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1/14/14 7:12 P

Good luck!

the best exercise is the one you like enought to keep doing for the fun. I've heard there are some indoor walking dvds. I'm not sure how it works, but if you like walking...

Also, I've heard that in some places there are adult ballet lessons. If you love dance, there might be a class for you.

btw, it took me 40 years to learn I love to swim. I didn't learn until I turned 40 and I would not have guessed how much I enjoy it.

Keep trying new forms of movement, until you find the one that gets you going.

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1/14/14 7:36 A

I started doing water aerobics a few years ago. I would have good streaks of attendance, then fall off again. When I went I not only enjoyed the exercise but also the company.

Recently I was asked to teach two classes a week and accepted (I am recently retired and frankly needed something to do, other than boring old housework!)

Teaching the class means I can no longer use any old excuse not to go to the pool. Instead of sitting on my butt and looking at the clock and saying ,"oh, dear, I missed my exercise class,', now I know that there is a group of older ladies depending on me to lead them through their program. An added bonus is that I get paid a few dollars per class, plus my gym membership is free!

It is exactly what I needed.

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1/12/14 3:59 P


I have a few years to go till I retire, and I know I'll hit the gym more often then, just for something to do and to be around people, plus the exercise, of course. I have "hit and miss" resolve, if that makes any sense, when it comes to exercise. I'm now trying videos on YouTube. Have done 2 in a row, 1 yesterday for strength training, one today for cardio. If I make 3 in a row, is that a streak?

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1/12/14 3:49 P

Thanks for your reply to my post. See, the thing is, I can apply my ennui to ANY form of exercise. I have historically done just what you do, with gyms. But I also have bought a multitude of DVD's and then ignored them. Really. I mean, half of them never even made it out of the shrink-wrap. And the others I watched but didn't do, or did them once or twice and ho-hum...back to watching HGTV and sitting on my butt. My laziness and lack of resolve knows no bounds!
However! I do know that at the gym, at least I get the bonus of some comradeship and hopefully a chance to meet a new friend or two. Being retired, there's not a lot of opportunity for social gatherings in my life, and being out around people is as good for me as exercising is. So...I am trying the gym route again, and putting a little steel in my backbone and just GOING, whether I "feel" like it, or not!

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1/12/14 3:45 P

Glad to hear the posts had a positive affect! Drum and flute...beautiful and native to many indigenous cultures. Hope it soothes the soul as well as jazzes up the workout energy!
Thanks for posting,

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1/12/14 2:42 P

I got quite a bit of energy from reading those posts! Now to get up off my arse and move to the rhythm ....listening to some drum and flute music.....

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1/12/14 9:29 A

My experience with a gym is that at first I'm all gung-ho about going but lose interest and don't go but I'm still paying my membership. I fare better with exercise DVDs to be done at home. I'm 65 and there are large varieties of exercise DVDs to be found in the stores, at Collage Video and Amazon. I do feel much better after a workout.

Best wishes!

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1/12/14 2:19 A

Hello Jane -- Sometimes it is not a matter of wanting or needing it is a matter of doing. I spent a year getting up, reading spark and treadmilling it. When I moved to a new country and there was no treadmill I started to regain. Recently, however, I have started walking everyday and joined a gym. Although it has only been a week, I can feel the change already and I am much more positive. So here is how I do it. I set a regular scheduled time to get up and does not matter how much time is spent at the gym the fact is that I go. I also remember that I am not perfect (this one is just so darn hard) and do not beat myself up for the not perfect day.

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1/11/14 1:09 P

JANE, if I can do it, you can do it! I put 3-4 kilos back on, mostly during a very calorific month's holiday, when I chose to enjoy the local cuisine. I thought I'd be back to my lower goal weight by Christmas, and was, and am, 2 kilos above it. Still less than I'd ever been in my life before. I aim to have lost a kilo by the end of this month, and the other by end of Feb. This may be optimistic, but fitness and waistline are more my concerns than kilos at the moment, and I'm getting noticeably fitter. One more week of second round of January Jumpstart to go. Last year was great. I am confident that this year will be even better. It can be for you too. Incidentally I make resolutions for a month at a time, hoping they will have become habit by the end of the month and that I can then go on to the next challenge. I wish you a great year, a real turnaround.

