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6/8/14 12:34 A


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6/8/14 12:11 A

almost every hotel has WiFi. YouTube has lots of online workouts.

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6/6/14 6:39 P

not easy when you travel 1200 miles in two days. only out of the car long enough to grab food and get back in. i did do some stretches outside the hotel .also did a few belly pulling in and outs.( need that) lol.

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6/5/14 7:22 A

Hell yah!! No matter where you are there is always something you can do!

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6/5/14 5:24 A

Thank you so much for the link, MODESTASHEGETS. :D

Omg... I see burpees. I still can't do a proper burpee.

6/4/14 4:17 P

I love everything about that site. I have taken a few different bootcamps and they have a LOT of the moves on there. Definitely good basics so you can get started. Glad to share!

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6/4/14 3:56 P

MODESTASHEGETS: I love your link! Those are tried and true bodyweight exercises. I liked the pics and the text, too. They also have a piece about resistance band exercises:
Oh, and yours in a clickable/linkable way:
I like the whole site. I appreciate a site that has categories like 'play' and 'discover' as well as 'eat' and 'move'. Thanks very much.

P.S. This recipe looks delicious:

6/4/14 3:03 P

I do these body weight exercises.

Easy to sneak some of these things in if you get lots of breaks. Good luck!

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6/4/14 12:10 P

I travel a lot too! I loaded 45 minutes of zumba tunes on my phone and I dance in the hotel room. Alternatives: I also walk in place while watching late night television. I occasionally workout in the hotel gym or pool (I do water aerobics instead of swimming laps because the pools are so small). My business travel also takes me to hospitals; in the larger ones I take the stairs. My worst exercise challenge is when I travel out of state to visit mom in her nursing home and need to sit quietly at her bedside for most of the day; I then just need to occasionally take a break and walk around the grounds (each circuit of the nursing home campus is 3/4 mile)

6/4/14 3:50 A

I have been known to walk all over a hotel, up and down the corridors, because I wear a pedometer and like to get at least 10,000 steps daily.

ZRIE014 Posts: 60,339
6/4/14 12:49 A

running in the morning

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6/3/14 3:27 P

Man! I am all about exercise when traveling. I look forward to a change of scenery for runs. Checking a hotel's fitness facility is literally one of the first things I do when looking for lodging. Always interesting giving strange ellipticals and treadmill a test run. Gotta love those adjustable dumbell thingies, too.

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6/3/14 2:36 P

I pack exercise bands that help me get some extra strength training in even if it is brief. Also, body weight exercises like jogging in place, jumping jacks and other calisthenics are helpful. I also walk as much as possible even if just for brief periods. It all adds up and keeps me from losing all the gains made while at home. Great success to you!

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6/3/14 2:07 P

Being on your feet all day is exhausting but it's not exercise. That's so unfair! On the plus side, it does burn more calories than just sitting.

I served in three ships while I was in the Coast Guard. When the ship was at sea, I stood watch on the bridge; in port, I stood watch on the quarterdeck. Standing in one place for four hours was far more wearying than being on the bridge, where I was in constant motion. While you're on your feet all day, I hope you're able to move around.

After a run, I'll lay on the floor with my legs up against the wall. If being on your feet all day bothers your legs, you might want to try it.

On those days when you're working crazy-long hours, I'd suggest you not try to schedule a workout unless it's something you need for your mental health. I'd try to get as good a night's sleep as possible.

On days when you have more flexibility, I'd workout. I always bring a swimsuit with me when I'm staying in a hotel, just in case they have a pool or a hot tub. (If it's just a hot tub, you can jog in it. I wouldn't do that if there were other guests in the hot tub, though.) I'm a beginning runner (which is a polite way of saying I'm slow because I walk a lot!). When I travel, I run. I'll usually map out a route ahead of time. You can also check with the front desk or conceriege about good walking/running routes, places that are safe, etc.

