising "with people", you may be okay in an aerobics class like zumba, spinning, kick boxing, etc... This is just a thought or two.

No one here can explain why you're having panic attacks. That's why you should talk to your doctor.

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12/10/12 6:07 P

Are you in treatment for your panic attacks? Perhaps you can run this by them....

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Hello everyone!

I just recently started exercising again, therefore I tend to get winded and get my heart rate up pretty quickly. I've noticed that when I exercise with my husband or daughter then it doesn't seem to bother me as badly. However, when I exercise alone I tend to stop sooner, and it also tends to trigger a panic attack.

I have heard of this condition before in people prone to panic attacks, since the increased heart rate and rapid breathing tricks your body into thinking it is in danger. However, with changing schedules, I will be exercising alone more and would like to see if anyone knows of any tricks to keep my body from jumping straight to the panic mode.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas!


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