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1/11/14 8:32 A

Thanks, Rachy! What an interesting exercise option...I don't know of anything like it around here. But then, there wouldn't be, unless it transitioned to a snow-shoeing or skiing or ice skating group, in winter! Too much of the weather here is unpredictable and just not conducive to a year-round plan outdoors, except for the very hearty and dedicated, perhaps. Nice reading about your experience. And I've ALWAYS wanted to visit Australia...perhaps I'll get there yet, one day. :)

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1/11/14 3:44 A

Good on you for joining a gym (again!). I do hope that you enjoy it. I myself am similar in that I join gyms go for a bit then lose motivation and stop going but the money keeps going to the gym!! This was when I didn't enjoy exercise as much as I do know.

That was up until about 4 years ago. Then I found an outdoor group personal training. (Maybe not ideal in Winter in the Northern Hemisphere) but I am in Australia so it it just gets cold and rains in Winter so I would suck it up and go. Besides Winter though I started doing two sessions a week and ended up finding enjoyment in exercise. Most of my good friends now are from that group.

I guess most people associate outdoor group training as BOOTCAMP. This was far from that. You worked at your own fitness level and I liked pushing myself to be better. When I started I could walk and that was it. After a short time I could run/jog around the park. The age range in the group was from 20ish through to people in the 50+ range.

Maybe this could be an option for you as after getting to know the people in the group you find out everyone is doing for different reasons. Mine was to get fit and lose weight but the older ladies found that doing the sessions improved their mobility and doing everyday tasks like getting something out of the bottom of the cupboard was easier.

Hope this helps.

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1/10/14 9:49 P

Have you thought of something low impact like yoga. It can be very good exercise too. Find the right kind.

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1/10/14 7:57 P

Nicky, that's a very inspiring story! How great that you've kept it up, too. I plan to be able to make a statement like yours, this time next year. :) I have "good genes" on my side. My dad is 96, still lives on his own in a two-story home with his "playroom" (workshop) in the basement. He routinely goes up and down the stairs to the one bathroom on the 2nd floor. He may not be fast, and he uses a cane outside due to his balance isn't the greatest. But he can still get around on his own 2 legs! He also plays video games, works a crossword and word jumble every day, and frequently emails me. I hope I live up to his example!
Thanks for your input,


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1/10/14 4:38 P

JANE, NONNIE. don't feel you're too old. I'm 70, and started making myself exercise a year ago! January Jumpstart did it for me. last January I hated exercise so much I did it first thing, and made myself get out with the dogs for cardio. By the end of the month, I was enjoying exercise! By since downsized, and I have 2 to shed to get back to where I want to be. I am repeating January Jumpstart this year, and being more ambitious, and succeeding!
When I can't get out, I walk with Leslie Sansone videos, free on YouTube. SP has lots of 10 minute videos, also free. I don't want to join a gym. I exercise at home. I don't enjoy strength videos, but Jumpstart has mostly 10 minute strength videos, which afre doable, though I sometimes need to rest half way through! This year I have a sore arm I need to rest, so am substituting other videos for the upper body/ arm ones. Jumpstart changed my life last year, set me off on the path that led to my goal. I'm enjoying doing na refresher course this year. Nearly finished, in fact.
And I am enjoying my new, slimmer body. My sister saw me walking round the kitchen while I was skyping her and doing other things at the same time. She commented that my legs had become skinny (that was a compliment!) as my trousers were baggy. 2 years ago I could just do them up, but never wore them, as they were uncomfortably tight! Now I enjoy the roomy sensation when I wear them!
If I can do it at 70, you can do it at 50 and 60!

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1/10/14 4:03 P

Thanks, Nonnie, for sharing about your exercise issues. I guess nothing worth having is ever easy to get, but we just have to keep on trying! I don't know if you've ever tried any DVD's for home exercise, but there's LOTS to choose from. Everything from Yoga, to dance/cardio, to walking to the DVD. One you might like that is mellow and low-impace is called "Moving to Mozart" with Ann Smith. She's an older woman who has a dancer's grace and the exercises focus a lot on stretching and staying limber. Like anything, you probably will have parts of it that you can't do right what you can. The way I look at it, 5 minutes of doing SOMETHING that makes your body move is better than 5 minutes riding the couch or recliner. The cold weather (we have it here, too) and the winter gloom do make it harder to get motivated. What about riding your bike to your favorite TV shows, or to music that peps you up? Just TRY and keep trying. You'll be glad you did, eleven years from now, when you're my age and realizing it does NOT get any easier as you get older! Best wishes to you!