And I had to laugh at your "Did some of you even read the original post?" comment. Sometimes it seems people are in such a hurry to weigh in they ignore the question.

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6/3/14 1:25 P

I like to do exercises while sitting in a chair. Check out Coach Nicole's chair exercise video. Also, doing squats and lunges daily seems to help.
I take my computer along on trips, and do spark videos.
I try to do 2 toning and one cardio a day.

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6/2/14 4:36 A

Hotel room yoga!

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6/1/14 3:03 A

When I travel I often walk the hallways of each floor, and snoop around where the conference rooms are. Taking resistance bands of a couple different strengths is good, too and maybe a jump rope? Ask at the front desk. Sometimes even if there isn't a pool or gym, they may have an arrangement with a local place nearby. Is their a local pickup game of basketball or some other sport? Can you go bowling once night a week with your peers? Or if your company is staying a few nights, take to the front desk or the manager to see if you can get access to their gym or pool during later or earlier hours.
Check the local listings to see if the PBS station carries yoga or fitness in the early AM, or maybe they have movies to rent in the room and you can find a fitness workout to do.
Working at a hospital means they should be into health too - walk around the grounds during your break, and tell others a recent study showed that those who sit have a high rate for heart failure so getting up for 30-120 seconds and walking every hour is the latest news.

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6/1/14 1:08 A

What about doing a 2 to 5 minute exercise every hour? for example, doing squats or lunges or wall pushes-be creative.

As a remote hospital auditor, I am in front of computer 10 hours a day at home. I squeeze in my routine by doing 5 minutes of exercise every hour and do 15 minute walk every four hours.

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5/31/14 7:35 A

I jump rope everyday when I travel (and when I don't, too). 10 minutes of jumping fast gets the heart and lungs going and the blood circulating. I've recently gotten into using a suspension trainer (a well-known but expensive brand name is the TRX). It is basically made up of nylon straps. It folds up small. You can make or purchase an attachment to slip over a closed door in order to set it up; for example, an inner door of a hotel room. A suspension trainer combines bodyweight exercise with core work. It's an amazing tool and, I hear, highly regarded by travelers.

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5/30/14 10:44 P


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5/30/14 10:10 P

Not in the same way as I do at home. Usually I try to walk places, visit tourist sites like parks or water activities. Also, agreed that the hotel pool is the best place to be, if it's warm!

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5/30/14 4:54 P

Agreed, luckily most hotels have fitness centers or even a pool that you can get a little workout in.

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5/30/14 2:54 P

I try to always stay at hotels that have good fitness centers or gyms. Also, it doesn't hurt to have a track nearby for running on a closed loop near your vehicle.

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5/29/14 8:28 P

I do my best.

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5/29/14 8:11 P

I've never heard of resistance bands causing problems at airport security (although I'm happy to update this if anyone can report some direct experience on this issue).

On a practical level, I think that it would be very difficult to strangle someone with a resistance band - they're too stretchy for that. Although winning an arguement with TSA on those grounds probably ain't gonna happen.


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5/29/14 7:29 P

Absolutely! Pack your gym bag- you can always get out for a walk.

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5/29/14 12:40 A

Omg. Thank you for saying that. I am not about to get pulled to the side by TSA. Nope nope.

Thanks for all the advice, everyone!

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5/29/14 12:06 A

I'm a hooper, so my hula hoop is going with me on our trip in September. If space is a problem, mini hoops are great. There are lots of great movements to do as a workout with a hoop. It doesn't have to just around your waist. We're driving, so the hoop is going in the car. There are several different travel hoops that collapse or come apart that will fit in suitcases as well.

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5/28/14 10:45 A

when i am in the car traveling i have a habit of pulling my stomach in as far as it will go and then letting it out as far as i can. its the middle that really needs the extra work on me. good luck

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5/28/14 10:43 A

The suggestions I had were exactly what some previous posters have said - resistance bands and jump ropes! I did this when traveling and would couple it with walking whenever I could and also doing yoga in my room.

