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Thanks so much for answering me. I have 3 bulging discs found in MRI and Stenosis which I was told that Bone is tightning on my nerve which he called a Sciatica. Thanks for the name of how to look it up. Thanks again

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Stretching, yoga, pilates/barre mat work (leg lifts, extensions, etc to strengthen the muscles along the back of the leg, posterior chain/core) has helped me tremendously. Listen to your body, do not over stretch, see a doctor and make sure it's not a true pinched nerve or disc issue (I had xrays/MRI done that showed nothing in the back, it was a muscular issue). I also saw a chiro who just stole my money didn't help a bit, so I googled physiotherapy techniques for sciatica/piriformis issues and voila, learned all the yoga/stretching from DVDs and youtube videos instead of paying someone. As well I try to get lots of sleep, reduce stress as much as possible and wear good shoes to minimize the impact of walking/running on the lower back muscles. Lift with your legs, not with your back until your core/lower back gets stronger. Really for me it was muscle imbalances/tightness in the hips/PSOAS. 2 years of hell to finally find my fix and I ran/lifted through most of it because I'm an exercise junkie, was hard for me slow down and take time off but, during the time off from intense exercise/cardio, I did barre/pilates, I swear by it! I wish you good luck!

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Would like to hear from anyone that has Sciatic nerve problems in back and legs. emoticon Cannot do enough walking. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance.

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