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TINIERTINA Posts: 5,096
9/1/14 9:53 A

Exercise is fun, after a while. But for me, only if I tell myself, I will be keeping it up for just 10 minutes. More than 9 times out of 10, I don't quit at t = 10. I used to spread this advice far and wide, including online to some who actually teach exercise/fitness for a living, and need to be reminded of this. I don't even teach, though I'd been tempted to a teacher training once. But I've had to invent my own routines over the years, all the time; so maybe that's it.

But, more and more, I have to tell myself: just do this for 10 minutes. "Just 10 minutes, and then I'm off the hook."

It's started to affect cardio dance routines wherein I don't even have to make it up as I go along, i.e. even following some video. And I'm not a video "collector" to any degree, nor do I stream anything; so it isn't actually repetition boredom. Improvisation has a long history with me. Gym cardio machines are too boring to me, wherein they hadn't used to be.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (275,096)
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9/1/14 9:07 A


KAYLEEN06 SparkPoints: (2,474)
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8/31/14 11:59 P

I think exercising can be fun with a WII or having someone exercise with you.

SHAMROCKY2K Posts: 6,222
8/31/14 11:53 A

Multitasking exercise. Like up and down stairs with laundry. Outside on faster walks with the dog.

JERICHO1991 SparkPoints: (322,314)
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8/31/14 9:33 A

Bike riding, elliptical jogger, walking/climbing stairs, and strength training are my favorites.

KRISZTA11 SparkPoints: (113,599)
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8/31/14 5:14 A

I love running, yoga, walking and swimming.
They make me relaxed and happy.

KICKINGIT@56 Posts: 3,166
8/29/14 11:52 A

It has to be fun or we won't keep it up. Fun equals laughter which reduces stress. That's why kids don't have heart attacks only stressed out sour faced grownups do.

PROPMAN1 Posts: 4,486
8/29/14 11:01 A

Exercise is the most 'fun' work i usually get to do during the work day. Wish i had more 'fun' time. Think that anything can be fun if you enjoy what you're doing.

TPHILLIPS69 Posts: 139
8/28/14 7:37 P

I love to exercise. I love working out and wish I had more time. I should have been a celebrity with nothing to do all day but sing songs and dance and excercise.

M2HEALTH SparkPoints: (5,063)
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8/28/14 2:42 A

exercise can be a LOT of fun! Last Saturday, I had a little extra time, so I headed to the gym. Did a mini-tri (run, bike, swim)... and had a blast. That was after my regular Saturday morning workout.

I also workout with a fitness group I found on

We challenge each other and have fitness trainers who are working to improve our skills.

BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,207
8/27/14 1:53 P

its not what i call fun but i get it done

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8/27/14 1:14 P


8/27/14 1:04 P

I will reiterate something I stress to my clients, exercise is for health and fitness and requires,concentration, commitment and dedication. When we are fit then active recreation, cycling, kayaking, hiking, backpacking or any form of organized or disorganize sport becomes fun since we can do it with less and effort and for a longer duration.

In my opinion "working" at fitness makes my active recreation that much more fun.

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KENANDLER SparkPoints: (11,173)
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8/27/14 10:43 A

I love going for walks. I always take my daughter in the stroller. My youngest son now 11 goes with me sometimes. We like to through things in the creek. We love to play WII sports or other WII games together. You have to make it fun.

VUKELK Posts: 623
8/27/14 7:59 A

I've been focusing on a few things at a time and am using visual boards and quotes to keep me headed in the right direction.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,923)
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8/27/14 6:23 A

GOTHIC Wow and I thought my parents were overprotective for not letting me go to sleepovers! I'm a child of the 80s and 90s (I turned 7 in 90) and one of my mother's most common requests was that I go play outside. I was to stay within shouting distance unless I got permission to go somewhere (where my parents could call!) I hated it sometimes as a kid because I've never liked heat and even if it was hot mom insisted I go outside. But looking back one of the things I remember most about those days are the games I would play outside.

GLADGAD Posts: 5,690
8/27/14 5:46 A

Remember kickball? I know there are adult leagues out there and I have seen them locally. It looks like a lot of fun and I would join one, except I have too many other exercise activities such as running, biking, swimming and I play underwater hockey.

