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COCOADIET Posts: 250
7/1/10 8:00 A

Gardening... I have good things to eat that way too :)

HPATLEE Posts: 50
7/1/10 7:53 A

I take my dogs for a walk (normally one at a time) & walk with a friend. Before I know it my dogs have done their business & I have walked 4 miles. Another thing I like to do is go bike riding w/ my kids. If you like to window shop..maybe mall walking ( I did that after I had my was fun).

LUZON49 Posts: 684
7/1/10 7:44 A

anything in the water, on a hot day...especially if it is with my granddaughter!!!!

RUBY563 Posts: 6
7/1/10 6:34 A

Thank you all for your advise on exercise. Right now I do the walk away the pounds 1 mile and it feels good. Next I will be getting the wii physical fitness game. I have tried my daughters and sisters and I love it.

LOURON SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,009)
Posts: 356
7/1/10 6:12 A

Heavy housework When you vacuum, dust move and stretch As you are carrying out the trash jog it. emoticon

7/1/10 6:05 A

Dancing, walking, bicycling, martial arts, drumming, hiking gentler grades (or steeper, if one is more fit), recreational swimming.....

TRIAL17 Posts: 123
7/1/10 4:31 A


That's exercise that doesn't feel like it!

45ANDFIT1 Posts: 1,003
7/1/10 4:18 A

walking, kayaking

CLSINGS777 Posts: 20
7/1/10 2:34 A

Just Dance game on the Wii. I love doing this. I end up working out for one and a half hours just playing this game.

LOEDJA Posts: 750
7/1/10 12:47 A

I love playing squash with my boyfriend. We are super competitive but it always is a lot of fun!!!

EARTHNUT Posts: 248
7/1/10 12:37 A

Heart rate is more important than sweat.

I like to dance, garden, hike, walk.

IAM_1979 Posts: 41
7/1/10 12:34 A

Listening to music helps me feel like I'm not exercising. If I focus on the beats and can't hear myself breathing hard the workout is much easier. Hearing myself psychs me out.

7/1/10 12:25 A

walking, biking, hiking, yoga, pilates

AZALIA34 Posts: 672
7/1/10 12:16 A

dancing, walking, biking

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7/1/10 12:03 A

I am a big fan of water jogging, walking, hiking, and sports! The time flies by!!!!

6/30/10 11:04 P


-AMANDA79- Posts: 3,865
6/30/10 10:50 P


JIACOLO SparkPoints: (539,533)
Fitness Minutes: (219,534)
Posts: 29,439
6/30/10 10:43 P

cleaning the house

KIRSTENRPH Posts: 1,543
6/30/10 9:50 P


What else?

NZGODDESS Posts: 760
6/30/10 9:18 P

Zumba!! It's just like dancing at a party!

CELIASYEAR Posts: 4,506
6/30/10 9:01 P

Painting the outside of the house
Playing with the kids
Scrubbing the floors
Sweep the driveway

SMASTAR Posts: 10
6/30/10 9:00 P

Water Aerobics, LOVE IT!!!!

STARBURST4 Posts: 478
6/30/10 8:32 P

For me it's biking, hiking, swimming,walking my dog and horse back riding. I must confess I haven't rode a horse for awhile but, I remember the days I use to and perhaps some day I will again. emoticon

NANCYB777 Posts: 23
6/30/10 8:24 P

It's Water Aerobics for me -
I really enjoy getting in the pool & cooling off at the same time I'm exercising!

-SHE-WOLF- Posts: 800
6/30/10 8:20 P

Walking my 2 GSDs and Gardening are exercise i just do naturally, it all helps add to my fitness minutes and i really enjoy it emoticon

SMFIT2017 Posts: 1,016
6/30/10 7:52 P

Although like the poster before me, I 'like' the exercise being exercise feeling too. But just on the days when I'm feeling lazy as hell and the sheer idea of getting my butt off the couch seems impossible- I can't say no to dancing. It is fun, it is simple and it burns a decent amount of calories.

ARTCHICK1957 SparkPoints: (34,562)
Fitness Minutes: (11,043)
Posts: 2,122
6/30/10 7:49 P

Thank you BUTSWEETER, FRANCES, HOLALOLA and anyone else who tackled my problem. You're right, I know it, exercising is good, even if your not showing any weight loss. I have been trying the strength exercises they have on this site, and feel it when I do them. They are also helping me with my arthritis problems. When I am working on the bike or treadmill I find it hard not to push myself, and have to keep making myself slow down, but even then I know its helping me. Even though I haven't lost weight lately, I have been getting into clothes I hadn't been able to wear, so I know something is working. I am sorry I sounded so negative, I was just feeling sorry for myself because I am not losing pounds. But I am glad I commented anyway, because you have given me some good ideas. No more excuses, I am going to walk and bike slowly if nothing else!!!! Thank you all for the pep talk!!!

