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3/29/12 7:53 P

I do the jillian michaels dvd's i have done the 30 day shred which my kids liked to work out with mommy. With my newest dvd, six week six pack i either get up early or workout at night after hey are asleep that maybe what to do if your husband works night its 35 minutes of you time and for about 10 bucks its worth a try everyone is different. I like her dvds because they get harder as you exercise more each level is more intense and each level has advanced or beginner work outs.

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3/29/12 1:55 P

I agree. Playing with the grandkids is good for me, good for the kids, and gives the parents a break,
We need to set a good example for children, letting them know just how important exercise is!

GOLFLADY11 SparkPoints: (45,954)
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3/28/12 9:33 P

My grandkids are coming to town for the weekend and I'm thinking we will go walking and have an adventure each day. Maybe we will take a picnic to the park - it's a couple miles away. Also since it's spring the yard needs picking up and pots need digging over so planning to make it an active weekend.

PGREENE3 Posts: 302
3/28/12 5:18 P

Our kids walk, push a scooter or ride their bikes where we walk. They also help in the garden. They will run one vegetable inside just to get another opportunity. We don't grow vegetables, "we grow salad" according to them. They also dig the worms for our weekly fishing trip (across the street).

ASHAIXIM Posts: 2,616
3/28/12 3:32 P

Go to your "home town Spark team" (start one if there isn't one on here yet - check our the leader lists for folks near you) and see if you can start a group where you all go to the park or local playground together and one watches the kids while the rest run/walk and/or bbsit while the others have workout time!

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3/28/12 2:50 P

SMSWALLOW, thanks for starting this topic. Many of us "grandmas" also love to exercise with our grandkids and there are great opportunities these days with WII and other computerized games as well as making up our own. And it's tru that children lean by example so what better way to teach them the importance of fitness.
There's an ancient Chinese QiQong exercise that's used for weight loss that I do with mine and they love it! It's called "Shaking the tree" (they love that name too) You simply stand with feet about hip distance apart and start bouncing up and down from the knees while shaking your hands and arms as well. It looks sort of like jumping rope but your feet never leave the ground. It's loads of fun - we all end up laughing a lot too. Anyway, if you can get them to join you for at least five minutes, it's a great tool for weight loss. Everyone will be out of breath when you're done.
Let me know if your kids (grandkids) like it!

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3/28/12 2:01 P

Over the last couple of weeks, I started doing things like Zumba and DDR. Today for the first time, my daughter who is 4 started trying to do it with me! She was all smiles and laughter and having lots of fun! It's always a good idea to include the kids so they know how important exercise is.

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3/27/12 10:16 P

Love the "Child as Resistance Exercise" idea, Mine (also 5) loves to watch me Zumba on the Wii and I take him to Zumbatomics (zumba for kids) where I try to make it as intense as possible for me. Its not like true Zumba but better than nothing!

KTXNZ1 Posts: 15
3/27/12 9:23 P

I have a 5 year old - some days I do set him up to do some coloring or other project while I do a work out in front of the computer, when the weather has been nice enough we go to the playground - we have a great one near home that has a foot path loop around the play equipment,so I run for 20 minutes, then play with him for another 20, tag, hide and seek, climbing - what ever he is in the mood for. During the summer he usually rides his bike - he isn't as fast as I would like to run BUT a slower run is better than no run - and we both have fun together.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (190,293)
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3/27/12 12:23 P

I don't exercise WITH my kids--they just know that Mom exercises every morning on her treadmill & exercise bike. Period.

When they were little-little they sat in an exersaucer & watched me. When they got older I made sure they played in the room while I exercised--but always knew to STAY AWAY FROM THE TREADMILL! Dangerous moving parts!

Now they do their thing while I do mine....and they know exercise NEEDS to be part of a healthy day.

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3/27/12 10:50 A

Everyone here has a computer - YouTube has hundreds of free workout videos. Coach Nicole's videos are typically 10 minutes or less. Most of the videos on YouTube are broken up into small segments as well. There is a Be Fit program that you can subscribe to there.

If you have an infant, this should be a no brainer. Just wait until naptime. If you have toddlers, find something to occupy them for 15-20 minutes. I know it goes against "doctor's orders" but I put our three year old in front of a video with a small snack and get to work. She is happy and I am undisturbed for a quick workout.

I like the baby weight lifting idea too. I'll pick mine up and bench press them. It's good interaction for them and you actually get a little arm workout too!

The absolute very least we can do is just play hide and seek or duck duck goose or another interactive game. Play is healthy for everyone and our kids will be sooo happy to get that attention!