MICHELLE73101 Posts: 317
1/10/14 2:59 P

I love working out, but I haven't always been that way. I think that you need to find something that is manageable, challenging, and scalable. What I mean by that is something that is fun and easy to get started, but still challenging, and then can grow with you when you get better at it.

For example - spin class. If you can get on the bike and make it through the class - even just SOME of the class - and you like it, then it is a manageable, challenging workout. Then as you get stronger, you can turn up the intensity and make it harder.

If getting to the gym presents a challenge, then try some circuit training. Here is a great workout that doesn't require ANYTHING except for your own body. I call it "The Back Deck Workout." If you like it, then you can make it harder by increasing the reps and the number of times you do it:

The trick is to find something that works for YOU! Manageable. Challenging. Scalable.

WHEELS54 Posts: 492
1/10/14 1:47 P

I used to hate the E word until I started doing yoga. It is non-competitive and I find a lot of support in my classes. We are all at different levels and encourage each other. I also love to hike on the weekends and walk around the college campus where I work. I can relate to feeling old and slow as I will be 60 next month but I can tell you without fail that I always feel better after I move. Good luck at the gym, maybe you can find buddy, lots of good suggestions here.

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1/10/14 1:26 P

really great information I still struggle it is so hard to get motivated but once I get going I do great I also find it easy to exercise with a group or a class I do an aerobics class on week day mornings weight training on weekends

FEFIFO Posts: 12,747
1/10/14 1:18 P

I was reading all the Zumba responses. I too, do Zumba 3 times a week and when I come out of those classes I am soaking wet. It is a good workout. I am 69 years old and do the dance almost as good as the young ladies. I modify when I have to but mostly do it all. No, I don't do Zumba with the senior women as it's not enough for me. My hip bothers me sometimes but just modify the step. Exercise becomes a habit and you will enjoy it if you find what you like to do.

ASCHU2 Posts: 78
1/10/14 1:03 P

Congratulations to you for reaching out to the SP community! I love exercise, so I can't relate on the same level (I have other demons), but I would throw in the conversation that a good physical therapist is priceless. I'm 35, but I'm struggling with some deep core (physical core, that is!) issues that are preventing me from having the success with long-distance running that I want. We've worked on balance, stability, and form, which a personal trainer wouldn't address on the same anatomical level.
There's something about him writing me a "menu" of stretches, exercises, and daily mind-muscle focuses that is different than a trainer at a gym. Since I'm paying him and have a medical appointment, I tend to do those daily exercises more frequently. Since you're thinking about your body's current state, I would suggest thinking about heading more of a medical route than a personal trainer route. A good PT that regularly deals with athletes can personalize a get-back-to progression just for you so you can do those more athletic things later. Good luck-we're all on your team!!

SUTHANBEL Posts: 150
1/10/14 12:51 P

Great information ladies, thank you! emoticon

SUE5007 Posts: 749
1/10/14 12:03 P

Hi Jane, if you did ballet you might like a Barre class. My sister takes one and really likes it. Low impact, different than all the other types of exercise she does during the week, but she still gets plenty sweaty.
I'm not sure how your gym works, but I like to watch TV when I'm on the treadmill. It helps pass the time. Perhaps you can schedule yourself to be at the gym on the treadmill or elliptical during your favorite TV show. That way you "have" to get to the gym on time or else you will miss the show! emoticon It makes it more like an appointment rather than something you hate doing but have to do anyway.
Best of luck to you! emoticon