8/27/14 2:40 A

I agree completely that exercise should be fun "play," but I'm just now learning to have fun exercising (I love swimming, and jumping on my mini trampoline).

I grew up in the 90's and my parents didn't want me going outside to play because they thought I'd get run over or abducted ^_^;; Unfortunately, they could have been right, even though we lived in a relatively "safe" neighborhood. Personally, I think this is probably one of the things that really contributes to kids not going out to play now, more than homework or over-scheduling. Most people understand now how dangerous it is for kids to go unsupervised, so they don't send their kids out outside to play by themselves anymore. They'd rather they play inside, or have a supervised after school activity to go to.

Actually, I say that I'm just now learning to love exercise, but when I was in high school and was on JV drill team and played tennis, that was fun. I've also always loved swimming when I had the opportunity--I might have been in much better shape as a kid if I'd just had access to a pool. I think the reason we didn't have one when I was a kid was my parents thought that I'd drown--alright, they might have been just a little overprotective!

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,923)
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Posts: 2,042
8/26/14 2:29 P

It is also addictive. It's hot as #$&& outside and I hate heat but I want to be out there.

GETSERIOUSTJ421 SparkPoints: (4,553)
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Posts: 9
8/26/14 4:41 A

I discovered that exercise can be fun. Since June, I have been working out with a group doing Zumba at my local park. It has been exactly what I needed.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,923)
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Posts: 2,042
8/25/14 9:30 A

I agree charityyak! I've been purposefully running for the first time since my late teens and the way my legs stretch just feels so amazing.

GLOBEE77 Posts: 38
8/25/14 9:00 A

I really enjoy my cardio classes with new friends at the Y. They help make it fun.

CHARITYAK SparkPoints: (21,976)
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Posts: 771
8/24/14 9:08 P

All of life is fun! I would exercise hard even if I was at goal weight. Just the sheer joy of having a body move the way it was designed to...magical!

DRAGONFLY1771 Posts: 1
8/24/14 7:56 P

I never imagined I would be saying this but, yes! Workouts can be fun. I think the trick is finding the right fit for you. For years classes, groups, treadmills and cardio step had my mind wondering and my confidence plummeting. On a dare I took a Krav Maga class (Israeli street fighting) You have no idea how shocked I was to LOVE it. 42 and overweight and taking a fighting class? Crazy, but it worked for me. Don't let things stop you, keep trying different things until you find the one that has you excited to sweat!

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (194,509)
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8/24/14 1:57 P

Being an active kid WAS fun! No doubt about it...

I find my daily workouts fun too though! Even though they're much more structured & regimented, and I do the same things every's still fun!

Feeling good, being physically strong & fit and super-healthy, and having the added bonus of looking FANTASTIC--what's not to love about that?!?

Even on days when I'm tired & start out the end of my workout I feel victorious! And nothing is more FUN than that. :)

2BDYNAMIC SparkPoints: (320,871)
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Posts: 36,836
8/24/14 12:33 P

Yes it can--at least a good one ....... maybe just habit. emoticon

MIAMUSE Posts: 401
8/24/14 10:55 A

It can become addictive.

2BDYNAMIC SparkPoints: (320,871)
Fitness Minutes: (96,074)
Posts: 36,836
8/23/14 1:34 P

Besides 'prevention' ...... What I spend on exercise is LESS time I will ever spend in the Doctor's office .......... or worse) ......... Also Coach Nicole stated this week to do a reward system for yourself ................ I put into a private stash a certain amt. for cardio and a boost for ST .............. Sometimes when lagging in energy, this can be an incentive. (I have done this before and saved $500) .......... Sound good?

GERRYH2 Posts: 548
8/22/14 3:21 P

I make my exercise fun for me. I start off each day of exercise in the right frame of mind. If seems like it's going to be a chore, then it's a short workout that day, and something "simple". I tend to zone out to anything going on around me when I exercise as I am focused on what I am doing. However, when using the elliptical, I like to get a machine by the window so I can look outside on occasion to see what's going on. We can all find ways to make it fun, if we want to.