3/27/12 1:21 A

I have three boys ages 1, 3, and 5. I like to go to the YMCA (as a stay at home mom, this is the only way I get a shower by myself), but I can't always make it (someone is sick or napping, etc).

My boys have a lot of energy and I try to use it to my advantage. We like to have "dance parties." I turn on fun music and see if I can keep moving for 30 minutes or more. Sometimes it looks like aerobics, and sometimes its just being silly - I'm sure it is always amusing to the neighbors who can see us through the front window.

Other times I use my kids as weights. I do dead lifts holding 20 lbs of toddler, bench press a 40 lb preschooler, and do lunges with 30 lbs of monkey on my back. I'm pretty sure 10 knee push-ups with a 30 lb wiggler on your back are equal to about 100 regular ones. They also like to take rides on my legs when I'm laying on my back with my knees bent up in the air. We do tricks and laugh and wrestle. It doesn't always follow a set routine, but it keeps my heart rate up and we have lots of fun.

Before I had baby number 3 I did a lot of trail walking with the boys in a double jogging stroller. I was amazed at how many calories I burned pushing that thing up and down hills. I bundled the kids up and went out rain or shine with a group of friends I met through a local community center walking group.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun and good luck. Watching you be active will be a great blessing to your daughters.

3/26/12 2:59 P

I am in the same boat! I have a daughter who is almost 4, and my son will be 2. I work full time, and cannot afford to send either of them to daycare or pay for a sitter everytime I need to work out. I have been taking them to the park a lot, since it has been nice out, and I like to walk laps around the playground while they play. I can see what they are and keep an eye on them, and I get to work out as well. Also, you can take "nature walks". We go hiking (my son usually rides in the stroller, and I plan ahead. I make a list of things for her to look for on our walk. Acorns, chipmunks, things like that. It's like we are on an adventure, and we all get excercise.

WHOWANTS2NO Posts: 178
3/26/12 1:40 P

I am Grandma that babysits 3 yr old grandson. He is the BEST exercise buddy because he loves the park. He runs around while I walk chasing him. I throw and catch balls with him. We swing together. We do the paddle boats. Throw basketballs at the hoop, miss, and have to chase them. Bowling. They charge less for the little guys and I'm good with the bumpers up. Miniature golf. So many possibilities.

NAYHANNIC SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/12 1:38 P

I hear you loud and clear. I have 2 little ones and a pre-teen (who is a natural athletic with very little body fat...ERRRRRR lol).

I have found that my kids love the Wii so I went out and bought the Just Dance disks and Wii fit and I make a "game" out of it. I bet them that they can not beat me in score, so I go first...then the youngest...then my monkey in the middle. They think it is a blast and they do not realize they are sweating and exercising for over 1 hr! We even have "dance offs" when we do it all at the same time LOL.

I also get them to help out around the house with chores both inside and out. (I give them time limits say 1/2 hr helping in the garden). Another thing I do outdoors is take them for a brisk walk and make a game out of that too. Who can run to the next pole fastest, who can jump and touch the stop signs, who can get to the next fire hydrant first. Or, I take out the b-ball and play a round of hoops with the kids.

This also helps my oldest since he is on the track, cross country, swim, dodgeball teams and air cadets. He gets in his training at home while having fun.

Another thing to try is your local recreation center. They usually have cheap kids programs going on during the adult classes. Right now I am looking into the new YMCA just built out my way and for a family of 5 we are looking at a family monthly pass that includes everything for the whole family to use. (kids do their thing supervised while Mom and Dad work out)

All the best...I know you can do it :)

3/26/12 1:26 P

Hi There :

There are lots of exercise DVDs that are available either from the near by library or lots of youtube exercise video. You can do them at home and have your kids participate too. I have a 21/2 year old and she loves to participate with me.You can take your kids out for walks (stroller)
It burns a lot of calories too. Keep doing it and you will see the results.You can use the bike while talking to your kids and engage them in some activities like painting , drawing etc..

Hope this helps.

3/26/12 10:35 A

Play with them. Tag, indoor balloon volleyball, hula hoops, Simon Says with fitness moves, etc. Have fun with them. They grow up very very fast.

3/26/12 9:58 A

Try doing a workout DVD with your children. My 2 1/2 year-old twins and 10 yr-old son often join in when I work out on the weekends. My 10 yr-old keeps up pretty well, and it is very entertaining watching my Monster-Tots try to complete the exercises.

The dance DVD's are especially fun for this. Even if they're not doing the steps properly, you're all up and moving around and having fun together.

When the weather improves, take your girls to the park and play on the playground equipment with them. You'd be surprised how much of a workout you can get playing on the swings, climbing the climbers, etc. And it's fun too.

