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How awesome!!!!

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Oh how I look back and see where I was. Unfit ,a smoker, little activity, bad attitude. But that all changed one nice summer day when my daughter asked me to go jogging around the block with her and I declined. The days went on, the guilt too. I wanted to quit smoking and start exercising, but like New Years days come and go and so did my resolutions. Starting in December I quit smoking and at the end of the month I started exercising. Oh how my world turned right side up. The more I exercised the better I felt. I started riding my 10 speed more, Bought a season pass at the local swimming pool. and got dog. Many lessons learned along the way, but it's my dog that has kept me going, every day with out fail, running walking in the sunshine, rain, sleet, snow, windy cold days of winter. It was a simply beautiful a few weeks ago at the local park when the the blue sky turned into turned into a white scene as a snow squall went by and the pictures i took will always take me back to that day

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