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I drank 1 cup of joe...and 1 cup of apple almond shake in morning 30 minutes before my 30 Minutes @Physical Therapy went great....Leg lifts, glutes workout,leg presses and 6 minutes on the bike...pushing yourself is good when you listen to your body...pain is an indicator of something wrong.
If after breakfast i wait an hour.... : ( ...maybe get distracted too....

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Working out before or after eating is largely a matter of preference. Some people (especially morning exercisers) find they don't have enough energy if they don't eat at least something. Others feel nauseous if they do.

If you feel better eating something before, then that is what you should do. Even something as simple as a glass of juice when you get up can help boost blood sugar levels, without necessarily having to eat a full breakfast.


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The disadvantages would be gastro-intestinal related; indigestion, cramps (I personally get runner's stitches), reflux, etc. but as long as you're not experiencing anything like that I don't believe there's any disadvantages. I find I have less energy/strength for my workouts after I eat and I seem to perform better on an empty stomach. I like to get back to my prehistoric roots and hunt before I feast.

Everyone is different though, some people prefer to eat before, some prefer to wait. It's really up to you and works best for you.

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I'm the same way; I usually try to eat something small because I feel less powerful if I have an empty stomach when I exercise. But as long as you aren't too full and uncomfortable, it is really a personal preference.

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7/11/13 6:53 P

As long as it doesn't upset your stomach, it's fine to exercise after eating.

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Most experts recommend eating a small meal, consisting mostly of carbs and protein, before working out (although not immediately before, as that can make some people nauseous). I, for one, absolutely CANNOT work out without eating beforehand, as I get really, really nauseous. I usually break up my closest meal to working out into 2 meals, because I also feel sick if I don't eat after working out (and that is recommended as well, within an hour of completing a workout). So yes, it is absolutely okay to work out after eating breakfast! emoticon

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Is it OK to work out after eating breakfast?

I usually do my exercises early in the morning but sometimes get hungry and want to take a break and continue the workout after breakfast,
My breakfast usually consists of grapefruit and 3 eggs.

What are the disadvantages of exercising after a meal?

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