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12/6/12 7:23 P

With time we will get better. During the day I am ok. At dinner time I start thinking I am hungry but I remind myself of my goals and that helps.
I notice the more focused I am the less hungry I get.

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12/6/12 5:27 P

Sounds like we are both trying to concentrate on our hunger signals! I have been better at noticing when I am actually hungry, yet have been unable to stop myself from finishing my meals despite fullness. Definitely more to improve on!

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
12/4/12 10:49 P

Good job on your healthy choices today.

It is funny but I am never hungry in the morning. I will have 1/2 piece of fruit and a spoonful of greek yogurt. Around 10am I will have the rest of my breakfast.
I eat part of my dinner around 3 pm and the rest around 6 pm. So I end up having around 5 small meals.

For dinner today I had about a cupful of spaghetti. It was so good. I am working on eating when hungry and stopping when satisfied. I rationalized a few extra bites today though.

Hope you have another good day tomorrow.

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12/4/12 6:18 P

Just great! Oatmeal for breakfast, large salad at lunch, and a green shake for dinner before I head out for my workout :) good job on every healthy choice you made today!

It's good that you are not eating after 6. You must feel awake, hungry, and motivated in the morning on that empty stomach!

& that sounds like a pleasant weekend...I'm a server so usually I have to work weekends! This past weekend was definitely exhausting.

What are you eating for dinner to leave you satisfied through the evening?

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
12/3/12 11:28 P

How did you do today Dani?

I eat 5 very small meals throughout the day and will not eat after 6 pm. This way I am never very hungry. It is in the evening that I get snack attacks for emotional reasons.

I did well today.
1. I ate planned and balanced meals (had protein at each meal but didn't count the grams)
2. no mindless evening snacking
3. kept my calorie range around1200 cal
4. emotionally, it was a good day
5. walked 30 min and did 30 min of yoga stretches
6. posted how I did (I forget my goals so easily)

Yes, I had a very nice weekend. We had family over on sunday. Thank you for asking. What did you do over the weekend.

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12/3/12 3:17 P

Yes, overall it was 65 hours on just fruit & veggie juices and shakes :) I decided to end a bit early because I got too excited about starting a new healthy meal plan. That's what is most important anyways, eating healthy food!

Those are all great activities, you should definitely go for the belly dancing! I would feel too embarrassed going on my own to a class but I'm sure you could meet new friends and get a great workout.

You have some good strategies, I am going to apply most as well. The journal is definitely a nice touch, would probably work well for me you tend to eat all day if you allow yourself snacks? My goal is to forget about snacking and just eat 3 meals throughout the day when I am noticeably hungry. Too often I'll eat snacks when I really do not even need them!!

Did you have a good weekend??

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
12/1/12 3:48 P

Did you start your juice detox?

I like to walk, garden, dance, do yoga stretches and shop. I think I would like to learn how to belly dance.

So, what are you going to hold yourself accountable for?
For a starter, I would like to
1. plan balanced meals daily (45 - 50 grams of protein)
2. eat only at meal times (that means no snacking)
3. keep my calorie range between 1200 -1300
4. keep an emotion journal (then I can control my emotional eating)
5. walk 30 min, yoga stretches 30 min (the minimum)
6. report daily on my progress to keep me focused (I forget my goals so easily)

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11/30/12 5:55 P

I feel as though I ate a lot yesterday & promised myself I wouldn't snack late at night. I wound up drinking a couple of beer and eating some crackers(more than intended)!!

Today was better, and as I am about to eat a pretty satisfying meal, I doubt I'll have any urge to snack later :) regardless, I'm going to be starting a 3-day juice detox tomorrow just to really put me in the mood to start off right!!

That's great on your efforts last night. How late at night do you usually stay up at night?? And when is your last meal? Good luck to us to not mindlessly snack tonight!!

for the last 10 lbs I am willing to track everything for 5-10 weeks and do some sort of daily activity. I find it is hard to track food on here though! But on Tuesday(after my detox) I am going to log every meal, exercise, and measurement.

What are your favourite exercises??

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
11/30/12 5:44 P

Being prepared certainly is helpful!

How did you do yesterday and today Dani?

I wanted to nibble last night but told myself "no". I feel motivated today and do not think I will even think about snacking tonight.

Do you have a plan for losing 10 lbs. I am just tracking everything.

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11/29/12 8:42 P

I think that being aware is really important...yet I am usually unable to do so myself! haha :)

For times when I just have to mindlessly eat I am never usually prepared, so perhaps it's time that I countered my high-calorie binges by preparing those snacks ahead of time.

I have the same goal, one pound per week, but I always feel it is going too slowly. So I start a pattern of restricting and binging that always results in a weight gain!!

Good for you for being able to refuse your cravings :) gotta stay consistent though!

IAMJOYFUL2 Posts: 4,001
11/29/12 7:04 P

Hi Dani
I would love to be a motivation buddy.
I too have trouble with motivation at times which I think is normal for most people.
I tend to want to snack when I am bored, tired or stressed. Just being aware of my triggers is helpful.
Last night I got the munchies and just had to nibble on something. It seems to happen late in the evening when I am watching tv. I had a plate of crudites in the frig for just such an occasion. I mindlessly ate them and was satisfied. On tues and wed evening I got the nibbles but I was able to say "no" to them. I guess we just have to stay focused.
My goal is to lose 10 lbs - one lb per week.

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11/29/12 6:41 P

STILL looking for a motivation buddy!!

Things are going well, but I am still needing a friend to check-in with for the rough days.
I am having some troubles with emotional eating and would love to have someone to share experiences and motivation/coping strategies with :)

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11/26/12 7:07 P

I have almost zero motivation right now for exercise. If I am on a roll it is easy to get to the gym everyday, but I have not gone for a run in almost two weeks and fear I won't be able to do as much once I finally get there...

I'm hoping to gain some motivation to kick-start my running routine again and was curious if anyone on here was looking for a buddy to check-in with everyday!

By the way, I am looking to lose around 10 lbs, but also to maintain my running routine after this weight loss :)

Soooo if anyone has similar goals or also needs motivation, gimme a shout!

- Dani

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