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Exercise suggestions for someone with a bum knee..

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5/8/13 9:45 A

I have bad knees, and when they really start to bother me, I use a walking video by Jessica Smith. Fantastic workouts, and I notice my knees feel better again after a few weeks.

This is not to say the workout helps my knees, it just gives them less pain, and they feel better for more intense workouts later.

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5/8/13 8:37 A

This is a very generic suggestion, but anything you can do in the water (swimming, walking, running) are usually much easier on the joints and you can get a good workout.

I also want to suggest that if you get a bike, make sure you get measured and ride a bike that "fits" you. I have some minor knee issues and had some of the worst knee pain ever after an hour long bike ride on a bike that didn't fit me. It has something to do with the flexion and extension of the knee. Just beware and make sure your bike fits you.

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5/7/13 9:27 P

I can't give you any specific exercise suggestions since I'm not able to evaluate you in person, nor do I know your medical history. And as it was already pointed out, it could be caused by something else along the kinetic chain and giving you specific exercises may aggravate it/make it worse.

We do have a limited mobility resource center though, that you might find some helpful ideas/tips in there:

Was your physical therapist dealing with this issue previously? Or were you seeing them for something else? If you were seeing them for the knee issue, then they should have given you some exercises that you could do at home that would be safe and ideal for the condition your knees are in.

Coach Denise

Posts: 23
5/7/13 8:38 P

I definitely think the best thing you can do is continue to treat your knee on your own. I found this website from an article on sparkpeople:

Were there any things that the physical therapist did that especially helped? Can you duplicate them at home? I have a knee problem myself and find that if I ice at night, and do serious 20-30 minute stretching after exercising, it really helps a lot. I also use a golf ball and roll it down my ITB - yeow! It hurts but that's because it's tight, and when it's tight, it pulls on the knee and makes everything out of whack.

If it were me, I would not be doing vigorous walking. That is hard on the knees. Swimming, fast and easy reps on a bike machine, and the elliptical are all better on the knees.

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5/7/13 8:26 P

I know a few of the answers already but I wish to expand the repetoire.

My knee is bad. RUNNING is OUT. SQUATS are out. Any sort of heavy weight that makes the knee seriously BEND (including my own body weight, which even when I get it to where it should be) is OUT.

I can do pushups, and walk strenuously. I can try to increase flexibility exercises for the afflicted joint, if I get some suggestions. I am hoping to buy a bicycle to assist this knee.

Anyhow, I want exercises I can do at home with minimal equipment that will help me. Both those that will ignore the lack of squatting potential, but will help slowly strengthen this leg, and exercises for the rest of my bod that won't make me feel I can't do them, because the leg will not cooperate. (I have had physical therapy, but the insurance has run out on that.)

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