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5/28/14 11:27 P

Great ideas. Thanks!

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5/28/14 10:42 P

Definitely don't run two consecutive days until you've been running for at least six months or a year. The impact is very hard on the body. On your off days, you can do just about anything that isn't high impact. Strength training is a great option. You could also swim, do yoga, or even just walk.

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5/28/14 6:53 P

run 3 days a week, do full body ST 2-3 times a week, 1 rest day and 1 yoga/pilates/cardio xt if you have time.

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5/28/14 5:58 P

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5/28/14 5:47 P

I alternate running with strength training so I have 3 running workouts each week (working on different things) and 2 days where I do full body strength training.

5/28/14 5:03 P

I just starting running this past weekend (actually it's a run/walk method to build up since I've never run before). Everything I've read said not to run two days in a row, in order to rest your muscles. What are your thoughts on this?

Also, on days that you aren't running, what type of exercises do you do? My PT told me to do interval workouts. Any ideas?

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