EGRAMMY Posts: 13,491
3/26/12 9:11 A

Do anything.....together. Be in sync. Run and fly's spring.

LAVAJEEP Posts: 20
3/26/12 8:41 A

You could get a trailer to pull the kids behind your bike. We just got one from Amazon for under $100. Holy COW! It's so much harder to pull 50 pounds of kids than just to ride my bike. :) And if you have a speed demon child, like me, they'll scream "GO GO GO!" from the back when you're trying to give up.

BAMBI31311 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/12 6:08 A

Do you have, or can you afford a trampoline ? These are so much fun, your kids will love it, and the exercise is fantastic.

Alternatively, I bet if you do jump rope with your 5 year old, she will love it, or skipping together hand in hand, like you may have done as a child.

Hopscotch, chasey, throwing & catching a ball, just get back inside your child-like mind, and try to remember the games you used to play, and remember how much fun it was running about nearly all of the day.

Good luck.

PRINCESSELMO SparkPoints: (0)
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3/26/12 1:56 A

If you make the exercise fun enough to the point where they don't realize they're's the best way. I have little cousins who are lazy when it comes to working out or staying in shape. However, I've noticed their enthusiasm when I offer to play a game of tag or basketball; something I know they'll enjoy without the added pressures of trying to reach a goal.

DONNAJEAN2277 Posts: 38
3/25/12 5:05 P

I like to take brisk walks with my toddler in the stroller. She loves to be outside, I get in my cardio, and we both benefit from the fresh air.

VSG515 SparkPoints: (3,570)
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3/25/12 1:35 P

I sometimes work in some videos during naptime. (I love the 10 minute Solution videos.) Then after my 2 yr old goes to bed, I either do more videos or I get in my run (2-2.5 miles) on my treadmill at home. Great investment! If my husband is home I sometimes run outside. We live on a horseshoe which is a quarter mile so it's easy to count off my run. Hope this helps!

MARYA81 Posts: 192
3/25/12 12:14 A

when my kids go to sleep (take a nap in the day)---i workout for 30 mins. I have been doing Jillian Micheals 30 day shred. and love the way I look! so far down 12 lbs in 1.5 mons

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
3/24/12 10:52 P

Just do things like jumping rope and dancing around the house.

ABBICUSHING SparkPoints: (0)
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3/24/12 6:25 A

Does anyone know what exercise I should use to track the calories burned for playing at the playground with my daughter. She is 2 yr old and so I am on my feet the whole time. Going up and down the slide stairs, pushing her on the swing, and lifting her (25lbs) to reach the climbing bars. I am definately burning calories but not sure how many. On the fitness traker they have an exercise that is "playing with kids" but calories burned seems really high (500+) for 1 hr. Any suggestions would be really helpfull. Thank you :)

IAM_1979 Posts: 41
3/23/12 5:36 P

I've had to try a variety of techniques to get in my exercise. I work outside the home and lately I've been able to use my lunch break to go to the gym. I'll also do Wii with my 5 year old while my 22 month old is content to hold a remote. At the park, I will work in squats, lunges, etc. while the kids play. Steps are also easy to do at the park - usually I can use a piece of playground equipment. I also have tried squeezing in videos after bedtime or during nap time. Netflix has a series of 10 minute videos available streaming that I'll do if I'm really short on time.

WHOVIANGIRL23 SparkPoints: (30,484)
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3/23/12 5:33 P

I definitely understand how hard it can be to work out with a toddler! I can't afford a gym or a sitter (single mom), so instead I have a wide selection of workout Dvds! They really do work if you put forth the required effort. Usually I have my 3 year old watching Elmo in the other room, because if not she will trip me up and I'll fall. Once or twice a week I try to walk to the park with her (its a mile away), so I get a good dose of exercise there too... plus she loves going to the park. Best of luck!

C_DONE Posts: 233
3/23/12 3:16 P

Swinging is good exercise for the legs, arms and abs. Plus it is exhilarating play! The monkey bars or slide steps make a great spot for a couple of sets of modified pull ups, too in addition to the swing pushing , carrying, and countless reloading of a toddler on a slide or other apparatus! It is great to let yourself be a kid again at a playground or park!

TAKETIMETOO Posts: 3,186
3/23/12 11:46 A


3/23/12 11:42 A

I take my 14 month to the park with swings and play set etc. just running after her, picking her up to put her in/on something. Ok its not like a big work out, but kids get heavy - so its a good strength workout. And you play - so its not like a real workout. All the better then.

