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7/16/14 11:05 P

Thanks to you guys. Actually, it's my Dad. Just trying to help him with his problem of quitting to smoke. He wanted to put an end to it but he's been honest telling me that he's having a hard time about it. Planning to bring him when I do my regular exercise and hopefully this will help! Thanks!

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7/16/14 10:37 P

HI . i was a smoker. but i havent smoked in 2 1/2 yrs now.. Oct 13th of this year will by 3 yrs!
And yes it can just go for walks if you are a runner.. you and go for runs..maybe jumping jacks or just doing something inside if you dont want to go out...workout videos online/youtube are good too...and also maybe work on puzzles or take up a new hobby.keep hands busy... lots and lots of water at least the first few weeks or few months...I like water..the only way i drink it is with my brita filters

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7/14/14 5:11 P

I haven't smoked, but I do believe exercise can help. Here's a blog post that suggests this as well:

Coach Denise

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7/13/14 10:28 P

Have you done this? Is exercising can help stop the habit of smoking? Other possible option will help a lot!

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