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10/10/12 12:39 P

I would say eat if you are hungry! I do! Especially after strenuous exercise. Just don't make the mistake of telling yourself you worked out real hard and deserve to eat it all/some back in junk food.

If this is something you are going to do on a continuous basis then make sure you include it on your start page as fitness goals. Your calorie intake will change as a result.

When it comes to what I eat after a hard work out depends, If I am tired and need energy I eat carbs, if my muscles hurt I choose eggs or protein. The funny thing about my body is now that it tells me what it wants in the form of cravings...Not to be confused with junk food cravings. I find this to be especially true when I am not meeting the minimum ranges in one of my nutrition goals. Which for me is usually protein.

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10/10/12 12:14 P

I do find that if I do excessive exercise that I am more hungry and eat more.

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10/8/12 1:01 P

A half hour exercise is easier to handle by doing nothing special about it. If you must do exercises of 1h or more, you need to fuel your body adequately by snacking before and after the exercise. Also, for exercises over 2h, you need a snack near the 2h mark. Of course, with an exercise of more than 2h duration you will eat more than your daily caloric range that day.

However, you must satisfy the weekly caloric deficiency that you are supposed to create to reach your goals, so you should not take in too many calories just because you are working out long hours.

10/8/12 11:24 A

I find on days when I am overly active I have to increase my calorie intake. Try to find healty outlets for those extra calories, but doesn't it make sense if you burn more you do have to fuel more. Of course don't go overboard.

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10/8/12 11:08 A

Had a great time in a volleyball tournament for a great cause this weekend, all my muscles are screaming in pain and so is my stomach. I until this weekend had an iron clad grip on my food consumption, satisfied for the most part with my allotted calories and the choices in food groups I was making. The over do it exercise this weekend, 5 games certainly beyond my comfort zone in the exercise department and I am starving. Seriously I was dreaming about chocolate bars last night, good grief. Is there something I am not eating enough of when exercising? Should I be shooting for the higher end of the calorie consumption when doing physical activity? More carbs? I would like this activity to be the norm as opposed to the exception to the norm but am concerned about the raging hungries?

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