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11/21/12 10:16 P

See message thread," broken leg at strength class." My instructor broke her leg, and never missed one strength class workout. There I listed many exercises she did with a cast on her leg.

Also, have you looked up chair exercises on SP videos?

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11/21/12 5:21 P


Do you have any resistance bands or free weights ? If so, you can do upper body strength exercises while sitting in a chair. Work your upper body muscles while your ankle heals. An upper body strength workout can be quite challenging.

Also, if you are looking for more chair workouts, try YOUTUBE. Is your doctor letting you walk with crutches ? If so, use them. walking on crutches is surprizingly effective exercise. I knew people with broken legs who lost weight because they had to use crutches.

Mostly, do the best you can. If you can't exercise as vigorously as you want, don't beat yourself up. Give your ankle time to heal. As long as you are mindful of what you eat, you will not gain weight because you can't exercise. When it comes to weight loss or even weight gain, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy.


GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
11/20/12 5:49 P

Sparkpeople has EXCELLENT seated cardio workout videos that I think you may enjoy! You get your heart rate up. You get the movement you need. You will not put any more strain on your poor ankle.

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11/20/12 5:45 P

How about a martial arts video - especially one that involves a lot of punching (rather than kicking, obviously).


ERIS23 Posts: 516
11/20/12 12:02 P

I had a similar issue many years ago though I was lucky enough to be by a gym. I did a recumbent bike as much as possible (a bike with a trainer *might* work) and simply upped my weight lifting. Doing that quickly will give you some cardio and it might be the best and only option. A few free weights could do it for equipment.

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11/20/12 8:28 A

I'm battling a similar thing. I just had knee surgery last tuesday. I'm going to go to the gym today and try some light ST and maybe some cardio.

ALAINAW30 Posts: 112
11/20/12 7:58 A

I'm getting over a nasty sprain (3 weeks now) and really need to be moving. I feel like I'm stuck right now...can't do anything weight bearing.

I live in a small town - no gym; no swimming pool (in November, anyway). What are some things I can do short of crunches ad-nauseum? I'm really wanting to get my heart rate up again.


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