Just make sure your resistance bands and such are in your CHECKED baggage, as TSA may view them as a weapon!

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,786
5/28/14 9:41 A

I've either done it first thing in the morning (walk/run/hit hotel gym) or night (gym/streaming video on my iPad) when traveling for work. Look at your daily schedule and fit it in - make it an appointment like everything else. Knowing good body weight and resistance band exercises are great to keep up your ST and a good pair of shoes to walk/run are really all you need. Even just putting on some music and dancing around your room (I like to throw in some higher intensity intervals like burpees, jumping jacks, alternating lunges, etc.) is better than lying around.

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5/28/14 8:06 A

Half the time, no. emoticon But the ideas about resistance bands and good walking/running shoes are good ones. That's how I kept my exercise going while I was travelling a couple of weeks for work. Googling bodyweight exercise routines is also good because those don't need any equipment other than your own body.

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5/28/14 1:18 A

Do people even read the original post before commenting?

ZRIE014 Posts: 60,339
5/28/14 12:15 A


JANEWAY45 Posts: 16
5/27/14 9:11 P

One thing that has worked for me a couple of times was simply walking up and down the stairs in the hotel! You can really have fun making routes from combinations of different floors and stairs.
As far as weight training goes: push-ups, planks, squats, and lunges emoticon

YVONNEL7 Posts: 20
5/27/14 2:51 A

This is such a good idea

ZRIE014 Posts: 60,339
5/27/14 12:22 A

yes run

ELLI20 Posts: 4,467
5/27/14 12:19 A

While on vacation I usually walk every day, plus go swimming a few times a day.

5/27/14 12:01 A

I am also planning a long trip and plan on walking the dog in the mornings before starting out. then each stop adding 10 to 15 minutes to help add the steps on. Hope it works out good luck on your trip

5/26/14 11:57 P

good idea!!

MARTHROID Posts: 389
5/26/14 11:53 P

Exercise while traveling is hard. Maybe a safe place to walk/jog and do a workout with your body resistance on the hotel floor or bed. Just move...even while working, going upstairs, instead of elevator.

This won't help your situation, but we traveled recently and found a playground. This obviously is more acceptable with kids :)

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EARTH-ANGEL Posts: 310
5/26/14 10:07 P

Excercise videos that require no equipment but your laptop to play them on!

MTN_KITTEN SparkPoints: (141,145)
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5/26/14 10:06 P

We are going to the Grand Canyon ... and I will be walking, walking, walking every morning before we get our day started. I want to stay with my commitment I made to myself.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,443
5/26/14 8:49 P

Resistance bands are a much more travel-friendly option than hand weights, and they are more versatile as well.

Track your progress with a tape measure rather than the scale - again, not only is this travel friendly, but it is also probably a better assessment (overall weight is subject to daily fluctuations in hydration levels).

If the hotel has a gym, use it. Alternatively, ask at the front desk about where you can safely walk or run - they will often have a sketch map. And if all else fails, climbing up and down the hotel stairs for 10 minutes is awesome exercise.


5/26/14 6:22 P

Someone already suggested weights which are unfortunately a little more weighty (hehe) than you might want for your luggage. But another option might be a jump rope and/or some resistance bands which are small and light.

Walking is definitely a good idea. Maybe try google mapping the distance between the hospital you'll be inventorying and the hotel you're staying at and leave early to brisk walk to work. I've had my most success in terms of losing weight just by ditching my monthly bus pass and walking the 25 min to school or 30 min to work.

Again youtube/sparkpeople vidoes are super great and many of them are very fast and effective.

Using your own body for resistance is great too in terms of squats, jacks, pushups, sit ups that sort of thing.