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1/10/14 10:45 A

Thanks to everyone for their posts. I too can't stand the dreaded exercise. We live an hour away the nearest gym or mall. So I'm always using the excuse if we had a gym, if we had a mall I could walk there, if, if, if. you see I'm very good at excuses. And my body hurts always. I'm only 51 and they tell me I need a hip replacement, I do my hip exercises daily to keep it lubed up and moving and somewhat free of pain. If I don't I truly regret it. Also going through some blood pressure and heart issues, having a stress test the 16th and I'm afraid to exercise thinking it might kill me. And not exercising has probably put me in this predicament. 5 years ago I was in a horrific accident and can't seem to get back to the way I was. No I have no physical after affects but having a closed head injury has messed with my memory and thinking skills. During the spring and summer I garden and landscape but have noticed this past year don't feel like doing it as much. Seems like everything is a chore. We've been having some really cold weather here and there's still quite a bit of snow on the ground so walkings out. I have gotten up and rode my stationary bike 4 or 5 times in the past 10 days but not enough. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this self induced problem. Thanks kjeanne for the link to that article on aging. Everything I've read points to exercise, I know this and still don't move. Thank you to everyone for their posts on this subject, I can do this for myself and my life. Good luck 2013SWEETJANE

2013SWEETJANE SparkPoints: (8,879)
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1/9/14 6:32 P

Again, thank you to ALL of you who responded with suggestions, encouragement and the occasional sanity check (I DO "Jump in with 12 feet"...tell your mom she's not alone, Melina!). Exercise at home just doesn't happen for me. Maybe when I'm a little farther along the road. I own about 10 exercise and dance/exercise DVD's...never did more than a few minutes of ONE of them. If I'm home, I'll find a million reasons why "I can't"...hence the rejoining a gym. The trainer promised to be relentless about not letting me lapse...she has a "sign in" check board, and if she doesn't see you signing in on the board, you get phone calls. So, that'll help keep me honest. (Also, I liked her right away, and she is someone I know I can relate to and work with...she's got a lot of the same barriers I have, only she conquered hers!). It is a wonderful thing here on Spark! to "feel the love" guys are all my "community" and it's a great feeling to know someone is out there pulling for me. emoticon

CURLEYQ Posts: 35
1/9/14 6:05 P

Don't think of your past exercise experiences as failures. Each time was a little in the right direction, and you're learning what you like, or at least what you don't! Keep trying until you find what's right for you - fun, or at least do-able. I have started Couch to 5k several times, and even got up to where I could run 3 miles at a time, but then I got out of the habit and now I'm out of shape yet again. I have started and stopped a lot too, but I count each as a step toward my ultimate goal of being more fit. I wish you good progress toward your fitness goals.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,362
1/9/14 4:15 P

there are loads of videos on SparkPeople and on the web
You can do your own Zumba with music that has a beat.
Get yourself a pair of dumbbells and an exercise mat.
Maybe get yourself resistance tubes or resistance bands.
and You've got an indoor gym you can use whenever you wish.
If there is a will there is a way ... and these are low cost items.

I love to dance...if you can't do 30 minutes at once...
do a few 10 minutes workouts giving it attitude.

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1/9/14 3:15 P

I would recommend getting in a little bit better shape in general first with things like walking and swimming, but making a return to some kind of dance part of your goals could be very motivating.

I LOVE to dance but had to stop when I became ill and gained a lot of weight. I tried Zumba at about 250 pounds (not quite as awful as it sounds because I am very tall) and loved it. Doing better at Zumba motivated me to work on my fitness in general. For the last couple of years I have been able to return to authentic Latin dancing. I don't compete or anything, but I am able to go to workshops and conferences and keep up with world-class dancers.

There are lots of new dance-related workout options around. You might want to check out Nia and Barre workout classes at some point.

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1/9/14 1:58 P


CARRIELYN56 Posts: 2,260
1/9/14 1:10 P

I don't want to "lose my ability to move" ..... so I "use it".... emoticon

MELINACCORD SparkPoints: (2,467)
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1/9/14 12:26 P

When I don't want to I tell myself I have to do SOMETHING for 5 minutes. A video, a walk, whatever. If I still can't handle it or I'm still in a miserable I can't do this mood after 5 minutes I stop. But MOST of the time I find myself being ok with continuing on.

Also, why not take a dance class? I take dance at 235lbs and there are a TON of older ladies and younger together. There are a lot of non performance based classes and it absolutely counts as exercise. I've taken tap and jazz so far and plan to continue on.

