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2/4/13 12:49 P

In the state of Minnesota where I live it is unlawful for any physical therapist to diagnose any injury or problem. They are authorized only to treat, not diagnose, musculo-skeletal problems and can only treat for a maximum of thirty days without a physician referral.

Have your shoulder problem assess by a competent practitioner, preferably one certifies in sports injuries. The average general practitioner does not have the specific knowledge to properly evaluate exercise or movement caused injuries.

It is called WORK-ing out for a reason.

I said getting fit was simple, I did not say it was easy.

Cardio burns calories, strength work burns fat.

Eat well to lose weight, exercise to get fit

You can not build a six pack using twelve packs

Often when we seek a magic bullet for fitness we end up shooting ourselves in the foot.

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2/4/13 10:11 A

I had to complain to my doctor for a year, get kicked out of PT (because it was too painful and they knew something wasn't right), and finally cried in my dr.'s office to convince him something was torn. I tore my labrum, bicep, and some cartilage and my shoulder was dislocated. If you don't like the answers you are getting get a second opinion. If nothing else, you can get more PT, since we are in a new calendar year (for insurance). If something is torn and you continue to try strength training you can further hurt yourself, not to mention your efforts will be in vain.

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Your shoulder problem sounds similar to the one I have or I should say had. I put off having it checked out by a Dr. for a year. Was in excruciating pain and had a great deal if difficulty sleeping at night. Due to the pain, my arm and shoulder movement was limited and I was a little depressed about it. One I saw the Orthopedist, he recommended PT. I just finished a 6 week course of therapy and I absolutely feel so much better. I barely have any discomfort at all. I'm 68 years old - if I can do it, anyone can do it. I know that I will have to continue my shoulder exercises for quite some time - probably for ever. I definitely recommend having the Dr. check out your shoulder and following up with some PTif needed.. There are so many things that could be your problem and it's best to find out just exactly what will help the most. I wish you all the best, and hope you don't put off getting help for your shoulder.

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Hi Sarah

I agree with the previous poster is the best person to answer these questions. We wouldn't want to speculate about what exercises are safe and what you should avoid.

Coach Jen

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You should talk to your doc or PT.

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Sorry if this has been posted before, I tried looking. I messed up my shoulder at work a few years back. I was diagnosed with tendonitis. The last time I was in PT, my therapist told me that the injury is more severe than just tendonitis. She told me I was damaging my rotator cuff. It is a very common injury at my old job and they never diagnosed a rotator cuff injury unless surgery was needed. I also carry all my stress in my shoulders/upper back. I get this huge knot under my shoulder blade.
So the problem is last year I quit work to be a stay at home mom. I didn't move my shoulder the way I used to and the old saying if you don't use it you lose it has kicked in. Some days I can barely move my shoulder at all. I stretch it as best I can. I remember two exercises the therapist gave me. One was walking my fingers up and down a wall. The other was using a resistance band and lifting my arm up to build range of motion. Even these hurt now, but I do them.
Is there anything else I should be doing? Anything you can recommend?

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