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I went to this topic to look for ideas for a friend who is currently off her feet for plantar fasciitis. I'll mention the swimming to her. Saw the original post to this site and was reminded of the time I was on crutches following foot surgery. I would have gone crazy but had 5 and 10 pound dumbbells and focused on upper body moves along with core exercises (think pilates) while I was out of commission. Good luck to anyone that's trying to stay fit when restricted from weight bearing. Though it's hard, it can be done.

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9/25/12 8:17 P

Thank you, all. Greatly appreciate your attention.

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9/23/12 2:54 P

Swimming is the most effective for maintaining muscle tone for me. I have to have both knees replaced and am prepping for surgery using treading water and swimmimg laps.

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Ask your doctor to give you some exercises. My daughter tore her MCL/PCL and ripped off the ACL (which required surgical implant of a cadaver ACL), but the whole time she was non-weight bearing and even braced, her PT had her doing leg raises and muscle tensioning exercises. Also you can do upper body exercises to help balance out some of those calories. Good luck. Hope your recovery is quick.

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9/23/12 10:59 A

Swimming, cycling?

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9/23/12 10:32 A

Just found out I'm to be non weight bearing on L leg due to tibial stress fracture from jogging.
Stopped jogging about 3 weeks ago, now I'm on crutches for two weeks and no jogging for two weeks after that. Ack! I'll be watching my caloric intake and crutches seem to be a bit of a work out but, any other exercise suggestions????

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