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How long have you been working out, and how much did you eat?

Contrary to popular believe, weight loss is not about exercise; while it's important (and certainly makes the task easier) the real magic happens in the kitchen. How much you eat is more important, because the more you exercise, the more you must eat... but you must still maintain a calorie deficit to lose weight.

If you just started exercising, you could be experiencing a temporary weight gain from water retention. This is normal, and will taper off after a while. More info here:

Remember that our bodies aren't calculators. Even when all the math is correct, sometimes there are other variables at play. The time of the month, how much you exercise, the sodium content in your food, even how much you're sleeping can all affect the scale, positively and negatively.

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6/17/13 5:28 P

I burned 3,000 calories last week and I gained 2 pounds. What is the problem. I should have lost weight.

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