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Carb and fat counts don't matter when it comes to weight loss/gain. Only calories matter.

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2/5/14 12:07 A

Thanks lec you hit my problem on the head.:)

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2/5/14 12:04 A

No I wasn't trying to make a habit of this I'm overthinking things but am also trying to keep things in perspective. Asking myself is it worth it meaning how much time I would be investing or wasting on eating or drinking something extra. I had some extra calories I had eaten and burned but my fats were still over and that confused me. Thanks for all the imput it did help me

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Units are important! :P

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I would not recommend trying to increase exercise to compensate for overindulging. It's not effective in any reasonable amount, and it can lead to problems if attempted often, whether those problems are exercise-type bulimia on the one end, or failing to see weight loss or failing to keep up with the necessary exercise and beating yourself up mentally on the other end. Ideally you will not overindulge. If you do by just a little, you can opt to eat at the low end of your calorie range for a few days; if you do by a lot, just learn from it and move on. No single day is going to sabotage your goals. It's when you get into or stay into bad habits for the long term that you get into trouble.

The reasoning for this: Most people when they say "I overindulged" are talking about going 500 or 1000 calories or sometimes more over their intended goals for that day. In order to burn off even 500 calories with exercise, you'd need to do about an hour of rather intense exercise or 90 min to 2 hours of less intense exercise over and above what you would have done anyway. This is simply not sustainable as a habit.

As for your confusion over carbs, fat etc -- the last poster had it just about right except it's not 4 calories/9 calories per *molecule* of the substance, it's 4/9 per *gram*. And protein is also 4.

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You're talking about calories, carbs, and fat as if they are completely different things. Carbs, fat, and protein are different types of energy and a calorie is a measure of energy. A single carbohydrate molecule gives you 4 calories of usable energy, protein is also 4, and fat is 9 calories. That's why a lot of people consider fatty foods more satiating - because they give your body more usable energy than protein or carbohydrates. So exercise burns calories, whether those calories came from carbohydrates, fats, or proteins makes no difference.

Also, most people don't find it particularly helpful to food as an incentive to exercise. In my experience, you eat well to lose weight and exercise to get and stay fit.

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1/31/14 2:10 P

Thanks for the info I'm sure I'll incorporate it but I think what I'm trying to figure out is how much excersice I have to do to burn not only calories (which
Tracker tells me) but also how much carb and mainly fat the excersice burns.

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1/30/14 11:27 P

It totally depends on what you eat.

A carb example:
--A piece of fish and a bunch of veggies for 300 calories will cost you about 8 carbs.
--For 300 calories of brown rice (more than a cup) you have to spend 60 carbs.

The same with fat--it depends on the food you eat:
--For 55 calories of butter (1.5 pats) you spend 6 grams of fat.
--55 calories of apple (small, with skin) gives you zero grams of fat.

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1/30/14 11:10 P

Sorta, more like if I want that piece of cake I have to work for it ( work it off first). I think I got a little crazy with the idea of eating more n didn't think about whether I was goin over fat and carbs?

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1/30/14 11:04 P

With the tracker it seems that the increase in calories will just increase everything proportionally. I'd think though that if you were trying to exercise more to "make up" for eating more the day before or something, then you wouldn't want to also increase your calories again. (If that's what you're saying)

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1/30/14 9:19 P

If I increase my excersice to cover an overindulgence the tracker automatically increases calories on my tracker. My question is how does the extra excersice affect carb and fat counts?

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