MOONGLOWSNANA SparkPoints: (222,961)
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8/20/14 12:47 P

Online Now  • ))
It can be fun if the company you keep nearby are engaging to be around.

MAKEWEE SparkPoints: (11,086)
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8/20/14 10:16 A

Although I remember having homework in kindergarten, I also remember lots of fun and outdoor play too. It seems to me that the government believes children as young as 6 or 7 are already in college. Parents tell me their kids have 3-4 hours of homework a night and books so heavy they can't be carried in a back pack. I think the school system needs to be revamped at least in the primary grades and teachers should be given back control of their classrooms. Our children are not 34 year old office workers. Let them have their childhood.

8/16/14 1:31 P

For those who think their children are outside enough engaged in play are you purchasing for and allowing them to fill their time with electronic gadgets? Do you get outside with them and engage them in play type activities? Despite the demands of his schedule as an Army officer my father made time to spend outside with my brother and I. In addition we had free rein to ride out bicycles all over and explore out world he did not fill our days with organized sports and adult driven activities. As parents we are responsible for what our children do and we control, od should, what they do. Forced out of doors and left to their own devices children will create a level of activity that we as adults could most likely not keep up with, their world is an interval workout.

Exercise for health and fitness, engage in active recreation for fun.

MARYJOANNA Posts: 5,884
8/16/14 5:44 A

As far a exercise goes; the end justifies the means.

TCANNO SparkPoints: (343,533)
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Posts: 67,561
8/16/14 4:57 A

I must be getting old because I remember all that you said.

Going out all day and not home until dark (just before) if it was raining round to a friends house or them round to your.
Oh what a great time.

PUNKGIRL5003 Posts: 254
8/16/14 12:36 A

I wish i had a teacher like you, i did have homework but not as much as the children do now. I think America in general expects a whole lot more out of kids then they did when i was going to school the 80s 90s and early 00s

Im guessing its the technology they are comming out with and wanting kids to keep up with the times and learn quicker.

I spent time with my friends and outside, and enjoyed it. I wish more children could enjoy the outdoors and use their imagination to think of fun things to do or play. But nowadays its the video game inventors and crazy movies that make up the childs imagination, while they just sit around staring at the television.

I think ill try a day of silly exercise that i find on YouTube

TB2BEFIT SparkPoints: (22,508)
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Posts: 631
8/15/14 10:28 P

I have a new mountain bike and I am having a ton of fun this summer. Riding lots of trails and challenging myself to go harder each time. Exercise is way easier when you are having fun! I still do weights and hill repeats for cardio. but riding my bike is at the top of my list.

RTGRAFF SparkPoints: (7,305)
Fitness Minutes: (5,414)
Posts: 95
8/15/14 1:27 A

If you look at exercise as work, then it'll be work. I like to incorporate various forms of exercise into my daily housework routine, so I end up exercising sometimes without thinking about it. I'll know I worked out, usually the next day, when I have sore muscles, which to me is a good thing. Didn't realize that beaver pond fishing for trout is exercise. Hubby and I will fish for several hours, standing, and apparently it burns quit a bit in calories.

MOTHERBOARDER SparkPoints: (275,096)
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Posts: 13,362
8/14/14 9:09 A


TACDGB Posts: 6,136
8/12/14 12:37 A

I think workouts can be fun.......I love my weight lifting the music and it's so fun and a great workout

LILYMONSTAR SparkPoints: (11,989)
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Posts: 68
8/11/14 11:38 P

Exercise can be fun when you have good music, makes time go by fast.

MABLEMONSTER SparkPoints: (2,859)
Fitness Minutes: (38)
Posts: 223
8/11/14 7:01 P

I think exercise can be alot of fun like ridding bikes,takeing walks too can be fun

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,746
8/11/14 2:11 P

I am one from the scheduled kids generation so I always had homework and organized sports but I do remember having more time to play outside than my daughter currently has.

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FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,923)
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Posts: 2,042
8/11/14 12:22 P

It's so different now. I watch my young nieces and they get more outside time with me in the city (I live in a very green city....lots of parks!) than they do at home in a much more rural area. At home they play video games a lot and watch TV, I INSIST that we go outside if the weather is at all nice. My mom used to do that to me and I think I turned out well!!! I play WITH them too rather than just watching all the time. The last time I had them we played hopscotch and cops and robbers :D Fun and fitness for all for sure.

