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Exercise and cellulite

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6/19/13 5:25 P

Sparkpeople has an article about cellulite each of you may find interesting:

Strategies that Fight Cellulite

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6/19/13 4:59 P

There is no magic cure for cellulite unless you still believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny. As you reduce your body fat the cellulite goes down. Cellulite is really a condition of the skin and it's ability to hold the fat stores in place. Once you loose weight there is less resistance required by the dermis or skin so the dimpling get's less prominant. If you build muscle under the cellulite it does not appear so bad either.

I had saddle bags/fat stores on my thighs with cellulite. After I lost weight they decreased so that I have the nice contours that you should see around the glutes. The cellulite is not sticking out. My measurements have gone from 41 to 35 around my thighs and 32 around my hips. It's incredible how the strength training has given me more shape more definition.

The cellulite is still there but it's camoflaged by my contours.

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6/19/13 4:03 P

I have heard that body brushing helps. And also, massaging with coffee grounds.

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6/19/13 3:42 P

Marycatfan - yes body brushing.

get a round brush with natural brush thistles and gently brush your body with it. start with the ends of the fingertips and brush towards your heart. when you're done with the upper body then start with your toes work your way up to the heart too

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6/18/13 9:34 P

when you lose body fat it improves

Posts: 34
6/18/13 8:28 P

I don't know if its getting less or not but it does seem to not be as noticable

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6/18/13 6:33 P

I believe it gets better with exercise but I don't think it ever goes away all together.

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Posts: 23
6/18/13 6:31 P

Body brushing??

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Posts: 1,871
6/18/13 6:29 P

consistent body brushing might help

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6/18/13 6:22 P

There is a quiz on this on here and it says that exercise doesn't help.

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6/18/13 4:00 P

I still have very noticeable cellulite as well on my butt, back of my thighs, and some on my inner thighs. With strength training it has gotten way better. You can be at your lowest weight but you have to tone down and lose the fat to notice a difference. The scale is no important. Your measure in body fat is more important.

Posts: 1,038
6/18/13 3:43 P

I've had cellulite, even at my lowest weight.

BUT...yesterday, I was noticing that it's better than it used to be. I was pretty shocked when I looked in the mirror. All I do for exercise is walk...and I'm definitely not at my lowest weight ever, right now.

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6/18/13 2:51 P

My cellulite has diminished very much with Zumba, walking, kettlebells and of course healthy food, and tons of water!! I also do an easy homemade coffee scrub for my legs while in shower. Lots of receipes online.

Posts: 1,004
6/13/13 8:37 A

Mine is gradually getting better. I know as I get more tone, I will probably still have a small problem, but mostly just in a bathing suit.

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6/12/13 6:42 P

You're not going to like this but I lost 15 lbs and it got *more* noticeable. My legs were firmer because of the muscle I built and the fat I lost but the cellulite on the backs of my thighs got more dimple-y. For bathing suit season, I use a caffeine cream that reduces the appearance of it for a couple of hours but is by no means permanent. Its just a vanity thing for me at this point. Shorts cover the worst of it, its just when I'm in a bathing suit bottom.

SparkPoints: (102,350)
Fitness Minutes: (78,744)
Posts: 3,319
6/12/13 6:42 P

I have lost 29 lbs and it's not as noticeable. You can have it no matter how thin as it's really more about your skin and were your store your fat. If you have less fat stored it's not as glaring. I feel much better about mine and really think lifting weights makes a difference.

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Posts: 1,061
6/12/13 6:39 P

You're right in that it can help reduce the appearance, but don't let that hang you up if you get to your goal weight and it is still there. I'm in maintenance right now, and I run, lift weights, cardio, yadda yadda, and I STILL have it. It just all depends on your body composition and how your fat is displaced throughout.

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Fitness Minutes: (1,868)
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6/12/13 3:10 P

I know that cellulite is a reality for many of us, but I have read that exercise and weight loss can reduce the appearance of it some. Anybody noticed a change? I'm down 58 lbs and I don't really see anything, but I was just wondering others' thoughts.

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