AVABLISS Posts: 261
3/23/12 9:21 A

Walking with my 4 year old is no work out, it is slow and she stops every 5 feet. I have started taking her and my dog to a huge park with trails. She pokes along and picks up every stick while I literally run circles around her. She thinks it's hilarious and my dog thinks I am pllaying with him. It really works. I run up the trail a few feet then back behind her, then circle her and run back up the trail. Try it! It works!

VEGFAERY Posts: 3,726
3/23/12 9:18 A

I used to get up 90 minutes before the rest of the household and do aerobics for an hour. I'd have time to cool down, have a shower, etc before my kids or husband woke up. I'd always put them in the stroller at nap time and take them for an hour walk or longer. You just have to make it a priority. :D

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CAMAEL100 SparkPoints: (27,996)
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3/23/12 8:51 A

I try to get up early and get some work done before they get up - like an exercise video. Also when mine were that young I had a bicycle seat on my bike for the younger child and have the other child cycling. Also you could bring them to the park with their bicycles or scooters and run around after them. Best of luck

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
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3/23/12 8:01 A

I get lots of exercise when I play with grandkids - whether it't basketball with the older ones or bend and stretch and ring around the rosey with the two year old - so fun!

3/23/12 6:52 A

I understand how difficult working out with small ones is. My 2 year old will tell me to get up and tug on me when I am doing crunches. With my older 2 I do Denise Austin's Fit Kids with them. While Fit Kids is made for children, my kids enjoy doing the workouts with me and I can get some movement. I usually do other workouts while they sleep. I like the ways you keep your daughter entertained. Good luck!

3/23/12 3:55 A

Trying to do a 30 minute DVD at home seems like an eternity with my toddler. She is 19 months and will often fuss or cry when I try to do something that takes my attention away from her for that long. So for maybe 10 minutes of the DVD I will try to do it with her by encouraging her to try some exercises, or picking her up while I work out (for example during squats or something which she enjoys). Then when she tires of doing that with me I try putting her in her highchair with some playdough or fingerpaints and that keeps her happy for a while.

DANNYGIRL315 Posts: 15
3/22/12 11:00 P

Great suggestions! I think I'm going to try putting them on their bikes and see if they can ride next to me while I run or walk. My little one just learned how to ride though and isn't the best at it yet so this could be tricky. Last summer we took walks, but about halfway through the walk (at the point where we were just about to start heading back home) they'd both start whining that they didn't want to walk anymore and slow down to a snail's pace. I'd love to ride my bike outside, I'm just not sure how I'd manage that with the kids not being that good at and not having enough stamina to go as far as I'd want to go. Somehow I have to find a way to make this work. I'm very determined to finally get into shape and start feeling better.

ZIPEDEEDOO SparkPoints: (0)
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3/22/12 10:25 P

I am a daycare provider to a 1 y.o. and almost 3 y.o. I haveThe Wiggles vhs tapes and I am sure they must be on dvds now....I have these from when my now 13 y.o. was a big fan. Anyway, these four guys, The Wiggles have their songs all choreographed and so my little ones and I dance the whole time and it can be a good workout all the while the kids are happy and entertained. They just love it because I am in there dancing and singing with them :-) and we all get a good sweat going.

SHIMMYSHAKER SparkPoints: (42,489)
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3/22/12 9:03 P

My job is that of an after school care provider - I work with kids K - 6 - and they have soooo much energy! We are sure to put sunscreen on them (within this last week and a half, anyway), make sure they have their water bottles, and then they run rampant on the playset until they get picked up by their parents. Love it!

And I have to tell you, the youngest girls that I have LOVE to have you play with them - they'll have you play follow-the-leader - the bigger kids love variations on tag and hide-and-go-seek - a lot of them like making up bubble-popping/chasing games - the possibilities are endless! They absolutely do love to be included, and if you can let yourself actually play, too, there is no harm in that. :-)

JENNYLT1 SparkPoints: (25,243)
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3/22/12 7:04 P

If you have a Fitness 19 gym in your area, you will be able to afford a gym membership. I pay $5/month in dues, and unlimited babysitting for 2+ kids is an extra $15/month. Also, for every person you refer who ends up signing up, you get $1 off per month for life, so right now I am only paying $19/month to go to the gym with childcare included.

SUNSHINEMAMA5 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/22/12 2:51 P

I do workout dvds. My 5-year-old daughter LOVES to Zumba with me. I make sure she has other activities set up so that if she gets tired she has other things to occupy her (an hour long intense workout is a bit much for a little one!) You also have to be flexible and willing to use the pause button from time to time because sometimes the kids do need something while I'm in the middle of working out. I also LOVE the Spark Videos online because they tend to be shorter and work while you have your little ones occupied with other things. I really make it a point to do workouts around my kids instead of waiting for them to not be there, because it teaches them that it does take work to stay in shape and be healthy. Zumba is great because it's dancing so it's FUN! My little ones (the other daughter is 8) also LOVE to do yoga dvds with me. I like the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga because it gets you sweating a bit more.

