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6/5/14 10:04 A

Hello Tiffit,

Congratulations on your success. emoticon

I found it easier to part with some of the clothes I love by giving them to a friend who really appreciated them. It was a little sad to part with them. You have my empathy. Still and all I would not choose those favorite clothes over my fitness.

Finding great fitting jeans sometimes takes trying on many brands and styles. I wish you success.

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6/5/14 8:35 A

I haven't felt sad at all. But, I do understand about the jeans. A great fitting jean is difficult to find at any size!



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6/5/14 12:25 A

I know this may sound crazy, but as pleased as I am to be successful I still find myself missing my favorite clothes sometimes. I have a few jeans (especially jeans!) and other outfits that felt GREAT at my larger size and were very flattering. Finding jeans that fit well is very, very difficult so it's not just a matter of "reward yourself with new clothes". I am really sad to have to put those great looking, great fitting clothes away.
I don't want suggestions on how to get over it, I'm just curious to know if anyone else has experienced the same thing?

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