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So-called "starvation mode" may not exist.

The 1200 floor is not about energy needs, and there may or may not be a need for any individual to 're-eat' to get back up to the 1200.

The reason for 1200 is that on anything lower than that, you're probably not getting enough vitamins and minerals.

Once you've had your vitamin C, you don't need to eat more vitamin C if you exercise. :)

However, I would suggest that an intake just on 1200 is probably too low, especially if you're exercising. Remember that Spark gives you a range for a reason, so if you aim for 1200-1550 and somewhere in the middle, you won't even need to ponder this question.

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2/24/13 7:05 P

Different sites have slightly different methodologies.

In coming up with an intake recommendation, Spark has already taken your weekly Exercise Goals into account. So as long as those 200 calories are consistent with your Exercise Goals, then to "Add back" exercise calories would in fact be double counting.

If those 200 calories are not consistent with your goals (averaged across the entire week), then you should update your Exercise Goals (accessible from the LH side of the Start page).


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That's not quite how it works. :) Subtracting your exercise calories from your nutritional intake doesn't really tell you anything. It IS true that 1200 calories isn't usualyl enough to support exercise of any kind, but not for that reason. Your calorie intake is still 1200, even if you burn calories.

How it works is explained right here:

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2/24/13 3:16 P

If you are set up to consume 1200 calorie and you exercise and burn 200 calories your caloric intake is only 1000. Should you not consume an additional 200 calories to ensure that you you stay within the 1200 range so you do not put your body into "starvation mode". I checked out another site and this is what I was told.

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