Good luck and stick with it. I am single mom so I totally understand the challenges of fitting in those workouts! My trick is to be creative, switch it up, and involve the kids when you can.

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MANDERC22 Posts: 23
3/22/12 2:28 P

On the nice days, definitely pop the kids in the stroller; on the icky days I like Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds, 'cause I can keep the pace while keeping an eye on the kids.

KELLYGAGA SparkPoints: (28)
Fitness Minutes: (2,127)
Posts: 311
3/22/12 1:39 P

I have 3 children 3,10 & 14. I put my son in a stroller and take him for a walk. There is a dike by my house that is 2 miles long so we walk that. 4 miles all together. I have a jogging stroller so I can jog with it too.

Most Saturday's and Sunday's (weather permitting), my 3 year old and I walk to the basketball courts. I bring a light ball for him to throw in the hoops and we run around there. We will shoot some hoops and then he and I will jog around the court a few times. When he's pooped he will say "I need a breath" and we relax.

After that we normally stop at the park by our house and we kick a soccer ball. He will kick it then we race to it and then I kick it and so on. It's constant running and you are getting in really good play time with your kids as well.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
3/22/12 1:14 P

Get up early in the morning before your kids do. That's when I work out. Depending on when your husband gets home, you may even get to use the treadmill. If you really want to train for a Tough Mudder, I'd imagine you'd need to be running as wella s doing strength training. You'll also need to figure out a way to run outside as it's much, much different than running on a treadmill. For weight loss, you really need to focus on the nutritional aspect of things. But remember, losing weight is only one way to prepare for something like a Tough Mudder. Even if you lose 40 pounds, if you'ren ot properly trained, you may not be able to finish. I consider myself to bein decent shape, I've lost 45 pounds, I can lift a fairly decent amount of weight, but I can barely run for more than 2minutes at a time! Other athome workout options would be DVDs.

If you can only workout with your kids, I'd take lots of walks on all different types of terrains. Put on music and dance with them. Workout while they nap, or have "mommy time" where they get a snack and a movie while you churn out a couple of miles on the treadmill.

MMSPIRITM SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 27
3/22/12 12:24 P

I do the Wii dance with my grandsons, 7 & 5 yrs old for about 20 minutes a day. They love it as do and lots of laughter.
We have their bikes and skateboards in the back of the Isuzu at all times, this way if it is nice enough we go to the park. They will bike or skateboard and I walk, of course sometimes I have to run to catch up with them. emoticon

ROGERSBABE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 5,351
3/22/12 12:17 P

Two suggestions: If you have a local YMCA, they will give you membership and charge based on income. Ours has free childcare which my five year old loves. Also, as the other poster said: exercise with them. I am a Zumba instructor but work on choreography at home often. My son loves to dance with me. Often he'll tell me, "Mom, move to the back and watch me...I'll show you how to do it". He's also told everyone at our Y where I teach that he's a better dancer than I am. It can be challenging, but you'll be establishing patterns of staying active in your children that, hopefully, they'll continue and pass on to their children.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (60,917)
Fitness Minutes: (15,360)
Posts: 9,709
3/22/12 12:11 P

Why not simply include them? Working out with them is a great way to demonstrate healthy living, and they LOVE to be included.

When I'm training (check out my spark teams, I'm a member of the Tough Mudder training team) I take my 6 and 4 year olds out on their scooters, and they ride along with me while I run!

Remember that the real key to weight loss, though, is nutrition... you can exercise all you like, but if you don't eat right, you won't get far.

DANNYGIRL315 Posts: 15
3/22/12 11:02 A

I signed up for one of those Tough Mudder type of run/challenges. The one I'm doing is only a 5K so it's not quite as hard as the Tough Mudder, but there are obstacles and running. I did it hoping to use it as a motivation to get in better shape. So far I haven't done anything and I have to be ready for this by August.

I have a treadmill and exercise bike. My hubby sleeps all day because he works nights and the treadmill is very loud and right under where hubby is sleeping so I can't use it until he gets up. I need to find something I can do to burn off some weight (about 40 lbs) and that I can do while hubby sleeps and I am taking care of my daughter (3 yrs old) now and something I can do with both girls once my 5 yr old is out of school for the summer. We can't afford to put them in daycare or anything like that for me to exercise and I can't afford a gym membership. Any good ideas that are either quiet or can be done out of the house with the kids? I really need to get rid of this weight and get in shape. Help! emoticon

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