You don't HAVE to like the gym. But you HAVE to do move somehow.

Also don't expect too much from yourself all at once. My mother has a habit of jumping in with 12 feet. 2 hours a day or an hour a day 6 days a week kind of expectations. That's too much to expect from a sedentary body and a negative mind. Build momentum by going for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes a couple of days a week. Then add 5 minutes every 2 weeks until you're at a place you're happy with.

You CAN do it!!!

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1/9/14 12:09 P

I also love lots of sedentary activities--reading, watching TV, messing around on the computer, crocheting, etc. And I hate least exercise for the sake of exercise. I think the key is finding something you enjoy, and then it becomes just another hobby you love, rather than the Dreaded Exercise. I'm not a gym-going kinda girl, but I love running. And I love strength training now, because it enhances my running (and I like being *strong*).

Maybe there are DVDs you could do at home that you'd enjoy more than going to the gym? Or perhaps something like yoga or pilates would be a good starting point? Or there might be a class or two at the gym that would appeal to you. (I used to hate the idea of the "socialness" of a class--I'm not really a people person--but now I've met some nifty people through taking classes and I actually enjoy them.)

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,898)
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1/9/14 11:50 A

You can still watch TV, talk on the phone, and read while exercising! Sometimes from your couch! You can do all those from a treadmill or stationary bike. You can watch TV and jump up do stretches or jumping jacks or march in place during the commercials. There are seated exercise videos you can do from your couch. Set up the iPad with the SP videos while you watch TV on the main screen. It can be done. I've never belonged to a gym. I do much of my exercise at home.

CKTALL Posts: 388
1/9/14 11:38 A

You havr already started you called the demon out

Find things that you like to do that causes you to move and do it

You liked ballet why not try again

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,785
1/9/14 9:28 A

Congrats on joining a gym. My first gym experience was at an all female facility, and it was great. Once you get a routine, exercise starts to become easy part of healthy living. Your body begins to want it, and even on rest days, I usually end up either being on the go from place to place all day long or end up doing yoga or light dancing or a walk because I need to move.

Consider a personal training session or two if you can swing it. Knowing how to use the equipment and what is there generally has relieved a lot of my awkwardness. And you will know what you can do with the body that you have to make it more the body that you want.

Exercise has made it so that I'm stronger and have more stamina to help my aging parents, and I can outlast most of my friends, even those that are a few years younger than me. When we are on a trip or doing an activity, I can always keep going much longer than they can.

BUNNYLAMB SparkPoints: (52,562)
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1/9/14 9:00 A

Ooh I feel you. On top of all the negative things I think and feel about myself when I'm exercising I also hate the hassle of it all... so many showers, extra stuff to carry around, planning, ugh!

Things got a little easier for me when I started going to a women's gym (it was better!) and when I was swimming, as AZULVIOLETA6 suggested. Although I found it a bit uncomfortable to be in my suit between the changeroom and the pool, once you're underwater all your awkwardness and jiggling (and sweating!) is hidden! It's also easier on the joints, which is a bonus.

Good luck out there and thanks for setting a good example by trying again :)

1/9/14 8:48 A

"I can't enjoy how I look while I'm exercising. I don't feel a "glow" of health. I feel out of breath, and off-balance, and FAT. I hurt. "

I totally understand that! Until two years ago, my favorite hobbies were reading, cooking, and napping. Now they're just reading and cooking. Just remember, that feeling of being awkward and uncomfortable and weak GOES AWAY as you get stronger. You also start to sort of notice that hey, my legs look pretty good, and the more I exercise the better I feel. It does take self-discipline on the front end, but remember that miserable feeling passes pretty quickly.

I say this as someone who thought of herself as "naturally", constitutionally sedentary for the first 50 years of her life, like it couldn't change. In fact, it changes pretty easily.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/8/14 10:07 P

The less you exercise, the older you will look and feel. I am nearly 40, but I can easily keep up with people half my age...because I MOVE just about every day.

I think that you just have to force yourself to go until it becomes a habit. It generally takes about 3 weeks to form a new habit.

If your joints hurt, swimming is a good place to start. It's also a good indoor/winter activity.

Good luck! You CAN do this.

