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1/29/12 3:11 A

hello D...two days after surgery...thank you for your I mentioned to another gal..better wait till teh dr. has been ssen first.......i think i could write a book w/ the strange dreams...but I am still commited in my mind..and pool is available at phys. therapy when I get there.....still icing it tho...thanks D...

Well here is a new way to deal with life transitions for me with taking care of myself so I can take care of my loved ones and succeed..!! I feel good about being here..All the best..PT
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1/27/12 4:53 P

I've had two knee replacements in the last year (left knee in May; right knee in November) and the best exercise I get is in the pool! In my early sessions (about 3-4 weeks post-op) I can manage about 20 minutes. Now, at 8 weeks post-op, I am up to 30 minutes in the pool with 5-8 minutes in the hot-tub (not too long, or the knee will really swell with the increase in circulation!!).

I try to go swim 2 to 3 x each week. Every recovery is different, but do make use of the advice your surgeon and physicial therapist offer to tailor your safest route to recovery!


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1/27/12 9:13 A

I had foot surgery in November and have not exercised at all. I had just put in my goals to do upper body exercise starting today when I read this post....I have hand weight so had thought about a ball....I have been doing leg lifts, but not enough to say I have been exercising.
I'm starting today!!!!!!!!
What kind of foot surgery did you have?

1/24/12 9:41 P

This is a great topic for me..I am going to have knee surgery..arthoscopic.I will get Pt i I imagine..and hubby just said I have a deflated ball downstairs...well I i will keep logging in...Precioustime

Well here is a new way to deal with life transitions for me with taking care of myself so I can take care of my loved ones and succeed..!! I feel good about being here..All the best..PT
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5/31/11 3:37 P

Can you do any core work--with a big exercise ball? Even sitting at the computer on that will work your core.

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5/31/11 3:00 P

Strength training, with weights, helps with the flabby feeling!

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5/28/11 12:08 P


I just signed up today and I'm excited to get started. I had foot surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago and will be recuperating another 2 weeks. I have lost 27 pounds since January and I'm getting flabby! Walking is out and I tried my pilates machine but that caused too much foot pain.
Any suggestions to help me start firming up while I wait for my feet to return to normal would be so appreciated!

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