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4/29/11 1:00 P

Don't think you are alone in this, you are NOT! I did nearly the exact same thing last night. I ate high calorie foods for lunch/snack (which left me with 300-400 calories to stay within range) and then ate pizza for a late dinner. I too ate half of a pizza (small veggie), which doubled my calorie intake for the day. I've only exercise once this week and don't feel like doing any today. I am discouraged, yet I'm not ready to throw in the towel.

I have the other half of the pizza lurking in the fridge and I plan to eat it, then consume lower calorie foods so that I stay within range. Some days are a tiny bit easier than will be better than yesterday for both of us.

MAGICKZZL Posts: 106
4/29/11 11:10 A

Thank you all. Today is a new day, just went for a jog so hopefully a new start. :) Thanks

4/29/11 10:04 A

It happens. Just don't let it happen often. We all screw up. That doesn't mean we stop trying.

SCOTTGARAN Posts: 2,014
4/29/11 9:46 A

OK, you have two options. The first is to say I screwed up, so I might as well give up and keep eating like crap, stop working out, and try to gain 100 lbs. The second is to say, yea, I screwed up. I need to stop beating myself up, get back on the horse, eat right and train. I would choose option number two, but it is up to you!

MAGICKZZL Posts: 106
4/29/11 9:40 A

I was so good yesterday. I work in a pizza shop, and manaed to only eat a salad and some baked skinless chicken. I made home made baked beans for dinner with a bi salad and avoided all soda.. untill my friend came over, and we decided to head over to my work to say hi.. and they gave me a free medium bacon pizza and some cherry pepsi... which my friend and I consumed entirely. I ate half a frikin pizza!! I doubled my calories for the day in 10 minutes and undid everythin :( Im so dissapointed in myself.

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