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GIVEMEFRIES SparkPoints: (8,868)
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5/26/14 4:32 P

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

The only time we really need to work super long shifts is if we're behind schedule and need to finish a hospital before we go to another state. That's only happen a few times, so I can expect an 8-hour or 10-hour day most of the time (12 if we're super busy). Our lunches are only 45 minutes, so if I do a 30-minute walk during lunch, I might not be able to enjoy my food as much as I would like to... Although, I wouldn't mind going on a walk during lunch, but it's usually the only time we get to sit and relax since we're usually standing up while we count items.

Also, we usually take inventory in the deepest parts of the hospital. So it might take us 5 minutes to walk to the cafe, a few minutes to get what we want and pay, and well... I'm just thinking about all the time we don't have. XD Sorry!

You'd think being on your feet all day and moving around would count as exercise, but it never showed up on the scale when I got home, in the tape measurement, etc. I think what I can do is hit the hotel gym in the morning on days when we don't have to go in early just to get the exercise out the way. On the hectic days... I'll just cross that bridge when I get to it.

NANNAMANDY SparkPoints: (16,507)
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5/26/14 4:09 P

While I know that it will add weight to your luggage hand weights are are good way to get some weight training and toning. Crunches, pushups squats etc are easy and you only need body weight. This can be done in a 30 minute break or first thing in the morning. When I travel I always take my laptop and my Walk Away thePound DVDs and I do something morning and evening in my motel room.
I realize the time might be a problem for both of you, but squeezing in a brisk 15 minutes of walking here and there is the best I can offer. Remember that it all adds up. If you can find time to use the Motel gyms or swimming pools it would be an added benefit. Sometimes we have to schedule exercise. When you are busy this might mean getting up a little earlier, or just doing those 15 minutes before bed.
Not having a scale can be a good thing, as long as you continue to track your food, you will get a happy surprise when you do weigh yourself. Sometimes the sale can be our enemy.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,060)
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5/26/14 2:55 P

Do you get a lunch break ? If so, you could take a 30 minute walk at lunch. Walking is not only great cardiovascular exercise, it's a great way to reduce stress too. If your day gets very hectic, you may find a 15-30 minute walk a lunch helpful.

8am to midnight is a very long shift. How many days a week will you be expected to pull those kind of hours ? What you might consider doing is having shorter workouts planned for your long shift days and longer workouts for off days.

Example, take a 15-30 minute walk at lunch. When you wake up in the morning, get a 10-15 minute workout to get your blood flowing. On days you don't have to work that long a shift, maybe you hit the gym for an aerobics class or a 30-60 minute strength or cardio workout.

You can't be on the road that many days. So, plan your longer workouts on days you're not traveling. Save the shorter workouts for the road. You can break up your workouts into shorter segments and still get all the health benefits. If you can't workout for 30 minutes, working out for 10 minutes. Three 10 minute workouts spaced out through the day still adds up to a 30 minute workout. And there are tons of great 10 minute workouts you can do. Coach Nicole has a bunch posted in the fitness section. There are billion posted on YOUTUBE.

Why not try 10-15 minute short workouts 2-3 times during your work day ? one in the morning, one at lunch and one before bed.

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5/26/14 2:50 P

I'm going on a long road trip and will be doing lots of driving (7-9 hrs.) every day! So I need some ideas too. Jogging in place on the side of the road doesn't quite do it for me! Plus, it would look really weird!! LOL weird doesn't really stop me, so that is a possibility.

Suggestions for me too, please!


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GIVEMEFRIES SparkPoints: (8,868)
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5/26/14 11:30 A

Hello, everyone! emoticon

I travel for a living as a hospital auditor. This is the first time in my life actually making exercise a habit and I'm wondering how I'll go about it traveling so much. I'll be away for at least a month and I won't have access to a scale unless I bring my own (and I really do not want to add more weight to my suitcase).

I know most hotels have gyms, but we work such weird hours, sometimes leaving at 8 in the morning and making it back to the hotel around midnight or one o'clock. Does anyone have any suggestions for making sure I keep to me regime and exercise everyday? I think I'll do alright with the food. I keep snacks on me and we take enough breaks. ^-^ Thank you!

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