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9/13/13 2:31 A

A couple of suggestions:

Pre-plan a healthy post-workout snack for within about 30 minutes of the end of your workout. This can refuel your body and avoid feeling ravenous later.

Also, hunger is sometimes more of an indicator of the body seeking specific nutrients, rather than more calories. High levels of activity in particular can drive the body's protein requirements higher, so you may want to check that your protein intake is well within the recommended range.


9/13/13 12:16 A

You need to eat three to four hours before you go out cycling and make sure you are hydrated as well.
Eating high fiber foods like quinoa, oatmeal and edamame (or most any kind of beans or lentils) along with drinking lots of water should help you in your post-cycling re-fueling sessions. You should eat half of the calories that you burned on your cycle. If you are cycling for an hour or more you should consume some food on the journey. I carry an Ensure Plus Calories on my 90 to 120 minute rides (along with two water bottles of a 50/50 water/electrolyte mix).

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9/10/13 11:57 A

Thank you for the feedback. I have been relying on processed crap lately, and my water intake is pretty low for as much as I've been moving. I will set aside a balanced post workout snack along with lots of liquids and see how that goes the rest of the week--I'm confident the answer will be "great."

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9/9/13 1:45 P

I have a post workout " go to". I like tuna salad sandwiches which are very high in protein. I eat 2 sandwiches w/ some chips b/c I want them dang it lol and I am good for the rest of the afternoon until dinnertime.

Make sure you are fueling your workout, and feeding your body post workout. if you know you will be starving when you get home then make your lunch and store it in the fridge, or whatever meal it is for the time of day you are done exercising.

9/9/13 11:24 A

Feeling hungry when you ramp your exercise it totally normal. Your body doesn't want to lose weight. Drink water, eat lots of veggies and protein. Make sure that you aren't eating too few calories.

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9/9/13 9:13 A

I would take a cold, hard look at the quality of your food. There are many things in your nutrition tracker that are not likely to keep you full for long and things that should be there that will.

ex; fast food, bread, breakfast cereal and other refined grains, added sugar, calories from condiments, little veg and fruit. Make improvements here and it will help with satiation.

It takes time to revamp your diet, it doesn't happen overnight... just start to make little improvements over time. Usually, for most people, one of the first steps is aiming to get 5-10 servings of veg/fruit per day.

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9/9/13 8:20 A

I snuck a peak at your nutrition tracker. I am wondering if you're eating enough. Yesterday, you ate around 1549 calories and burned 476 exercise calories. Have you added the amount of exercise calories into your information? If not, I encourage you to do that. It makes a HUGE difference.

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9/9/13 7:38 A

Yeah, that can happen. When I was a student we used to go to the pub after karate, and I'd easily eat a 12" pizza, plus a pint of beer.

It helps to have a nutritionally-balanced snack after your workout: carrot sticks and hummus, apple and peanut butter, gorp, Greek yoghurt and berries, etc. And be sure to drink plenty of water; being dehydrated can exacerbate the body's hunger signals.

If a snack such as those listed above isn't enough, perhaps you could rearrange your exercise/mealtimes so that you're eating a decent-sized meal around half an hour after exercising?

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9/9/13 7:14 A

I have been biking riding every day for exercise this month, and I feel like I'm blowing it nutritionally because all I want to do is stuff food in my face afterward.

Is this normal? What can I do to stave off the overwhelming urge to eat everything in my fridge post workout?

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