MLEHTO Posts: 734
1/8/14 8:47 P

I found that when I belonged to a women's only gym there was a little less of the "I'm here to tone my thighs and get a man" and more of the "I'm here so I can move in the morning" crowd. I am not as old as you but I do find that exercise helps me to move better in my daily life. There were also more mature women there than at any of the coed gyms I have belonged to.

When I have strength trained in earnest in the past, it has been for a specific functional goal such as being able to carry a back pack loaded with 45 pounds of gear and food in and out of the Grand Canyon. I have no interest in strength training to find the gap between my thighs (which has never been there anyway).

Good luck with your new membership!

2013SWEETJANE SparkPoints: (8,879)
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1/8/14 8:42 P sound like exactly the sort of person who has her priorities in order. I wish there was a group like yours at MY church! (Maybe I'll have to start one). I did just go and join a DIFFERENT gym from the one I kept joining (and quitting) because it was the one closest to my house. The new gym has a vibe I liked right away...and it's a women-only gym, so I can relax and not worry about what some random guy thinks about how I look. I am feeling so much more optimistic...a million thanks!


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1/8/14 7:11 P

You're welcome! I just pretended like i was talking to myself. Sometime getting old is no fun!

I joined a mature women's group at my church. When we meet, we share our "up" and "down". I remember the first meeting I attended because every women mentioned something about aches, pains or illness when they were sharing their "down". No one was complaining - just sharing. It's a reality of aging. I wake up with chronic pain every day. Some days it gets to me some days I do okay.

Getting out and riding my bike is the only way I know to keep that pain at bay.

So join me. Get up! Get out! You will feel better!!!!!!!!!! But it might take some time.

Don't Give Up

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
1/8/14 7:03 P

I'm not 62 (someday, I hope!), but what changed for me in my commitment to the gym (I also was a serial quitter) was changing my mindset as to WHY I was exercising. I'm not as graceful as many there, not as stylish, whatever, but I'm there because I want to be healthy. It's something I have to do for life to keep me as healthy as I think I should be.

Good luck. I was moved by your post. Thank you so much for sharing.

JMOUSE99 SparkPoints: (194,548)
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1/8/14 6:50 P

Good for you in making a commitment to get to the gym! There are other ways to get exercise though at home. If you are a serial gym quitter maybe it just isn't for you.

I like to exercise in the morning before work. I start work so early there is no gym I can use and still get to work by 7:00. I get up at 4:00 and work out at home with dumbbells. I also run outside (where I live it rarely snows and doesn't get that cold, so I can exercise outside most of the year). I'm not suggesting you need to get up at 4:00, but you can still work out indoors at home.

In the past I had success when I used a stationary bike while watching TV. I can't afford one right now, but I would love to get an elliptical or a bike to use at home. The TV really takes your mind off how hard you are working.


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1/8/14 6:13 P

KJeanne...thanks for the reality check. You gave me some truths to ponder as well as some encouragement! I will not expect to become 25 again, and I will not be impatient with myself because everything takes longer than I think it should! You've been a big help, I appreciate you taking the time.

2013SWEETJANE SparkPoints: (8,879)
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1/8/14 6:09 P

Charlotte...Thanks so much for your response to my "exercise demon" post. You gave me some good ideas and some much needed encouragement. I will be thinking of you, and imagining you grabbing my hand and saying, "Come on, let's go!" whenever I don't feel like it! emoticon

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1/8/14 6:08 P

Thanks, to all who posted replies! I appreciate your encouragement/kicks in the butt. I had an ah-ha moment there...I can't think about going BACK to what I had in my youth. But I CAN use that memory as a springboard to finding a way to enjoy moving/exercise again, how it looks for me NOW, with THIS body, at THIS age. Thanks for pointing that out! I also like the plan to take a "before" picture now, and then take another in a month or I can have visible proof of the changes. It can be so hard to see that there ARE changes, when I seem to take forever to get anywhere. And yes, don't overdo it, don't push it, all good reminders. Each of you gave me something that I needed to hear. Thanks for your support, Sparkers! emoticon

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1/8/14 5:16 P

I wish I could take you by the hand and lead you to the gym with me. Whether or not I log onto SP, I go 5-6 days a week. All of my schedules and appointments revolve around the gym. When I miss a day, I'm ticked. If I can't go in the morning, I go in the evening.

