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10/6/12 7:49 P

Still doing pretty good but I know it will be a challenge to get back to the gym tomorrow since I"m really starting to feel the muscle burn. (No worries, I'm safe with my strength training but just a little sore). Also, my partner's mom is coming down tomorrow and I know she will take us out to eat....

I'm trying to be conscious of what I have eaten, what I need to eat, etc throughout the day by tracking it on SP. But I can't do that everyday....and I'm so scared that I'll start coming home and entering everything to find out I completely blew it.

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10/6/12 3:33 P

Just keep taking the small steps. Sooner than you think, they will become big steps. Remember the tortoise beat the hare.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 54,968
10/6/12 1:41 P

There is a lot of great advice already given. I want to say AMEN to everything that everyone has said so far.

I have been doing this for more than 45 years, done WW several times with GREAT successes (50-100 pounds each time), on my own (160 pounds success one of those times), and on SP on and off since 2008. It DOES get easier when you finally accept what was PERHAPS my greatest insight - Not only is this a lifestyle change (buzz words that I have used a million times through EVERY downward weight drop), BUT I CANNOT fail, fall off the wagon, quit or any of the OTHER defeatist words that I have used and seen others use a billion times in the past. WHY CAN I NOT FAIL, QUIT (or any of the rest of it)? Because we ONLY GET ONE LIFE - and whether our choices and decisions are PERFECT or PERFECTLY AWFUL, we WILL have to live with the consequences of them - Our journey started at birth and our journey will continue until we die - this is IT - we have been making our opinions known and our choices since we were infants when we refused to eat that yuckity green mush just because it didn't suit our tastes. We selected bottles and cans of soda instead of water. We chose candy bars and turned our noses up at cottage cheese, or whatever. Some of us (like me) were even skinny kids others were husky or chubby or normals. Some of us ate PERFECTLY during pregnancy in order to ensure that baby would be healthy only to discover that even healthy babies are a WHOLE LOT MORE WORK than a very young married woman expected and then used "having a baby" as the excuse for gaining about 75 pounds.

ALL of these were CHOICES and PART of the JOURNEY to where I am now. All of them created the ME who I AM today and the one I will be when I FINALLY get back to a healthy weight.

Every time is part of THIS TIME and the choices are too.

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10/6/12 1:16 P

Sounds like you made a little breakthrough there!

If you haven't yet, please read The Spark. You can probably get it at the library, or it's $4.99 on Amazon for the Kindle.

I've done this yo-yo thing (even using SP several times over the last 6 years) for about 15 years now, and I can tell you that it gets easier. Don't give up for the long term. If you fall down, don't stay down.


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10/6/12 10:32 A

Asong as you get up one time more than you fall, you will make it to goal.

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10/6/12 9:51 A

Well, it's been four days since I started back and I"m still on the wagon. I'm trying to work on little things -drinking 8 glasses of water, staying within my food limits on here, trying to do 30 mins of exercise everyday- and I'm feeling a little better.

I think one of my big downfalls is how guilty I feel when I don't do what I set out to that day. LIke yesterday I wanted to go to the gym but things just got too busy. Instead of doing nothing (like I wanted to) I did 30 mins of yoga. It made me feel less guilty and helped me calm down from the day.

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10/4/12 5:16 P

i think maybe you need to set small achievable goals like walking 15-30 minutes 3 x week then increase gradually...after you lose 10 lbs, reward yourself with something you want-not food...maybe a massage or movie or whatever it is you have been wanting or wanting to do...make the goals small, so it will be easier to achieve. Don't measure your success or lack there of just by the number on the scale either...measure it by how you feel too...find things you enjoying doing whether it is bike riding, swimming, running, walking the dog...and do it...remind yourself that you are worth it...and you can do this!!!

10/4/12 4:56 P

Don't eat the elephant in one bite. That's a funny way to say it, but instead of trying to tackle the end goal break up your goal into smaller pieces you can achieve. That way when you can work towards one small goal, maybe it's walking for 30 minutes every day for two weeks. Maybe it's drinking 8 glasses of water, and getting your fruit and veggies. Then when you hit that goal you pick one a little bit bigger. Make sure the goals are a little bit of a challenge but something you know you can do. This way you can build momentum on your way to the big long term goal.

You can do this! Keep with it!

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10/4/12 3:42 P

Hey, I've been a member of this site for almost a year now but I haven't been active in a long time. It always seems that I start exercising and eating right for a few days and then I fall off the wagon.

What's wrong with me?
I know that my weight will become a problem in the future, I know it's affecting my life now. I know when I exercise and eat better that it starts to make me feel better. But still, everytime I start...I stop a few days later.

It's starting to effect my relationships and satisfaction with life in general....does anyone have any experience with this?

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