8/11/14 12:12 P

With the helicopter parents and the ones who have aspirations for the children to achieve things they never did in sports, dance drama or whatever when do the children have an opportunity to have fun and be creative? With their electronic doodads in hand, playing thumbalina on their cell phones tweeting every non event in their lives how many adults today know how to have fun? Having fun is about being spontaneous, unstructured and creative in our use of time.

To have fun use the maxims, if it feels good do it, and life is short eat dessert first.

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
8/11/14 11:53 A

Though I completely agree, I don't always have the time for those activities, but I do take my kid for walks to the park, to play, which is great for both of us to get fitness in. I do this, but I also let her see me do my exercise videos that aren't necessarily as "fun" because fitness is also something I want her to take seriously and see that being active is a good thing. My mom hid her working out when she did it. She was ashamed (I think) that she had to. I wish I would have seen her take it seriously, maybe I would have too. I'm not blaming her, just wish I would have come to the realization that being active and even exercising though it can be lots and lots of fun, can also be work, but either way is very important.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (28,923)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,042
8/11/14 11:05 A

I remember that sort thing! And yes you can still have fun as an adult. When I was a member at a local fitness center (which is a bit too expensive when not a student or staff member (both of which I was) at the affiliated college) I took a water aerobics class that just made me and several other people break down in giggles because we ran around in circles and were splashing everywhere.

NENATO2 SparkPoints: (185,008)
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Posts: 7,377
8/11/14 9:37 A

I don't remember having much homework in elementary school. The only homework I remember was when I was dying over long division in the 3rd grade. My granny tried to help me, too. Once it clicked I was fine.

We were outside all the time. Explored every creek, valley, and forest around. We did not have much air conditioning and we also mowed the lawn. It was easy staying in shape then.

MLAN613 Posts: 18,577
8/9/14 9:54 A

You sound like a great teacher and I never remember having homework in elementary school. Not sure why so many these days do. And we wonder why we have a fat epidemic in America.

Yes, my family spent a lot of time being active. We had the good fortune of having a swimming pool and tennis court while growing up. We also had bikes and rode all over the place. It was fun

8/8/14 2:11 P

Love this and my kids would have loved having you as a teacher :)

FIT4MEIN2013 SparkPoints: (144,741)
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Posts: 4,985
8/8/14 1:41 P

Remember when we were kids? Unlike today's children, we were out playing all summer long, and after school the rest of the year. I want you to focus on the playing. Kids now have every minute planned out with organized sports and other activities. Nightly homework starts as early as 1st grade, which takes away time spent playing outside and family bonding time.

When I was teaching, I refused to assign homework. My opinion was that, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to teach. I gave my class time to do assignments in class and ask questions while working on the assignments. Chances are, if one student has a question, others do. It helped them all. Occasionally, a student wouldn't get his/her schoolwork done for one reason or another and would take work home, but it was rare. I wanted after school time to be family and play time.

When I was a kid, my dad would take me on walks and hikes in the woods. We would go skeet shooting. Summer days were filled with family bike rides of 5-10 miles with a picnic as a highlight of the ride. We would go to the beach and go swimming. My sister and i would play kickball using trees for bases. We would play all kinds of games with rules being made up by consensus. There were no referees, no adults telling us that we were doing it wrong. We just had fun.

Do you remember those days? Wouldn't it be easier to get movement in if it was fun again? This is what Molly and I do a couple of days/week. We play AT racquetball. Notice I didn't say, "Play racquetball". We don't keep score. We knock the ball around, act silly and try to see how long we can keep the ball in motion. I am sure that we could win 'America's Funniest Videos' if anybody filmed us, but the fact is, we have FUN! We look forward to our gym time.

Even when we are in the cardio room, we spend it chatting and catching up. We often people watch and text each other the observations that we make. Again, we have fun!

I challenge you today, to do something fun. Skip down the road. Play catch with your grandkids (or dog). Put on a kids exercise video and wiggle your way into shape. Giggle, play and have fun. I guarantee you will look forward to your next "workout"!

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