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12/27/12 2:08 A

Thanks for the feedback guys

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DAKOTA4411 Posts: 1,009
12/1/12 6:20 P

I have a spur on the bottom of my foot and tendonitis on the top and arhtritis in my knee, I do the chair exercises videos on here, since Im' not allowed to walk now I do hand weights for so long and then chair exercises. I had to ok it with my doc.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,152
12/1/12 2:36 P

Your weight loss is 80% what/how much you eat, and only about 20% due to exercise, so if weight loss is your only reason for exercising during recovery, relax a bit.

However, if your primary interest is in overall health, then the advice you've been given is spot on. Just helps to sort your motives (and responsibilities...) as you go.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,289
11/30/12 8:05 P

You can probably do some upper body stuff or chair exercises. Don't risk reinjuring that foot though.

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11/30/12 4:59 P

Best wishes go to you for a speedy recovery.

I won't add to the exercise thing, but will suggest that you pay particular attention to the quality of your diet, making sure that you are getting a good amount of quality protein (not from processed meats) and plenty of fruit/veges to help with your recovery.

Take care,

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
11/30/12 7:41 A

You might also find some other ideas in our Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center.

Coach Tanya

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11/29/12 3:52 P

I had bilateral foot surgery in April, so spent about 6 weeks being unable to do much that was weight bearing. I also did some of the seated SparkPeople videos (you will be surprised at Coach Nicole's seated cardio workout - I was sweating).

I can add a bit to the mix: I was able to do core exercises while flat in bed (I had to be totally flat for 6 days) and I brought dumbbells to the bed to do upper body.

You can do it ... just have to get very creative. Kudos to you for asking the right questions ... you go!!!!!

IRISHSAVER SparkPoints: (14,140)
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11/29/12 2:57 P

Thanks so much for the response I often forget about the videos on this site. Still navigating my way around here. I belong to the gym dont see myself going there injured though. I might go with DH he goes almost every night to play at one of the gyms.

Its tough but appreciate your insight. Will give it a try with the videos and the chair etc. Worth a shot. My portion control is my real problem... thanks

PJBONARRIGO SparkPoints: (106,617)
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11/29/12 10:40 A

All is not lost. I am just finishing my year of rehab :-P In the meantime, you can do chair exercises- SP has a lot of videos! You can also do upper body exercises- I went to the gym (my trainer has nerves of steel!) on crutches and with my boot. I did benched weight lifting, pullups and rows in the cage, single legged dips etc. I also rowed and biked with one leg (you can adapt). I did a lot of floor exercises and stretches... I'm pretty sure that I looked like a seal or a whale on land, but it got the job done. As soon as possible, I returned to classes and everything was scaled for me. I spent a lot of time sitting and rowing while everyone else was running, but I got by with the help of my friends :-) I'm just sharing this so you can see the possibilities, you will be surprised by what you actually can do. E-mail me if you like :-) emoticon

IRISHSAVER SparkPoints: (14,140)
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11/29/12 10:10 A

I had been walking 5 miles a day - then cracked my knee in the summer- now I have broken my Foot !!

I will be unable to exercise until given the go ahead by doctor in January. On a cast boot-
In the meantime I am packing on the lbs.
What exercises can I be doing so I don't pack back on all the weight and some - just not my year - piled on about 60lbs in about a year due to meds and injuries. Thanks for your help.

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