JULIEK2010 Posts: 25
6/30/10 7:27 P

Maybe I'm weird, but I like exercise precisely because it feels like exercise. Blood pumping, deep breathing, muscle pushing, doesn't it make you feel alive?

EVKHB16 Posts: 69
6/30/10 7:19 P

Swimming & hula hooping emoticon

MOONBIRD Posts: 1,559
6/30/10 7:15 P

I recently discovered this show called Shimmy on FitTv. It's bellydancing and I really like it. I don't get super sweaty or out of breath, but I can definitely feel it working my muscles and it's just really fun. I also like the other dancing shows they have on there, and I love to go walking outside when I can because I can listen to an audiobook on my mp3 player, or music.

ERINLINDSAY83 Posts: 14,083
6/30/10 6:51 P

Hiking burns a TON of calories but I looooooooove doing it! I love going for walks too.

65TARGET Posts: 299
6/30/10 6:21 P

Mmmm... the thing that comes to mind is cleaning the house! Mopping, wiping the floor, brushing window and door tops, all of it with fast and vigorous movement, are things that make you sweat and then enjoy a twofold result: a clean home and some calories melt away!

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,665)
Fitness Minutes: (91,434)
Posts: 280
6/30/10 6:01 P

Artchick, check with your doctor on exercise that are ok for you. But it sounds like strength training or yoga would be good for you. Anything that builds muscle helps you burn calories faster.

Ice skating, roller blading, bike riding, and dance classes are all so much fun that they don't feel like exercise. Especially ice skating. They have to throw me off the ice at the end because I want to do one more lap and the Zamboni is heading right for me!

6/30/10 4:33 P

For me it's walking. I throw on my iPod and off I go. I especially enjoy it first thing in the morning when the air is fresh and it's quiet.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,825
6/30/10 4:23 P

I pole, jazz and tap dance. They are FUN and a crazy workout! I 2nd the zumba post!

PJMATH Posts: 2,925
6/30/10 4:05 P

I'm playing in an adult kickball league. It's as much fun as when I was a kid and you don't need a whole lot of skills or equipment to play.

OMNISPECTIVE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,375)
Posts: 6
6/30/10 4:03 P

To Artchick: I am 70 years old have never been sick but, just had a stroke. Luckily it was in the area that takes care of the eyes and I have no outside physical signs I had one. But, I must say. I walk three times a week not fast for 90 minutes. I cover three miles each time which comes to 9 miles a week. My doctor says that is the best exercise for people our age. If you get tired walk where they have benches and sit for a few minutes then start again. It is still 9 miles and it has kept me in tip top shape. Frances (omnispective)

Edited by: OMNISPECTIVE at: 6/30/2010 (16:04)
6/30/10 3:49 P

Zumbaaa :) I feel like im just out on the dance floor with my girls...and honestly I use the moves outside of class when Im out on the town!! Haha.

SATCGIRL99 Posts: 18
6/30/10 3:44 P

Swimming is the only exercise I can do everyday and never get tired of! It's so much fun, it doesn't feel like work! Also love biking, hiking, and playing sports (tennis and volleyball are my favorites).

Good luck, I'm right there with you, trying to find exercise that doesn't feel like a chore!

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
6/30/10 3:44 P

Hey, Dotti! No one said it doesn't use up calories to go slow (and if they did they're wrong). It uses less than going fast, but when you go slow, you can go longer! That's why walking is such an effective work out; it's something one can sustain for a long period of time. Lots of people on here have had success using walking as their cardio.

I don't know much about plateaus, but I hear it's good to switch it up when you hit one. This isn't only about workouts, but diet as well. Maybe your docs though if they can recommend new activities for you

HINOTO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (17,030)
Posts: 7,174
6/30/10 3:35 P

Hiking and snowshoeing don't feel like exercise to me because I loooooove to do them!

BASTET2 Posts: 2,461
6/30/10 3:27 P

Riding horses and swimming don't feel like exercise to me because I love doing both. (And if any of you don't think riding is exercise, you've never been on a horse!) LOL GREAT core work!!

ARTCHICK1957 SparkPoints: (34,562)
Fitness Minutes: (11,043)
Posts: 2,122
6/30/10 3:26 P

Hi everyone, I have been reading some of the post about exercising and decided to jump in.

My problem with exercising is my heart rate. A few years ago, I was experiencing fatigue so bad and running a low grade temp. It took every ounce of energy I had to even take a shower and dress. The doctors kept saying I had a virus. Even at the emergency room. The only other thing they found wrong was low potassium. Even though I was on a supplement. Even an echo cardiogram didn't tell them my problem. It was the PA that finally called for another EKG and discovered I had an irregular heart beat. (Atrial Fib.) My heart was racing so fast that it was making me exhausted all the time.

