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11/10/08 1:23 A

:) I was never super thin but was always in the fit category. My mom had super collar bones but she much taller and at 55 weighs 114LBS. No one in the family is my build :( so No comparisons then for me! Thanks for the comments!!!

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
11/9/08 8:02 P

My collarbones were hidden, but now they are 100% visible and there is no fat at all there. BUT, I still have about 22lbs. to lose to reach my ideal weight. My fat is now all sitting in my butt and legs.

We are all different, so only losing more fat will get you to your goal of seeing the collarbones - maybe. It may be that your body is designed to have more hidden collarbones. Have you ever been super thin and seen your collabones? Does anyone in your family have the same build as you? You can compare them to see if maybe that's just a genetic thing?

99lbs! What people would do to get to that weight!!!

11/9/08 7:32 P

I know a few really fat people who's collarbones are visible so I'm not sure it's something you can always control lol... that said I would caution you against losing weight for the sole purpose of having bones sticking out, that should be your first hint that maybe you have a problem?

11/9/08 12:25 P

I, definitely have no plans to disappear! or loose drastic weight. I just aim at reaching a BMI of 19 (Which is also normal- 18.5 to 24 is a normal BMI). And yes, I was looking at enhancing the collar bones! Ok, so I know, ther's no specific healthy way to do this! Thanks for the comments...

ANAVLY Posts: 2,426
11/8/08 11:10 A

I suspect how visible your collar bone is is largely a matter of genetics. I kinda doubt I could make my collarbones any more pronounced without becoming seriously underweight because it's basically skin and bones there already for me, and always has been, even though I'm firmly in the overweight category.

11/8/08 9:19 A

Some of us are just born that way!! I have extremely visible collarbones and I still have 15lb I want to lose!!! I have very thin skin and my bones have always been visible because of this. Makes me worry what I'll look like at 70 years old!!!!

Keep working on your muscle mass, it might help. Not convinced of this myself, though.

FCASTELO Posts: 4,360
11/8/08 8:36 A

what are you aiming for? disappearing?

sounds to me like you're in the healthy range now and losing more will be UNHEALTHY.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,544
11/8/08 7:52 A


There's no way to target weight loss to specific areas of the body, so I don't know that you're going to be able to make your collar bones more visable if there's a little extra fat there.

I wouldn't recommend trying to lose more weight since you're already in the healthy range for your size. Everyone has those areas that they'd like to change a little if they could, but I'd bet you look great even if you can't see as much definition in that area as you're hoping for.

Coach Jen

11/8/08 3:45 A

Hi team,

Can anyone Pls help and advice? I am 29 yrs old, weigh 99lbs and have a BMI of 20.7. I have been gyming since Oct 2007 and have lost over 16 LBS. i am healthy and on my ideal weight. But the issue is inspite of all the exercise (5 days a week- 3 cardio sessions of 45-60 minutes and 2 45 minutes strength training session, My collar bones arent still prominently visible. I can see them when I shrug or try to bring them out. How do I get these babies out? are there any specific exercises?

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