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9/17/13 11:44 A

I agree with everyone else. Find another class with a better instructor. Also, exercise should be fun, not a chore. I only work out doing activities I enjoy, so it doesn't really seem like exercise or something I "have" to do. For instance, you'll never find me on an elliptical machine. I hate that thing :D. But I DO love the treadmill, the spin bike, walking outside, hiking and doing aerobics videos. :D

ZORITSA Posts: 275
9/17/13 9:45 A

I have to agree with finding a different class and instructor, especially if they aren't flexible with modifications. I'm a big gal and can't do certain moves, but every class I've been attending recently, the instructors have always had modifications...or at the very least...showed a move to keep people moving. It's kept me encouraged and motivated to keep at it so I could one day do the move correctly.

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9/16/13 11:46 P

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Sometimes it takes a while to find the workout that is just right for us.

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9/16/13 11:29 P

Perhaps you could take a break from this class and join another class with her. If she had someone to go to a new class with, she might be more likely to give another class a try. Yes, it might be a little sacrifice for you, but isn't that part of what true friendship is about? Find a class you could both enjoy together -- with a different instructor who teaches modifications for people with different abilties.

You'd probably both be happier in the long run. This class can't be that great that you couldn't be happy somewhere else.

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9/16/13 9:57 P

I have no idea what a burpee is but it sounds rude!

Seriously, if the instructor won't work with her then find a different class. You are paying for this and it should work for you.

I do not do lunges and I do not run. I make my own modifications and make it work for me. If an instructor doesn't like it then it is her problem. No instructor worth her certification would want a client to get discouraged and quit. Talk to her and enlist her help.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
9/16/13 6:24 P

Yea, seriously, she needs a different instructor. That is too bad she is feeling uncomfortable in that class because a good instructor ALWAYS offers modifications and should also show empathy for all levels of fitness.

Burpees are hard for a lot of people and that has nothing to do with anyone's weight. It has to do with anatomy, some people just should not attempt burpees. There are plenty of modifications and different exercises that she could do instead. But sounds like the instructor is taking no care to help out.

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MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,419
9/16/13 4:35 P

She should find another class with a different instructor. There are as many different exercises as there are people.

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9/16/13 3:45 P

The instructor doesn't allow modifications ? That's not very professional. I've been teaching a variety of fitness classes for years and I show my students modifications. Everyone has limitations.

There are modifications for burpees. Instead of doing a full burpee, she could bend over, place her hands on the ground, walk her feet out into a push ups position, walk the feet back in and stand up. Do you think she could do that ? That's a modification of a burpee. I know burpees aren't easy. I loathe the things myself.

If her instructor won't let her do a modication for a burpee, then she should ask if she can do some other type of exercise such as squats, high knees, legs lifts or even modified jumping jacks.

I can understand why your friend is discouraged. I'd be discouraged too if I wasn't given any options or pose adaptations. there are other boot camp classes out there. Find a different class with a different instructor. You want one who does respect the physical limitations of the class. Different people have different abilities. If this is a beginner boot camp class, it should be taught for beginners.

You might also show your friend Spark People. If she needs more support, the SP community will support her.

VKKESU Posts: 1,008
9/16/13 3:40 P

If she dislikes the music and hates the class, find another one she does like quickly. That's a sure sign for burn out and giving up. I know this personally !!

When something is done in a class that I can't do (knees won't lung or they hurt, etc.) I do squats. I don't care if I'm the only one, at least I'm doing something. I've never seen a class that won't show a modification though. Ask the instructor before class starts. Doing the smallest situps or side reaches will work also.

My biggest concern is that she will lose interest if she isn't enjoying herself. Check into another class if possible.

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9/16/13 3:27 P

New to this site and have been working out with a friend for quite sometime. She is struggling with her weight however eating very well and tracking it daily. Yeah! We have been doing a class together that incorporates a lot of moves that are difficult for her to do at this time because of her weight. One in particular is v-sits and burpees. The class does not offer any modified moves so it makes it even more difficult and the hot weather doesn't help. She does not want to stop going to the class because she would feel like she failed but I do sense that she is really disliking it and rightfully so. Any suggestions on how to keep her motivated when she cannot do all the moves, hates the heat and even finds that the music does not motivate her? I want to help her along her journey but sense that she needs more than me saying you got this! Thank you!!

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