Do it the same time every day. I get out in the morning right after breakfast before life can interfere.

Call on the services of the gym trainer. Find out how to do the exercises properly. Personally, I hate the machines, so everything I do at the gym is with free weights or in classes. I had to get instructions so I wouldn't hurt myself.

If there are classes, try some. Take the classes customized for older adults (I'm old too), so Low Impact Aerobics, Zumba Gold, Senior Yoga or Senior Water. Steer clear of Body Attack. Walking is still good. Does your gym have a track? The advantage of classes is that they target all your large muscle groups, not just your legs.

Don't overdo it. If you hurt too much the next day, you won't go. Start slowly.

Buy some cute outfits. Put on your make-up.

As you build your routine, you'll discover you love meeting up with your new friends. Treat it as your social hour.

Take a before and after picture. In one month your complexion will be rosier and people will start commenting on how much better you look. Your picture will be your proof.

Good luck! I hope this becomes as satisfying for you as reading!


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1/8/14 5:08 P

First - thanks for sharing
Second - I want to help you set some realistic expectations. I'm 60 and have stayed active most of my life. You are not going to ever at 62 be able to move like you did in your youth. You can however improve from where you are now. It's going to take longer to get into shape. It's going to take longer to warm up. It's going to take longer to see changes in your body 'cause we're old and there's nothing wrong with that!
Third - look for motivation to exercise like this article:

Forth - Forget the past. It's gone. It's done. What are you going to do today??? How about getting in your car and driving to the mall and walking???

Let me share with you what I am doing to stay active:

hope this gets you up and out.

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1/8/14 4:33 P

Congratulations on picking yourself up and joining the gym again, and I hope you find some encouragement in your new "sisterhood"! I think many of us know how strong the urge is to quit (I enjoy reading and knitting and tv quite a bit!), and it's important to remember that the exercise allows us to do other things we want to do and keeps us moving.

Pop in here anytime you need support or encouragement to get out there and exercise - we want you to succeed!

1/8/14 4:21 P

Hugs and encouraging kick to get into the gym. I find that having a class to go to at the gym is one of the best things to do in winter. I make friends so I want to see them, plus I don't have to think about it, just go and follow instructions.

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1/8/14 4:17 P

Exercise. My bug-a-boo. The thing that makes me cringe with shame for all the times I've failed. My least favorite thing to think about, never mind to actually engage in it. I was sitting here realizing (for the hundredth time) that: It's winter. There is no place to walk, outside. I don't do anything else for exercise. I should do something else, even kind of want to, but I feel like a fool. Why? Because I am a serial gym-quitter. I join, I pay, I stop going. I'm not even sure why. I could offer you a lot of excuses. I don't like exercise! That's at the crux of it. I like sitting and reading books. I like talking on the phone. I like watching TV from the comfort of my recliner. Get up, go out and work these aging muscles? Feel the stiffness and awkwardness and lack of flexibililty? Where's the fun in THAT? I can't enjoy how I look while I'm exercising. I don't feel a "glow" of health. I feel out of breath, and off-balance, and FAT. I hurt. I fail. The litany of woes goes on and on and on. But you know what? I do know that once I get PAST all that...once I get this sedentary and old (I'm 62) body moving...every now and then, I feel a lightening of the spirit. I recall being younger (much!) and having a body that was slender and lithe and did whatever I asked of it, gracefully. I remember ballet class! In my body's memory somewhere is the feeling of strong muscles, limber tendons, a body that I could enjoy. That's the body I want back. I WANT it! So. Despite the fact I've failed (oh boy, have I failed) over and over again to stick with it; despite the fact that it isn't any easier with each passing year; despite the fact I will likely have days where I "fall off the wagon" and don't stick with my program, I signed up to join a gym. Again. This time, I chose one that serves only women. Less need to feel self-conscious, without men there to see me. And that "sisterhood" feeling that I remember from my (largely female) ballet classes. Wish me luck! Because failure is not an option. I want to LIVE! I want to be able to MOVE and BREATHE and RUN and LAUGH with my grandchildren. And I am going to learn to tame the Demon....Exercise!

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