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1/10/14 2:05 P

I am looking for some stretch exercises for lower back pain.

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6/16/13 9:04 P

No, I don't. I'm just going to stretch a lot and not exercise for a couple of days. I'll be fine. My friend sent me a PDF of exercises for lower back pain, so I'm going to do that on a heating pad for a couple of days and just do my upper body exercises. Thanks for caring! emoticon

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,066
6/16/13 7:49 P

Do you have any free clinics in your area?

Coach Jen

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6/16/13 6:42 P

Thanks, Jen, but I have no money to go to a doctor. I know there are a lot of people on this site from places with socialized medicine, but I'm in the U.S. and there are few options here unless you have money or insurance.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,066
6/16/13 4:46 P

If you're having that much pain, I'd suggest going back to your doctor to get it checked out. That way you can be sure that there's not a medical problem that needs to be corrected, and your doctor should also be able to give you exercise suggestions based on your condition.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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6/16/13 2:24 P

You could try things like back extension, swimming, boxer, superman, airplane pose, two-part pushups, one arm dumbbells (I think it is one arm dumbbell rows), and single leg bridge-ups. I think most of these can be found in the core workout part. If you have access to a gym the rowing machine could help.


Upper Body:

Lower Body:

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6/16/13 1:59 P

As I'm losing weight in my belly, my spine is shifting and starting to cause me pain. I had back surgery for a herniated disk many years ago, and the doctor said I had to stay thin to keep it from coming back. The pain then was on the right side, now it's on the left. I can't even mop the floor without pain.

Not looking for a quick fix I have Aleve for that -- but would like any info for what has been successful for you.

I just started doing the SP core workout videos on YouTube. I'm specifically using the bands, but also doing leg lifts and situps separately. I know I have back problems, so I stretch before and after and only do 10 reps with each set. Right now, I'm trying to do 3 sets a day. I'm really going slowly because of my back.

I'm also doing an isometric exercise that is supposed to help straighten my neck and shoulders. I stand against a wall, suck in my belly, tighten my butt, push back my shoulders and tuck my chin until my head is against the wall. Hold for a 10 count with 20 reps.

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