Anyway that is the background of why I have a problem exercising. I am now on warfarin, atenalol and digoxin. My doctors want me to exercise, but in spite of the meds. when I exercise my heartrate climbs very quickly. According to the treadmill monitor, 233 and above on some occasions My doctor in Fl. told me to exercise but to go slowly. He said I could increase my duration but not my speed. So I have been doing that. Then my doctor here in NY told me not to rely on the heart rate monitors on the machines or my wrist monitor. She said they are not accurate for someone in Atrial Fib. She said if I exercise I should check my heart rate manually for a full minute. I try but I am not good at taking it. She also said I should be very careful of exercising.

Anyway, my point in this whole thing is that not everybody can exercise with great exertion and if it doesn't do any good or use up calories to go slow, whats the point in doing it. I have come to a plateau where I am not losing. Do you have any solutions?

JSAMSON3 Posts: 87
6/30/10 3:20 P

I love playing disc golf - when you walk 18 holes (baskets, whatever...) it's probably 2 to 3 miles and the act of throwing is very good for exerting your core. I never "count" this as exercise, because to me it's just something to do on a Saturday afternoon with my hubby.

JOELLEN810 Posts: 14
6/30/10 3:10 P

I just started riding my bike again and it is FUN!! I feel like a kid again (especially when I get all wobbly when slowing down) I just have to be ready for the bs: Boo-boos, band aids, and bactine.

NIMNIX Posts: 312
6/30/10 3:01 P

If it doesn't feel physically like you did anything, like the exercise was too easy, maybe you aren't pushing yourself hard enough. However if it doesn't "feel like exercise" only because it was fun, that's fantastic.

I look for exercise that actually makes my muscles tired, or makes me have to breathe heavier. If it's strength exercises or martial arts, I usually feel it the next day or the day after, if I've pushed myself. While I'm doing them, towards the end I'll start shaking a little just trying to hold myself up, or it'll feel like I can't do another rep. With cardio I use heart rate and how difficult it is to breathe and/or talk.

AOGOAE Posts: 4,073
6/30/10 2:20 P

I find that it doesn't feel like exercise if I am with friends. I joined a running club, and I'm too busy talking and keeping up with the next person to realize that I'm pushing myself.

BUTSWEETER Posts: 1,255
6/30/10 2:14 P

Things that don't feel like exercise to me are martial arts, biking, and 30 day shred. They're really fun for me. The shred somehow flies by even though I'm working my butt off! And even though I love biking, I tried an exercise bike at a gym once and never got back on it. I thought that was awful!

I really like running/jogging. I think it's really fun, but it feels like I'm doing exercise, I think because my endurance still isn't great yet.

6/30/10 2:06 P

Sweating doesn't mean anything. It's just your body trying to cool down.

Think about it - you can lie by the pool in the heat of summer and sweat like a pig, yet you are doing absolutely nothing.

Heart rate and muscle exertion are what determines how hard you work.

These folks who can read a book while they exercise - they probably aren't working very hard at all. If your workout doesn't take at least SOME focus on your body and how it's performing, then you're pretty much just mailing it in.

Cycling is not bad- it's a GREAT exercise. But you only get out of it what you put in.

Exercise that doesn't feel like exercise - look for classes like Zumba and aerobic dancing, ballroom dancing, latin dancing. Join a group class - socializing makes it feel less like "work". Find something active that is fun for you like playing a sport with an amateur league through your local rec center, or start hiking/rock climbing/canoeing....

anything at all. Experiment. Try new stuff.

But if you mail it in and aren't trying to push yourself at least a little bit, then your results or lack of results will reflect that.

67KANGAROOS Posts: 53
6/30/10 1:53 P

... and I'm not the type of person to think something like that. Basically, my main exercise is Couch to 5K and strength training, but for cross-training, I've taken to using a cycling machine at the gym. It's the kind where you can sit back (there's a seat back on it) and just pedal. Since it wasn't muscle-burning and I didn't really get out of breath, I first assumed that it wasn't an effective exercise. But upon finishing a twenty-minute cycle, I found I was sweating a lot.

My question is: is sweating proof that I'm exercising? I also sweat a lot when doing yoga (which I certainly don't do well), but that's hardly cardio. Should I try to focus on checking my heart rate periodically? The machines never give me an accurate reading, but I can count and watch a watch ;) Or should I try out the less comfortable, upright cycling machine? What do you think?

Also, do you have an exercise you love so much that it doesn't feel like exercise?

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