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Posts: 11,440
1/3/13 10:56 A

It isn't always easy - just necessary!!! Good for you for doing it anyway!!

SparkPoints: (81,655)
Fitness Minutes: (16,789)
Posts: 7,510
1/3/13 9:13 A

It was hard for me too. All I had to do was walk the dog but it was dark and very cold. But I'm really proud of myself for getting out there and doing it anyway

SparkPoints: (88,921)
Fitness Minutes: (60,432)
Posts: 16,113
1/3/13 9:02 A

Keep going and you will be ok

SparkPoints: (208,358)
Fitness Minutes: (86,946)
Posts: 11,433
1/3/13 8:43 A

But you did it, great!

SparkPoints: (146,262)
Fitness Minutes: (148,983)
Posts: 9,669
1/3/13 7:52 A

Do find a variety of activities you enjoy but beware, even then there are days it can be TOUGH!

SparkPoints: (207,350)
Fitness Minutes: (187,960)
Posts: 6,554
1/3/13 3:44 A

In the end, it's all worth it!!!!

Posts: 2,017
1/3/13 3:24 A

Don't give up, I found my first workout of the new year really tough. I know it will get easier though so that is keeping me going. emoticon

SparkPoints: (131,770)
Fitness Minutes: (85,626)
Posts: 6,684
1/3/13 1:10 A

Today was my 2nd day ever to leave my tennis shoes at home instead of with me for my gym workout. I'm thinking my head was in the "clouds"...

SparkPoints: (4,217)
Fitness Minutes: (3,660)
Posts: 25
1/3/13 12:31 A

Yeah just keep it up you can do it :)

Posts: 757
1/3/13 12:23 A

I agree with FITNESSFOODIE. Find something you really enjoy doing. It should make it easier. Just keep your eye on the prize too. I made myself workout tonight (I really didn't want to!) and was glad I did afterwards. I know that I won't reach my goal unless I stay motivated and I know it's not going to be easy.

emoticon emoticon

Posts: 3,340
1/2/13 10:16 P

Maybe you can find something you enjoy or workout with a friend. emoticon

I wear a pedometer and try to get 10,000 steps per day. 60 minutes of walking, either in short segments or all at once, gets me half way there. The other half I just try to be more active all day long and I can make it to 10K most of the time.

Good luck!

Posts: 7,160
1/2/13 10:12 P

I did really well, did an hour of Gilad after waking up, then rode my stationery bike for 30 min. I walked 30 min after work at a very brisk pace.

Posts: 6,012
1/2/13 10:07 P

and why.......?

Posts: 62
1/2/13 9:02 P

Exercising today was hard.

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