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5/2/13 2:33 A

Some people eat higher on exercise days. But some others find the day after exercise is a hungry day rather than the day of exercise. Yet others find it doesn't really matter.

As long as your entire weekly calories burned is roughly the same as your goal calories burned, you are fine to eat anywhere in your range that you feel comfortable to every single day, regardless of exercise that particular day or not.

And if your weekly calories burned doesn't match your goal - just change the goal. :)

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5/1/13 9:13 P

great question and great link!

5/1/13 8:27 P

This link will take you to a Spark article that shows the math calculations used for your calorie range.

As to where to eat within the range, experiment and see where you do the best with your weight loss and feel the best with energy and intensity for your workout.

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5/1/13 7:10 P

Daily caloric range is pretty wide. Say you have 1200-1540 per day. How does exercise calculate in. If you're spending 400 calories a day should you be eating closer to the 1540, or does it matter.

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