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5/11/13 4:55 P

I've had that happen in Boot Camp and in Tabata classes when we do a lot of moves that are one set on the floor then then next set standing (mountain climbers followed by jumping jacks, for example)

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5/11/13 5:11 A

Were you drinking enough water ? Was it unusually hot in the gym ? Those signs are also symptoms of dehydration. Did you make sure you ate a little something prior to your workout ? Your blood sugar could have crashed as a result of the exercise. When a person's blood sugar drops, that can also cause some nausea and dizzy spells. And yes, over exerting yourself (engaging in extremely intense exercise) can also induce nausea.

I know there are fitness professionals who feel that if a person doesn't feel like they're ready to hurl by the end of the workout, they didn't work hard enough. My personal opinion is that feeling nauseous at the end of the workout is a sign of physical distress. So, I'm glad you went to your doctor to get checked out.

At some point, anyone who's active has something like this happen. It's happened to me a few times and usually when it does it's because I'm badly dehydrated. even though I drink a lot of water, some times I don't drink enough for the amount of high intensity exercise I do.

It's always best to listen to your body during a workout. If you start feeling a bit uneasy, it's time to take things back a notch. If you can't squat with 150 pounds, then back off the weight or even just stop exercising. I've stopped a workout when I just didn't feel right.

Glad you're feeling better today.

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5/11/13 4:13 A

After yesterday's ST workout, I basically got sick. Nausea, dizziness. Got my blood pressure checked, slightly elevated but not to the point of causing this kind of sickness. This morning, I feel completely fine, except for sore muscles.

I never had this kind of experience with a 5x5 routine in which I was taking my time between sets since I was lifting quite heavy, e.g. squatting over 200lbs (92.5kgs).

Yesterdays workout consisted of squatting 2x8 for warm up, 3x8 at target weight (154lbs, 70kgs) and 2x8 drop sets...

So a 5x5@200lbs did nothing to me, but a 3x8@154lbs got me sick... Anyone had similar experience? Is it basically overexertion? It seems to me that it was overexertion.

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